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  1. white men with money
    Goldman Sachs, MetLife to Disclose Employee Diversity (or Lack Thereof)Prediction: Lots of white men.
  2. metlife stadium
    The Jets and Giants Now Officially Play at MetLife StadiumThe venue’s new logo, if you’re wondering, does include a blimp, but does not include Snoopy.
  3. Report: MetLife Gets Naming Rights to New Meadowlands StadiumIt will reportedly be called MetLife Stadium.
  4. new meadowlands stadium
    Might New Meadowlands Stadium Finally Be Getting a Permanent Name?MetLife is reportedly in talks to secure the stadium’s naming rights.
  5. aggravating insurance giants
    AIG Reportedly Sells Major Insurance Unit to MetLifeThe $15.5 billion deal comes after last week’s major sale.
  6. real estate
    Court Rules Against Stuyvesant Town Owners in Tenant LawsuitThey were judged to have improperly deregulated rent-stabilized apartments.