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  1. the national interest
    Why Trump Wants Even More Pollution Than Industry DoesSome men just want to watch the world burn.
  2. Natural Gas Is Hurting the Climate More Than We ThoughtScott Pruitt tried to suppress research on methane emissions at gas plants. A new study reveals that he had good reason to fear the truth.
  3. A Few Republican Senators Helped Save an Obama-Era Climate RuleIt prevents the venting of methane — a potent greenhouse gas — at drilling sites.
  4. Methane Emissions Appear Worse Than Anyone ThoughtA new study says the fossil-fuel industry is producing up to 60 percent more methane than previously reported.
  5. Governor Jerry Brown Evacuates 30,000 People As Huge L.A. Gas Leak ContinuesAnd the well won’t be plugged until at least March.
  6. friends of the environment
    Google Street View Cars Can Also Monitor All the Methane Leaks in Staten IslandStreet View vehicles do more than view streets. 
  7. it's science
    Brooklyn Plant Will Use Poop to Help Power HomesPutting human waste to work.
  8. Mediavore
    David Myers’ Friends Turned Off by Comme Ca Ruckus; Get a Call from Steve YoungA leading chef sound proofs his restaurant for pals and California plans to lead the way in bovine emission research.
  9. Mediavore
    Other Uninvited Visitors Score Breakfast with Obama; Charles Dicken’s ToothpickBefore the Salahis, another couple made their way into the White House, while a famous scribe’s toothpick fetched a handsome sum.