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  1. trailer mix
    Jessica Chastain Stands by Her Man in the George & Tammy TrailerShe and Michael Shannon star as a real-life country-music power couple.
  2. coming soon
    Kiersey Clemons to Play a Drag King Who Has a Crush on Barbie FerreiraIn the upcoming movie The Young King, which also stars Michael Shannon.
  3. movie review
    Run Me Over, Bullet TrainDavid Leitch’s film is all manipulation and extended cinematic sleight of hand. It begs you to surrender logic and simply enjoy it.
  4. last night on late night
    Michael Shannon’s Armadillo Song Isn’t Quite Zoologically AccurateWho knew armadillos have hair??
  5. trailer mix
    Nicole Kidman Serves Cult-Leader Realness in Nine Perfect Strangers TrailerSome sort of icy, vaguely Eastern European Goop witch.
  6. roll clip!
    Watch Michael Shannon Monologue at Home With a Perfect Camera AngleShannon performed it as part of 24 Hour Plays’ “Viral Monologues” series.
  7. trailer mix
    Get Amped for the New Current War TrailerIt’s back.
  8. theater review
    Theater: Imperfection and Sincerity in Frankie & Johnny Audra McDonald and Michael Shannon bring emotional intelligence and hopeful silliness to a far-from-perfect play.
  9. party report
    Michael Shannon Once Cut Himself Onstage Doing Frankie and JohnnyAudra McDonald found him a Band-Aid.
  10. last night on late night
    Michael Shannon Talks Paraphernalia With Jimmy Fallon“Yeah, I have a Chipmunk bong. Big deal!”
  11. one grand books
    Michael Shannon’s 10 Favorite BooksCharles Bukowski, Dr. Seuss, and more.
  12. broadway
    Audra McDonald and Michael Shannon to Do Frankie and Johnny in the Clair de LuneBeginning performances on Broadway May 2019.
  13. movie review
    State Like Sleep Starts Strong, But the Payoff Is Criminally UnsatisfyingIt’s good enough to make you wish it were better, less slack, more resolved.
  14. movies
    What They Had: An Alzheimer’s Story That’s Both Heartbreaking and … FunnyMichael Shannon and Hilary Swank are superb in Elizabeth Chomko’s debut feature film as stressed-out siblings watching their mother’s memory dissolve.
  15. exclusive
    Exclusive: How This Michael Shannon Music Video Became a Jeff Nichols Short FilmIt also stars Garrett Hedlund and Scoot McNairy and is soundtracked to Lucero.
  16. movie trailers
    What They Had Trailer: Hilary Swank and Blythe Danner Remind You to Call MomAlso, call your dad. And your brother. Call everybody!
  17. What’s the Flame Point of Data? Updating Fahrenheit 451 for the E-Book Era.Writer-director Ramin Bahrani on incorporating iPhones and Donald Trump into his HBO movie adaptation of the Ray Bradbury dystopian classic.
  18. HBO’s Fahrenheit 451 Trailer: Burn Baby Burn, Literature Inferno!We’re getting sweaty already.
  19. trailer mix
    Michael B. Jordan and His Muscles Will Burn All Your Books!MBJ stars in HBO’s Fahrenheit 451 movie, out this May.
  20. Hilary Swank and Michael Shannon Reveal Their Strangest Interactions With Fans’I’m really going to let her down.”
  21. michael shannon
    Here’s Michael Shannon Doing Iggy Pop With Terrifying IntensityShannon performed as part of a tribute to David Bowie’s Berlin trilogy.
  22. Michael Shannon Is Maybe a Murderer in This ‘At Home with Amy Sedaris’ […]At Home with Amy Sedaris wraps up its debut season on truTV tomorrow night, and from the looks of this sneak peek, it’s going to get pretty […]
  23. Questions We Have After Watching Michael Shannon’s Baffling Furry Christmas FilmPottersville, Shannon’s latest, is an erotic It’s a Wonderful Life starring Christina Hendricks and Ian McShane.
  24. Taylor Kitsch Returns to Texas With a Mullet in the Waco TrailerTexas forever.
  25. The Current War and Benedict Cumberbatch Make Electrical Currents SexyBenedict Cumberbatch, Michael Shannon, and Nicholas Hoult are here to spice up history.
  26. first looks
    Michael B. Jordan Brings the Heat in HBO’s Fahrenheit 451 First LookWhere’s the fire? Here’s the fire!
  27. The Shape of Water Trailer: Guillermo Del Toro Envisions an Interspecies RomanceStarring Sally Hawkins, Michael Shannon, and Octavia Spencer.
  28. vulture festival 2017
    Michael Shannon Gets Through Grueling Film Shoots by Acting Like a Vampire“I go into my little room in the trailer and I turn all the lights out and I just lay on the floor.”
  29. casting couch
    Michael B. Jordan and Michael Shannon to Star in HBO’s Fahrenheit 451It was a pleasure to cast.
  30. last night on late night
    Michael Shannon, Karaoke King, Brings Sting’s “Russians” to The Tonight ShowNothing but net.
  31. statements
    Michael Shannon’s Oscars Accessory Says It AllWe relate.
  32. vulture lists
    Your Law & Order Guide to the 2017 Oscars: A Streaming ListLong before they snagged Oscar nods, these actors paid their dues on Law & Order.
  33. oscars 2017
    Even Michael Shannon Thinks ‘It’s About Damn Time’ Michael Shannon Got an Oscar“How can it not be exciting? How can it not? You’d have to be a corpse not to be excited.”
  34. exclusive
    See Michael Shannon Mad in a Frank & Lola ClipHave you ever wondered what Michael Shannon would look like if he was thinking about killing Justin Long? Now you know.
  35. year in culture 2016
    The Best Film Performances of 2016It would be much easier to make a Worst Performances of 2016 list than one that could do justice to all the terrific ones.
  36. the everywhere man
    Michael Shannon on a Year, and a Career, As a Director’s Secret WeaponIf the Academy Awards gave out a statue for Most Supporting Actor, he’d be the favorite.
  37. 2016 election
    Michael Shannon Tells Trump Supporters It’s Their Time to Die Now“If you’re voting for Trump, it’s time for the urn.”
  38. post-election mourning
    Incredibly Intense Actor Michael Shannon Is So, So Angry at Trump Voters“It’s the worst thing that’s ever happened. It’s the worst.”
  39. costume department
    Behind the Costumes for Tom Ford’s Noirish New Film Nocturnal AnimalsWhich, believe it or not, didn’t involve any designs by Tom Ford.
  40. Michael Shannon, Chris Hemsworth in War DramaIt’s been a good week for Michael Shannon fans.
  41. toronto film festival 2016
    Behind the Scenes at the Toronto Film Festival’s Hottest PartyMichael Shannon seems to be having a grand ol’ time.
  42. toronto film festival 2016
    Behind the Scenes at the Toronto Film Festival’s Hottest PartyMichael Shannon seems to be having a grand ol’ time.
  43. trailer mix
    Watch the Trailer for Complete UnknownShe can be whoever she wants to be.
  44. trailer mix
    See the First Trailer for Oscar Contender LovingComing November 4.
  45. roll clip!
    Rachel Bloom, Michael Shannon Perform on LSBThis battle might actually be too close to call.
  46. potty chat
    Michael Shannon on Wetting His Pants Onstage“It’s thick material and I wear a couple of pairs of underwear.”
  47. movie review
    Elvis & Nixon Recounts the White House’s Weirdest Meeting EverIt’s only in this movie that the encounter makes psychological — and poetic — sense.
  48. movie reviews
    Review: Midnight Special’s Supernatural CharmsThe opening is small-scale, which is Nichols’s secret — to move, step by step, from the tightly focused to, in this case, the cosmic.
  49. trailer mix
    Elvis & Nixon Trailer: Michael Shannon Has Entered the BuildingWho knew Kevin Spacey made a great Nixon?
  50. awards insider
    Michael Shannon on the Hard Truths of 99 Homes“I approach being recognized with humility and directness. ‘Yes, you have correctly identified me. Let’s move on with our lives.’”
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