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  1. stand clear of the closing doors
    The Latest ‘Metropolitan Diary’ Is Depressing and You’re All MonstersNobody would give up their seat for a pregnant woman or an old man with a cane?
  2. in other news
    Metropolitan Diary Exclusive: ‘In the Heights’ Theatergoers Terrified By Ethnic HairThe Times’ crosstown-bus-riding Metropolitan Diary is a frequently mocked fount of quaintness, and this week, as they say, was no exception. What comical confusion befell women of a certain age? A terrifying one! It seems that during a recent performance of In the Heights, the entire front row “let out a shriek”: They thought they saw a filthy, furry rat scurry across the stage. But it wasn’t! It was merely the “bobbing black curls of the orchestra conductor at his subterranean podium.” Oh, dastardly non-blonde, non-straight hair. Next week in delightful urban misunderstandings: Fantasia briefly mistaken for a “giant panther” on the set of The Color Purple. Metropolitan Diary [NYT]