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  1. fetch the bolt cutters
    In Honor of Fiona Apple’s New AlbumOn behalf of the release of Fetch the Bolt Cutters, the Cut gets nostalgic.
  2. memories
    Mark Ruffalo Had No Idea Brie Larson Was in 13 Going on 30“Oh my God, that’s amazing!”
  3. secrets
    What Secret Items Do You Keep in the Underwear Drawer?The Cut asked and you answered: baby teeth. Letters from an ex. Boxes of macaroni and cheese.
  4. memories
    Bobby Cannavale’s Acting Teacher Tried to Steal His GirlfriendNo more teachers, no more books.
  5. memories
    How Indie Rock’s Class of 2008 Changed the Music IndustryChairlift, Passion Pit, and MGMT all released groundbreaking first albums, and then went on to quietly change the landscape of music as we know it.
  6. improv
    Comedians Share Their Favorite Del Close Marathon MemoriesA walk down memory lane ahead of UCB’s 20th and final improv marathon in New York.
  7. scent memories
    Model Lexi Boling Loves the Scent of Barbecue and High-School Angst“Times were hard in high school and dealing with being an adolescent teen.”
  8. Revisiting Carrie Fisher’s Best Interview MomentsFisher, a notable absence on the Star Wars: The Last Jedi press tour, always knew exactly what to say.
  9. legends
    One of the Most Important Modern Fashion Designers Has DiedHe didn’t make mistakes — he made classics.
  10. Some People See Their Phones As Extensions of ThemselvesYour attachment to your smartphone may be more complicated than it seems.
  11. Some People See Their Phones As Extensions of ThemselvesYour attachment to your smartphone may be more complicated than it seems.
  12. memories
    Sean Spicer Reportedly Stole a Mini-Fridge From White House AidesOf course he did.
  13. mothers and daughters
    When I Miss My Mom I Put on Her Eye Cream“Ashes to ashes, stuff to stuff.”
  14. Use This Storytelling Technique to Make Your Bad Memories Feel More MeaningfulAnd gain some much-needed distance.
  15. memories
    Members of the Revolution Share 5 Favorite Prince StoriesLike the time Prince stumped Joni Mitchell with one of her own songs.
  16. exclusive
    Jack Black Remembers Screwing Up Elliott Smith’s ‘Say Yes’ at a Tribute Concert“It’s like a room full of fucking Elliott Smith worshipers who just want me dead for getting one lyric wrong.”
  17. nostalgia
    Please Enjoy These Adorable Old Photos of the Obamas Playing in the SnowAh, memories.
  18. select all
    Will Snapchat’s New ‘Memories’ Feature Ruin the Stuff That Makes Snapchat Great?The ephemeral social network loses something when you can upload old photos and videos.
  19. I’ve Been Giving My Past Self Advice on Facebook“GIRL U ABOUT TO GET DUMPED”
  20. fashion nostalgia
    21 Notables on the Clothes That Take Them Back in TimeBette Midler, Jenna Lyons, Diane Von Furstenberg, and more on what they wore during life’s defining moments.
  21. memories
    This Is What Shopping With Prince Was LikeRemembering his visits to Trash and Vaudeville.
  22. Celebs Recall Their Bronco-Car-Chase MemoriesThe People v. O.J. Simpson aired their version of the infamous pursuit last night.
  23. memories
    The Unexpected Charm of Facebook MemoriesIt’s a little wave hello from your past self.
  24. memories
    Stroll Down Memory Lane With This List of ‘Hottest Names’Oh god, I remember Shane. We all remember a Shane.
  25. vulture lists
    63 Celebrities Recall Their First Concert MemoriesPeruse the memories of celebs ranging from Haim and 50 Cent to Brian Williams and Greta Gerwig.
  26. favorites!
    Comedians Recall Their Fave Key & Peele SketchesFrom Nick Kroll and Ken Marino to the Lucas Bros. and David Cross.
  27. mad men
    Sarah Silverman and More on Mad Men Memories“I don’t think I’ve ever, in any R-rated movie, in anything, seen period blood.”
  28. Drama
    People Have Donated Over $500,000 to the Anti-Gay Indiana Pizzeria’sSome 17,000 donors think it’s a worthy cause.
  29. happiness
    Keep a One-Sentence Journal, Be HappierYou’ll be surprised at how nice it is to look back at life’s mundane moments. 
  30. nostalgia
    Good News! Hot Topic Was As Cool As You Thought A former employee shares pleather-scented memories.
  31. memories
    An Original Cast Member Recalls SNL’s BeginningsMorris was the only black actor in SNL’s original cast.
  32. memories
    Revisiting Season 1 of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Part 2Death, drunk driving, unwanted pregnancies, homelessness, and child pornography: all in four eps!
  33. memories
    Revisiting Season 1 of Keeping Up With the Kardashians: Part 1Also: Remember when Tyra Banks had a talk show?
  34. Your Fondest Childhood Memory May Not Have Really Happened It’s pretty common.  
  35. memories
    Banksy Looks Back on His Month in New YorkRemember that?
  36. memories
    Rewatch Stephen Colbert Relentlessly Roast President George W. BushOne of the highlights of the first part of his career.
  37. memories
    Cathy Horyn: L’Wren Scott Was Planning to Close Her Business TodayFriends “were deeply concerned about her, but, no, they didn’t think she would do something so desperate.”
  38. Memories
    Milady’s Sets Up Tumblr Guestbook for Former PatronsTurns out some folks really miss that blackened-chicken salad.
  39. confessions
    The Friendship Tattoo That My Friends Bailed OnInking for one, the accidental way.
  40. memories
    Donal Logue Still Misses Terriers a LittleSame here, Donal.
  41. memories
    Mindy Kaling Walked Us Through You’ve Got MailShe says it’s the “most soul-mate-y of soul-mate movies.”
  42. memories
    Rashida Jones and Michael Jackson Used to Supersoak StrangersAnd they brought Webster, of course.
  43. tv
    Hugh Hefner Remembers Playboy Club Uniforms As Less Modest Than Playboy Club CostumesIt was a long time ago.
  44. superman
    Superman Director Richard Donner on Why He Picked Christopher Reeve“I thought it’d be pretty tough convincing an audience to see Redford in a Superman suit flying.”
  45. Patton Oswalt on Memory and Our Media AppetitePatton Oswalt posted a long piece on his website today about a bit from his first standup album that centers on an old commercial for Stella […]
  46. Memories
    British GQ’s Remembrance of ‘Loud, Stupid,After incensing “Page Six” earlier, Michael Wolff’s thought piece about Elaine’s hits the net.
  47. memories
    Guy Kept Some Creepy 9/11 Mementos in His CarDust, bones, and steel.
  48. memories
    Dick Cheney’s Proudest AccomplishmentTelling a senator to fuck himself.
  49. Auld Lang Syne
    What Was Your Best Meal of 2009?Share this year’s food memories.