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Michael Ball

  1. cycling
    The Jeans Mogul at the Heart of Cycling’s Doping ProblemsMichael Ball’s Rock Racing has caused some issues.
  2. crimes of fashion
    Michael Ball in Hotter Water Than EverThe Rock & Republic founder has been implicated in professional cycling’s massive doping scandal.
  3. scandale!
    Rock & Republic Founder Accused of Aiding a Somewhat High Profile Sham MarriageHe has so many fun legal things to deal with this spring.
  4. party lines
    Michael Ball Shows Kirsten Dunst, Eva Amurri, Chris Benz, and More a Really Good TimeThe Rock & Republic designer gladly extended an open bar out of his own pocket at the Beatrice Inn last night, and, well, things got a little crazy.
  5. party lines
    Michael Ball: ‘Recession? I’ve Got Five Girlfriends Now, Instead of Two’Have you been wondering why last night’s Rock & Republic shit-show, scheduled for 8 p.m., started well after 9 p.m.?