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  1. memory lane
    The Secret Life of Fashion Designer Charles JamesA close friend of the designer shares never-before-seen sketches and tales of James’s later years.
  2. Why You Should See Dürer’s Melencolia I at the Met Right NowTwo versions of this incredible, ineffable engraving.
  3. Davidson: The Metropolitan Museum’s Renovation Plan Is Full of Red FlagsNot so fast, guys.
  4. seeing out loud
    Saltz: A Prescription for the Met’s Modern WingIt comes down to one word.
  5. The Next Costume Institute Show Will Be About Chinese DesignBut details are still thin on the ground.
  6. met gala 2014
    Inside the Met Costume Institute’s New Charles James Exhibit, ‘Beyond Fashion’Michelle Obama cut the ribbon at the Anna Wintour Costume Center’s opening ceremony.
  7. encounter
    109 Minutes With Met Director Thomas Campbell“Tapestry Tom” is a newfound modernist.
  8. seeing out loud
    Jerry Saltz on Gagosian’s Genius for Gigantism“I hope this tide will float nearby boats and not swamp them.”
  9. art
    See This Art: Jerry Saltz’s Walking Tours of New York Galleries and MuseumsSingling out 44 particular pieces he loves.
  10. art
    See This Art: Jerry Saltz’s Walking Tours of New York Galleries and MuseumsSingling out 44 particular pieces he loves.
  11. art
    The Met Can Charge Whatever It Wants, Thanks to BloombergThe museum has amended its lease with the city amid two lawsuits.
  12. art
    Saltz on the Painting the Metropolitan Museum of Art Won’t Show YouWhy Balthus’s The Guitar Lesson gives so many people the willies.
  13. art
    Jerry Saltz on the Met’s Incredible Boxer at Rest Sculpture“It’s one of the greatest works of Western sculpture I’ve ever seen.”
  14. art
    Jerry Saltz on the Met’s Incredible Boxer at Rest Sculpture“It’s one of the greatest works of Western sculpture I’ve ever seen.”
  15. art review
    Saltz on the Met’s New European Paintings GalleriesThe new installation presents us with a much more coherent, legible vision of one of the great achievements of world civilization.
  16. lawsuits
    Met Director Says It’s Perfectly Clear That the Museum Is Pay-What-You-WishIsn’t everyone reading the fine print?
  17. lawsuits
    Met Museum Sued Again, for Not Being Free EnoughPeople seem to think “recommended” admission prices are unclear.
  18. jerry saltz
    Saltz: The Met’s ‘Regarding Warhol’ Has Nothing to SayThere’s a shallow, pandering fecklessness to this pseudo-extravaganza.
  19. jerry saltz
    Saltz: The Met’s ‘Regarding Warhol’ Has Nothing to SayThere’s a shallow, pandering fecklessness to this pseudo-extravaganza.
  20. Cartography
    Citing ‘Starbucks Effect,’ Met Scraps Food-Kiosk Plans“This spells Starbucks: a place to hang out all day and have coffee.”
  21. met gala 2012
    See All the Looks From the 2012 Met Gala Red CarpetYes, Anna Wintour is wearing a gold lobster on her skirt! Plus Carey Mulligan! Beyoncé! Gwyneth! More!
  22. smart people
    Thirteen-Year-Old Kid Catches Mistake at the MetVery impressive. 
  23. quotables
    Miuccia Prada: ‘I Love Aprons’“It’s an emblem of women’s despair, their poverty, their passions.”
  24. rumor alert
    Yes, Kate Upton Is Featured in the New Met Exhibit Catalogue [Updated]It’s her, after all!
  25. first looks
    First Looks: The Met’s Schiaparelli and Prada Images from the Costume Institute’s forthcoming show.
  26. New York’s Koch-Fueled Binge: Saltz and Davidson on Distasteful DonationsIs David Koch’s money good enough for the Met?
  27. interview
    A Q&A About the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Baseball Card CollectionFreyda Spira, assistant curator of the Met’s Department of Drawings and Prints, spoke with The Sports Section about the museum’s collection of more than 30,000 cards.
  28. topping mcqueen
    Miuccia Prada Dissatisfied With Her Met ExhibitApparently she has less in common with Elsa Schiaparelli than people thought.
  29. topping mcqueen
    Confirmed: Next Year’s Met Costume Institute Exhibit Will Be ‘Elsa Schiaparelli and Miuccia Prada: On Fashion’Meanwhile, Carey Mulligan will co-chair the Met Gala.
  30. art
    Metropolitan Museum of Art to Raise Admission to $25Of course, it’s just a SUGGESTED donation.
  31. the whitney
    The Met Plans to Take Over the Whitney BuildingWhen the Whitney leaves its current spot in 2015.
  32. clickables
    Watch Spain’s King Philip IV Sign Autographs by His Portrait at the Met“Ask him, what does he eat?”
  33. open letter
    An Open Letter to the Congressional RepublicansThere’s indecency to be rooted out!
  34. video
    Jerry Saltz at the Met’s Picasso ShowSee a “chapel to eroticism.”
  35. the ball
    Red-Carpet Looks From the Met GalaCheck out what everyone is wearing in our slideshow.
  36. Mediavore
    Cupcakes Descend on the Met; Popeye’s CEO Against Calorie CountsPlus: U.S. wants Japan to eat its meat, and Domino’s ads go micro, all in our morning news roundup.
  37. oops
    Lady Trips at the Met, Rips a PicassoUnless this woman was once pantsed on national TV, this was surely most embarrassing moment of her life.
  38. Celebrity Settings
    Warren Sapp and Richie Rich Dine at Via dei Mille; Elton John Chats Up a BusboyPlus: Tyra Banks brunches at Commerce, Harold Ford Jr. campaigns at Ritorante San Pietro, and more in our weekly roundup of boldface dining.
  39. obit
    Remembering Thomas Hoving, Visionary (and Wonderfully Vulgar) Met DirectorHoving was a madman, and of a specific type: the utterly fearless, patrician vulgarian.
  40. tosca-gate
    Zeffirelli Puts Bondy on Blast, Again“He’s a very bad director for my money. He should not be allowed to touch these masterpieces.”
  41. beef
    Tosca Beef Heats UpLuc Bondy: “I’m a third-rate director, and he is a second assistant of Visconti.”
  42. The Met’s Tosca Booed on Opening Night“The production made no sense!”
  43. stupid crime of the day
    How Do We Rate the Post’s Punny Coverage of a Nude Model at the Met?We think you guys can do better.
  44. Cartography
    NYPD Cites Met VendorsDid the museum staff turn against the food carts?
  45. economypocalypse
    The Met Makes Good on Promised LayoffsThe Metropolitan Museum of Art announced today that it has completed the round of layoffs announced back in March, with an overall death toll of 357 positions.
  46. economypocalypse
    Met Director: Smaller Art Shows, Fewer Parties, No More Biscuits“We no longer serve biscuits to the trustees.”
  47. red-carpet watch
    Are You Ready for the Met-Gala Insanity?Follow the Cut on Twitter now, and check back later tonight for a slideshow of what everyone wore.
  48. the ball
    Does the Celebrity-Driven Met Gala Make the Museum Lowbrow?Author Michael Gross says yes, because it’s fluffy, and good art goes unnoticed.
  49. first looks
    Previewing the Met’s Model As Muse ExhibitionImages from 50 years of models in fashion.
  50. art candy
    Preview the Met’s Fab New Show, ‘The Pictures Generation’It’s a look back at the gang of mostly New York artists who first came of age with TV news and pop culture.
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