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  1. sexual harassment
    Bloomberg Releases Women Who Complained About His Comments From Their NDAsThe billionaire presidential candidate also said that his company would stop using confidentiality agreements for sexual harassment claims.
  2. vision 2020
    Love Wanting to Die? Then Check Out Bloomberg’s Anti-Trump BillboardsLook on Mike’s works, ye Mighty, and despair.
  3. media
    Can Twitter Fix ‘Misinformation’ Like Mayor Bloomberg’s Manipulated Video?On March 5, Twitter is rolling out new policies around misinformation. Will they work?
  4. vision 2020
    No, Democrats Didn’t ‘Go After the Wrong Guy’ in Las VegasBloomberg’s wallet was as big a threat to other candidates as it was to Bernie, who is the career non-Democrat who best fits today’s Democratic Party.
  5. so you want to be president
    How to Talk to Your Boomers About BloombergA helpful guide.
  6. michael bloomberg
    Op-Ed Asks: ‘Is Bloomberg Racist?’ Voters Should Answer: ‘Who Cares?’To argue that Bloomberg’s policies as mayor were racist because he’s dense rather than evil is not consoling.
  7. vision 2020
    5 Key Questions Raised by the Democrats’ Nevada DebateNevertheless, can Elizabeth Warren persist?
  8. michael bloomberg
    The Billionaire’s Guide to Campaign Staffing(Some of) what $400 million buys.
  9. vision 2020
    Debate Infighting Won’t Kill Democrats’ Chances in NovemberUntil Democrats argue about their genitals, there’s a long way down to the behavior Republicans modeled before winning everything in 2016.
  10. rap battles
    Elizabeth Warren Ethering Bloomberg Is the Best Diss Track of 2020A fan edit turns Warren into 2001 Nas.
  11. democratic debates
    Who Won (and Lost) the Democratic Debate in NevadaElizabeth Warren raged against the dying of her campaign’s light, while Michael Bloomberg withered under scrutiny.
  12. democratic debates
    Bloomberg Walks Onto the Stage and Into a BuzzsawThe former mayor should have stayed far away from the Las Vegas debate.
  13. michael bloomberg
    Bloomberg Defends Stop and Frisk With Lies at Democratic DebateLater, Elizabeth Warren pummeled him over his history of using nondisclosure agreements.
  14. democratic debates
    Elizabeth Warren Goes in on Michael Bloomberg“Democrats take a huge risk if we just substitute one arrogant billionaire for another.”
  15. nevada debate
    Elizabeth Warren Goes to War on Bloomberg in Nevada DebateWarren started off the debate with a brutal attack on Bloomberg, in which she highlighted his sexist comments.
  16. so you want to be president
    The Worst Things Michael Bloomberg Has Said About Women“I’d like to do that piece of meat,” he allegedly remarked of female employees.
  17. vision 2020
    Bernie Sanders Opens Up Double-Digit National LeadBut Michael Bloomberg is surging in Super Tuesday states.
  18. vision 2020
    The 2020 Gerontocracy Intensifies With Bloomberg’s RiseThe presidential contest for the Party of Youth and Diversity could soon turn into a vicious ideological fight between two 78-year-old white men.
  19. democratic primaries
    Sanders Spokesperson Compares Questions Over Medical Records to BirtherismDespite an earlier pledge, Sanders is not releasing his “comprehensive” medical records.
  20. vision 2020
    There Is a Case for Bloomberg. It’s Just Bleak As Hell.Democrats are mulling a big gamble on the power of extraordinary wealth to bend our democracy to its will.
  21. democratic debate
    Mike Bloomberg Will Be on the Debate Stage This WeekThe billionaire businessman will finally have to face tough questions from moderators and attacks from his Democratic rivals.
  22. democratic primaries
    As Bloomberg Rises, Democratic Candidates Go On the AttackThe ascendant billionaire is drawing fire over his remarks and his spending from nearly everyone else in the field.
  23. vision 2020
    What Obama Is Saying in Private About the Democratic PrimarySure, he’s got thoughts about Sanders and Bloomberg — and others in the field. But keeping mum is part of a much bigger plan.
  24. vision 2020
    De Blasio To Endorse, Campaign With, SandersIt’s unclear whether this was the mayor’s idea, or Bernie’s, but he’ll be back on the campaign trail in Nevada.
  25. vision 2020
    Why Biden’s Candidacy May SurviveHe’s been left for dead by many observers, but Nevada and especially South Carolina could revive him in time for Super Tuesday.
  26. fights
    Wow, Look at This Photo of Trump and Bloomberg FightingAnother riveting day of politics!
  27. vision 2020
    The Price of a Bloomberg Nomination Is Too Damn HighDemocrats must recognize that their party’s soul is worth more than Michael Bloomberg can afford.
  28. we live in hell
    FuckJerry and Other Meme Accounts Are on Bloomberg’s Payroll NowThis is so shameless that even the Fat Jewish is calling it out.
  29. michael bloomberg
    Bloomberg Defended Fingerprinting Food-Stamp Applicants As Recently As 2018In the same 2018 talk, Bloomberg framed the minimum wage as an impediment to job creation.
  30. vision 2020
    Which Democratic Presidential Candidates Will Survive Until Super Tuesday?It could be lots of candidates, or just two or three, depending on what happens in Nevada and South Carolina.
  31. vision 2020
    Will Bloomberg Break the Mold and Run a Competent Presidential Campaign?New York mayors, including the current one, who ran for president haven’t done very well. Maybe Bloomberg can do better.
  32. michael bloomberg
    Why ‘Stop and Frisk’ Hasn’t Arrested Bloomberg’s RiseThe former New York mayor’s ascension up the 2020 ranks, especially among black voters, seems incongruous. It’s not.
  33. vision 2020
    Lucy McBath’s Endorsement Reflects Mike Bloomberg’s Unique AppealThe former mayor faces big questions over his record on race, but a growing number of black lawmakers have gotten behind him.
  34. vision 2020
    Who’s Left As a Democratic Unity Candidate? Maybe Nobody.As Sanders, Buttigieg, Klobuchar do well in New Hampshire, it’s looking like a Sanders-Bloomberg fight down the road with no compromises in sight.
  35. the national interest
    Joe Biden’s Campaign Was a Disaster for Liberalism and the Democratic PartyThe most historically significant failed primary campaign in history?
  36. new hampshire primary
    Mike Bloomberg Ekes Out Win in Tiny Dixville NotchAmy Klobuchar and President Trump were the other big winners after midnight voting in New Hampshire.
  37. vision 2020
    Will Bernie-Panicked Centrists Stampede to Bloomberg?As Biden sinks and Buttigieg struggles to win minority voters, the ultrarich former New York mayor is looking stronger.
  38. vision 2020
    Please Don’t Fall for Mike Bloomberg’s Twitter PostsThey’re a dirty trick.
  39. vision 2020
    Two Career Non-Democrats Could Fight for the Democratic Presidential NominationSanders and Bloomberg have spent a lot of time avoiding identification with the party whose presidential nomination they seek — much like Trump.
  40. vision 2020
    Man Who Owns News Outlet Guilty of PlagiarismMichael Bloomberg copied entire sections of his policy platform from various news outlets — despite employing journalists on his campaign.
  41. the national interest
    If You Think It Looks Bad for Mainstream Democrats Now, Just WaitThe center-left hasn’t unified around a candidate and appears helpless before Bernie Sanders.
  42. vision 2020
    Elizabeth Warren’s Tough Road AheadShe’s now clearly trailing Sanders as the progressive favorite, but still has some potential as a “unity candidate.”
  43. the national circus
    Frank Rich: Iowa and the Rolling Democratic CalamityThe Iowa debacle was a huge gift — and not the first — to Donald Trump and the Republicans.
  44. the national interest
    Trump’s Message Against Bloomberg: He’s Too Short to Be PresidentA new, um, low in presidential discourse.
  45. vision 2020
    Poll: Jewish Voters Are Indifferent to Jewish Presidential CandidatesAccording to a new survey, Sanders and Bloomberg are running fourth and fifth among Jewish Democratic voters.
  46. vision 2020
    Watch Trump and Bloomberg’s Dueling Super Bowl AdsThe president and Democrats’ biggest spender will compete for viewer eyeballs, at a hefty cost.
  47. vision 2020
    If There’s an Anybody-But-Bernie Movement, Who Will Lead It?There are already alarms going up about Bernie Sanders sweeping the first three 2020 contests. But late-primary challenges don’t seem to work.
  48. vision 2020
    Watch Michael Bloomberg Try to Shake Hands With a Dog’s MouthA note to the former mayor: You shake a dog’s paw, not its upper jaw.
  49. vision 2020
    Could Bloomberg’s Billions Boost the Odds of a Contested Convention?If multiple candidates steam towards Super Tuesday, Bloomberg’s massive spending on that and later dates could make forming a majority tough.
  50. vision 2020
    You Can’t Reform the Presidential Nominating Process With WishesWe don’t really have a unified system for nominating presidential candidates, so systematic reforms aren’t easy.
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