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Memorial Day

  1. gone sale-ing
    8 Great Buys From Dermstore’s Memorial Day Beauty SaleSunday Riley face oil, a no-smudge mascara, and more.
  2. memorial day
    Military Brass Warn Trump Against Memorial Day Pardons for War CriminalsCurrent and former military leaders think it’s a terrible way to celebrate Memorial Day.
  3. President Trump Makes Memorial Day All About Himself, AgainWhile you’re grilling and enjoying your family, try to take a moment to remember how great he is.
  4. holiday weekends
    11 Films to See This Memorial Day WeekendAre you in the mood for Solo? Or are you feeling a little Book Club?
  5. weekend agenda
    12 Events That Should Be on Your Weekend AgendaFleet Week, a Lower East Side cultural festival, a rising-star comic, and lots more.
  6. select all
    Everything Wrong With Scott Walker’s Grilling TechniqueThis is not how Americans celebrate Memorial Day. Do not normalize this.
  7. crimes against meat
    Let This Scott Walker Tweet Be a Lesson in How to Never Grill MeatThe Wisconsin governor’s Memorial Day–weekend kebabs were raw and unseasoned.
  8. On Memorial Day, Trump Misses Opportunity to Honor Portland’s Fallen SoldierTrump’s speech was appropriate and sometimes eloquent. But sacrifice extends beyond war.
  9. grub guides
    Where to Eat and Drink on Memorial Day in New York CityCrawfish boils, rooftop buffets, free karaoke, and more.
  10. review roundup
    9 Movies to See (or Not) This Memorial Day WeekendYou can’t barbecue the entire weekend, after all.
  11. the strategist
    Memorial Day Deals on Items You’ll Actually Want to Buy Let your friends have their fun frolicking in the park while you sit in front of the computer buying $14 culottes.
  12. Video Feed
    Watch Some Folks Casually Grill a Few Steaks With Molten LavaThe right way to enjoy your Memorial Day cookout.
  13. Grub Guides
    Where to Eat on Memorial DayThere’s a luau at the Dutch, a low-country boil at Birds & Bubbles, and a barbecue feast at Maison Premiere.
  14. party time excellent
    Capitol Apparently Celebrating Freedom Too MuchPeople working at the Capitol love celebrating Independence Day. 
  15. Grub Guides
    Memorial Day Specials: Where to Eat and Drink in New York This WeekendThe Dutch, Maison Premiere, and more.
  16. Your Vacation Is About to Disappoint YouResearch shows that the benefits of extended time off fade astonishingly fast.
  17. Leftovers
    Fung Tu Launches Brunch; North River’s Pig FeastsToday’s Leftovers.
  18. matchy matchy
    What Is the Meaning of Taylor Swift and Hailee Steinfeld Matching Their Outfits?Is this cute or creepy?
  19. Good To Go
    Bludso’s Open On Memorial DayThe restaurant is offering to-go orders of most of its meats and all of its sides.
  20. ‘Moonrise Kingdom’ Breaks Limited Release Opening RecordsAfter over a decade of mixed reviews and lacking box office returns, Wes Anderson seems poised to have another breakout hit on his hands. […]
  21. politics
    Veterans Prefer Mitt Romney to President Obama Polls: Memorial Day edition.
  22. memorial day
    Here Is John McCain Calling a Heckler a JerkDuring a Memorial Day speech.
  23. memorial day
    President Obama Makes Memorial Day Visit to Arlington National Cemetery He addressed the families of troops killed in combat.
  24. human gaffe-machines
    Mitt Romney Once Said War Vets Should Be Taught How to Milk CowsHe later apologized for it.
  25. u.s. troops died for this
    Chris Hayes ‘Uncomfortable’ With Word HeroAs always, you can count on Ann Coulter for a witty riposte.
  26. joetorious
    Joe Biden: ‘I Understood How Someone Could Consciously Decide to Commit Suicide’He spoke about the deaths of his first wife and daughter.
  27. Video Feed
    Break Out the Barbecue: Twelve Videos of Grilling Gone WrongStay safe out there this Memorial Day!
  28. It’s Memorial DaySo, today is Memorial Day, so we won’t be publishing. Instead, Halle and I will be drinking out of doors, just as America/God intended. But […]
  29. Neighborhood Watch
    3rd Ward and Radish Celebrate Birthdays in Williamsburg; Carnegie Deli HostsPlus: four restaurant birthday celebrations, and more, in our daily roundup of neighborhood food news.
  30. photo op
    God Obviously Angry That Obama Wasn’t at Arlington YesterdayA violent storm cancels his speech.
  31. intel
    It’s Going to Be a Lovely Memorial Day Weekend!Especially if you’re in Southampton.
  32. Openings
    What to Eat (and Who to See) at Water Taxi Beach Governors IslandYour first look at the menu and the performance schedule at WTB’s latest location, soft-opening this weekend.
  33. photo op
    ‘Gossip Girl’ Hits Japan, We Hit the BeachWe spot the phenomenon in Tokyo.
  34. loose threads
    Kate Moss: ‘Vogue’ Cover Girl? Sean Combs: Lying Low at Cannes?It looks like Kate Moss is gearing up for a ‘Vogue cover’ spot, and Sean Combs went solo to Cannes so film people take him seriously.
  35. intel
    Down the Shore Everything’s All Right, Except Maybe the WeatherWell, at least today and tomorrow look beautiful: The (roughly equivalent) forecasts for area Memorial Day locales after the jump.