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    RBG Health Scare a Reminder of Republican Plans to Ram Through Nominee This YearFlipping a liberal Supreme Court seat could happen as late as a post-election lame-duck session of the Senate.
  2. vision 2020
    Can Trump Make the Supreme Court a Campaign Issue Again?Trump-appointed justices didn’t give conservatives everything they hoped for. That only raises the stakes in November.
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    Trump Wants Another Supreme Court Nomination Fight Before NovemberTrump thinks a confirmation battle could excite his base, but it would work both ways, particularly among Democrats who remember Merrick Garland.
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    Unlike Democrats, Republicans Have Politically Weaponized Judicial AppointmentsOf course Mitch McConnell reconvened the Senate in a pandemic to confirm child-judge Justin Walker. The judiciary is his and Trump’s top priority.
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    Should Democrats Plan on Packing the Courts in 2021?Certainly the threat of judicial reform should stay on the table so long as conservatives use judges to thwart democracy, as they did in FDR’s day.
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    Despite Merrick Garland, Trump Would Certainly Fill a 2020 Supreme Court VacancyThough the GOP refused to fill the last election-year opening, Trump says he’d appoint a justice even if he only had three days left in his term.
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    Obama Supreme Court Nominee Merrick Garland Could Rule on Trump Subpoena AppealGarland heads the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals, where Trump intends to appeal a decision regarding a House subpoena of his financial records.
  8. Why Kavanaugh Stayed in the Middle of the Road in His Opening StatementTo hear the SCOTUS nominee, he’s a centrist who is zealously protective of the independence of the judiciary and devoted to women’s rights.
  9. How Will the SCOTUS Confirmation Fight Affect the Midterms?If the deal goes down on a Kennedy successor before the midterms, the elections may affect the Senate vote more than the vote affects the elections.
  10. In Hindsight, Democrats Really Mishandled That Merrick Garland ThingThe story of Obama’s last Supreme Court nominee is a parable on the perils of privileging norms and moderation over substance and base mobilization.
  11. Grassley to Aging Supreme Court Justices: Retire NowThe Republican senator says that if any justices are thinking of retiring in the near future, they should do so before this year’s midterm elections.
  12. Denying Merrick Garland a Hearing Biggest Accomplishment of McConnell’s CareerMcConnell knows conservatives will forgive him — and Trump — almost anything in exchange for Supreme Court appointments.
  13. Tide of Right-Wing Judges Could Recede Quickly If Democrats Take Back the SenateThe GOP’s Alabama fiasco and a 2018 wave election could bring back a Democratic Senate and ruin the right’s plan to control the judiciary.
  14. Mitch McConnell Wants to Steal Another Court Seat From Merrick GarlandThe Senate Majority Leader’s latest devious scheme looks a lot like his last devious scheme.
  15. Gorsuch’s Arrival at SCOTUS Lethal for Arkansas Death-Row InmatesThe new Justice was the deciding vote that allowed Arkansas’s breakneck schedule of lethal injections to proceed.
  16. Senate Confirms GorsuchBig questions now include Gorsuch’s impact on the Court, the fight’s impact on the Senate, and the possibility Trump will get to fill another vacancy.
  17. the national interest
    McConnell Admits the ‘Rule’ That Blocked Merrick Garland Is Not Actually a Rule“No Supreme Court Justice in a president’s last year” turns out to really mean “No Supreme Court Justice in Obama’s last year.”
  18. Mitch McConnell Says Voters Won’t Tolerate the Blocking of Supreme Court PicksThe Majority Leader reveals that he has developed a brain injury that has erased all memory of the events between Antonin Scalia’s death and today.
  19. Here’s How Obama Could Go Nuclear on Trump and the GOP Before Leaving OfficeIn retaliation for Republican norm-breaking, he could temporarily fill over 100 judicial vacancies — including the one on the Supreme Court.
  20. Merrick Garland Officially Becomes Victim of Do-Nothing SenateIt’s been 150 years since a SCOTUS nominee who did not withdraw was denied any action by the Senate. It’s a sign of the times.
  21. McConnell’s Supreme Court Gamble Paid Off Big LeagueDenying Obama his nominee gave Republicans a reason to unite behind Trump.
  22. SCOTUS Is Back in Session But Still DeadlockedThe Court has already rejected several big cases thanks to its 4-4 ideological deadlock. Expect more of that until a ninth justice is confirmed.
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    Will Senate Republicans Keep the Trump Court Blockade?The entire Senate GOP has attached itself to Trump.
  24. Donald Trump Has Put the GOP in an Impossible Position on Merrick GarlandWhen it comes to defending Donald Trump’s “right” to appoint a Supreme Court justice next fall, Senate Republicans are damned if they do, damned if they don’t.
  25. early and often
    Obama: Senate Republicans’ Decision to Oppose SCOTUS Nomination ‘Dangerous’It could “erode the integrity of the judicial branch.”
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    Joe Biden: No Such Thing As the ‘Biden Rule’Uncle Joe says his 1992 speech was about advice and consent, not obstruction.
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    Samantha Bee Breaks Down the Biden RuleYou guys gotta play it a little cooler than this.
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    The Possibilities of Obama’s Last LapWho can he be when he’s not public enemy No. 1?
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    Obama’s Supreme Court Nominee Sold His Comics Collection to Pay for Law SchoolAnd so did the president, apparently!
  30. Garland Will Not Be Confirmed Before NovemberIt’s in the president’s interest to pretend he has found a nominee so well-qualified and “centrist” that the GOP will just have to confirm him.
  31. from the archives
    John Heilemann: The Case for Merrick GarlandFrom 2010, the case for nominating the man Obama nominated six years later.
  32. What to Know About Obama’s SCOTUS NomineeBut the 63-year-old moderate may be a sacrificial lamb.
  33. Merrick Garland Will Be Obama’s SCOTUS NomineeThe president is announcing his pick at 11 a.m.