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    Time Inc. Saw a Hopeful Future With Meredith. Now They’re Seeking a New Savior.Even as Meredith basks in the celebrity glow of its first Time 100 Gala on Tuesday, the company will be courting buyers for Time and other titles.
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    Meredith, Backed by Koch Brothers, Acquires Time Inc. for $2.8 BillionOne of America’s most storied magazine publishers is getting consolidated.
  3. media
    Koch Brothers Back Meredith Corporation in Talks to Buy Time Inc.They’re reportedly putting up $500 million in equity to support Meredith’s effort to purchase the publisher of People and Sports Illustrated.
  4. taylor swift
    Here’s Instagram Evidence That Taylor Swift’s Cat Is Really AnnoyingSTOP MEOWING, MEREDITH.
  5. distress signals
    Taylor Swift’s Cat Blinks Twice for HELPCheck out these pictures of Taylor Swift’s cat, and then call 911.
  6. Mediavore
    Defending the Mormon Diet; PFCs in Food Weaken Vaccination in ChildrenDespite sugar as its only vice, devotees claim the religion’s food is not boring.