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Michael Kay

  1. michael kay
    Michael Kay Versus a Random College Kid on Twitter: Who Ya Got?Ugh.
  2. mr. 3000
    Let’s Discuss the Calls of Jeter’s 3000th HitHow did Michael Kay and John Sterling handle the milestone?
  3. jets
    The Rex Ryan Book Tour, Now With Toe QuestionsMichael Kay goes there.
  4. trending topics
    The Twitterverse Is Not Excited That Michael Kay Is BackIt took all of one inning for “Michael Kay” to become a trending topic on Twitter.
  5. losers
    Michael Kay Loses Bet, Attends Rangers GameWe know, we know: The punishment for losing the bet wasn’t necessarily to attend Tuesday night’s Rangers game, but to do so in a Rangers uniform.
  6. birthday greetings
    Kenny Albert Wins the Race to Wish Michael Kay a Happy 50th BirthdayBetter luck next time, Jon Heyman.
  7. isiah is immortal
    Did Isiah Thomas Bail on Interview With Michael Kay to Please Knicks?He did, according to Kay.
  8. oh what a twitter feed!
    The Fake Michael Kay Twitter Feed Is No MoreHey fans, bad news.
  9. media fights!
    Michael Kay Responds Once Again to Phil MushnickNo one threatens to punch anyone this time, though.
  10. media fights!
    Michael Kay vs. Phil Mushnick: Who Ya Got?Fair warning: This one gets ugly.
  11. media fights!
    Michael Kay vs. SNY: Who Ya Got?The YES announcer and ESPN Radio host really doesn’t like that SNY took phone calls in the broadcast booth during Tuesday’s Mets game.
  12. debbie downer
    Michael Kay Implied to a Theater Full of Yankee Fans That They Wouldn’t Repeat in 2010Said fans: “Booooooooo!”
  13. is your refrigerator running?
    Armed With David Cone’s Cell-Phone Number, Yankee Fans Ask the Tough QuestionsCone gave out his number on the air. He probably shouldn’t have done that.
  14. press-box confidential
    Chris Russo’s Regrettable Voice-overs, Michael Kay’s Dilemma, and Announcer Camp for KidsWe chat with the Mad Dog, and ponder other happenings, in this week’s look at the local sporting press.
  15. the sports section
    Press-Box Confidential: Fights, Splits, and a Profoundly Sad Michael KayMike and the Mad Dog go separate, mediocre ways; paper prizes Favre over Pope; and other troubling news from the past week in sports.