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  1. documentary
    Xbox to Launch Series of Video-Game and Tech DocumentariesThe first one will be about the legendarily bad E.T. video game.
  2. the tech wars
    Microsoft Bought Nokia in a Desperate Attempt to Avoid Becoming BlackBerryAndroid and iOS are probably unstoppable. But Microsoft has to try.
  3. spy games
    Facebook and Microsoft Shared Some of Their Government Data Request NumbersIt’s a start.
  4. Frank Rich on the National Circus: Edward Snowden Won’t Undo the Patriot ActAmerica yawns while he hides.
  5. microsoft excels
    Windows Up: A Surprisingly Pleasant Trip to the Microsoft StoreIs yesterday’s tech coming back?
  6. revolving bore
    Microsoft Executive Leaves Because Sometimes Microsoft Executives Do ThatWhy did Steven Sinofsky leave Microsoft? Why does anyone care?
  7. the tech popularity index
    In Confusing Turn of Events, Microsoft Appears to Be Cool AgainSomething is very off here.
  8. twitterror
    Microsoft Employee Zings Ann Coulter on TwitterDelete!
  9. domain awareness system
    NYPD to Launch ‘All-Seeing’ ‘Domain Awareness System’Made in partnership with Microsoft.
  10. cable news news
    NBC Finalizes Microsoft Divorce, Wins Custody of MSNBC.comNBC has already taken up with NBCNews.com.
  11. cable news news
    NBC and Microsoft Headed for DivorceNBC News gets custody of the website.
  12. cable news news
    MSNBC Wants a Real WebsiteMSNBC.com might do.
  13. technology
    Facebook Buying AOL Patents From Microsoft for $550 MillionZuckerberg goes through the middleman.
  14. technology
    AOL Making $1 Billion Deal With MicrosoftThey’re selling more than 800 patents.
  15. the great browser wars
    The Great Browser Wars: Google Chrome Momentarily Beats Out Microsoft IEOnly over the weekend; on Monday, IE perked back up.
  16. labor
    Workers Threaten Mass Suicide at Foxconn Plant in ChinaThe Foxconn plant in China suffered a string of employee suicides in 2010.
  17. tech
    Skype Acquiring GroupMePhone calls are getting really complicated.
  18. are you there google?
    Google Hires Big (Lobbying) Guns for Antitrust FightGuess everyone’s just jealous they don’t have a carving station in their cafeteria or free everything.
  19. acquisitions
    Microsoft Is Buying Skype for $8.5 Billion [Updated]For around $8.5 billion.
  20. are you there google? it’s me margaret
    Microsoft Tries to Give Google a Taste of Its Own Antitrust MedicineHow do you like them apples?
  21. are you there google? it’s me margaret
    Google Uses ‘Spy-Novelesque Stunt’ to Catch Bing CheatingTo catch a search-engine predator.
  22. the future is coming
    ‘Teledildonics’ Expert Tries to Turn Microsoft Kinect Into a Sex ToyYes, there is such a thing as a teledildonics expert.
  23. the future is stalled in court
    Apple to Motorola: Stop Touching Our Touchscreens!It’s like a love triangle, but with litigation instead of sex.
  24. the future is coming
    Apple’s Face-Melting Revenues Come With a Note of Caution(Lots) mo’ money, (a few) mo’ problems.
  25. the future is coming
    Blogger Calls B.S. on New York Times Rumor About Microsoft and AdobeMicrosoft eyes a possible acquisition.
  26. cable news news
    MSNBC Realizes That It’s a Problem Running a Straight News Site That Shares the Name of a Slanted Cable ChannelCould MSNBC.com get a name change?
  27. slideshow
    Sympathy for The Zuckerberg: Tech CEOs’ Youthful Indiscretions
  28. tech fight
    Microsoft Co-Founder Files Lawsuit Against GoogleSilicon Valley is headed for battle.
  29. apple
    Apple Overtakes Microsoft for the First TimeJohn Hodgman must be bummed.
  30. loyalty
    Microsoft Employees Use iPhones, CEO Steve Ballmer Stomps on Them in PublicAbout 10 percent of Microsoft employees are using Apple’s smartphone.
  31. ink-stained wretches
    Rupert Murdoch Is Using Bing to Make Google JealousCrafty.
  32. tube junkie
    Sherlock Holmes Rescues Seth MacFarlaneWarner Bros. has more balls than Microsoft.
  33. tube junkie
    Microsoft Executives See Family Guy, Get NervousWho put in all those offensive jokes?
  34. the future
    Microsoft Joins the War on BooksFree Kindle software with the new Windows!
  35. the post-racial world
    Microsoft Erases Black Guy As Clumsily As PossibleYou would expect this company in particular to get a Photoshop right.
  36. badda bing!
    Microsoft, Yahoo Join to Muscle Up BingThe Internet giants will now be better able to square off against Google.
  37. bright ideas
    How Cool Would a Microsoft Store Be in New York?About as cool as we would imagine.
  38. Jerry Seinfeld Dumped Faster Than Windows Millennium EditionAfter just two weeks, Microsoft is dropping Jerry Seinfeld from its new ad campaign.
  39. company town
    Now We’ll Get to See Even More of the Naked CowboyThe scourge of Times Square is getting his own reality-TV show. Meanwhile, a Cadwalader partner sues over the mold in his Hamptons house, and the ‘Times’ thinks we care too much about people’s personal lives (can’t imagine why), and more, in our daily roundup of industry news.
  40. NewsFeed
    Hearst, MSN Venture to Challenge EpicuriousWill new and bigger trump older and deeper?
  41. company town
    Rent Stabilization Not As Stable As BeforePlus, Skadden’s role in the failed Microsoft-Yahoo talks, what Perez Hilton is doing in James Frey’s new novel, and the rest of today’s industry gossip.
  42. company town
    Murdoch Won’t Go Any Higher on ‘Newsday’ BidAlso, Microsoft gives up on Yahoo, Berkshire Hathaway’s profits tank briefly, and Buzz Bissinger apologizes to Will Leitch, all in our daily industry roundup.
  43. company town
    Buyouts Not Enough? ‘Times’ Newsroom Braces for ClearanceAlso, the rest of today’s media, finance, law and real-estate news.
  44. company town
    Dan Rather Back in Court and Feeling ‘Pretty Good’Also news about Yahoo, JPMorgan, the Sulzbergers, and Citigroup in our daily industry roundup.
  45. company town
    Lehman Liquidates Three Funds to the Tune of $1 BillionWhat’s going on with Microsoft, Yahoo, Google, and the News. Corp — as well as the Willets Point Stadium, ‘Us Weekly,’ and Wall Street. Read our daily roundup.
  46. company town
    ‘Esquire’ Feels That Heath Ledger’s Final Days Haven’t Been Examined Tastelessly EnoughMEDIA • Esquire reports on how Heath Ledger spent his last days… except the story is not exactly true. Or, um, tasteful. [Vulture] • Let the deluge begin! Media companies line up to bid for Weather Channel, which is up for auction. [DealBook/NYT] • Wal-Mart appears to be irritated by Meredith Corporation’s creative tactic of selling its magazines, which include Better Homes and Garden and Ladies’ Home Journal, at the Dollar Tree store. [Folio]
  47. company town
    The Gray Lady Lets Jim Impoco Come Crawling BackMEDIA • Fired Portfolio editor Jim Impoco makes his comeback at The New York Times Magazine, where he’ll be a consulting editor. [NYO] • NBC puts its traditional glitzy advertising on the back burner. That’s really too bad for the girl who was hoping to be assigned to keep tabs on John Krasinski during the day of the presentations. [NYP] • Nielsen CEO David Calhoun charts a new course for his media-measuring company. [Fortune]
  48. white men with money
    Yahoo! Rupert Cooks Up Another Diabolical PlanIn last week’s earnings call, Rupert Murdoch was asked about the talks he’d had with Yahoo about combining it with MySpace, a News Corp. property. “I think that day has passed,” he said, “but you never know.” Indeed! Today, Murdoch’s Wall Street Journal is reporting that its parent company, along with a private-equity group, is in talks to combine MySpace and other News Corp. properties with Yahoo. This new round of discussions, the Journal tells us, are aimed at “helping Yahoo fend off Microsoft Corp’s unsolicited” $44.6 billion offer to buy the company. Under the deal being discussed, News Corp. would get a 20 percent stake in Yahoo, but, more importantly, “they’d be the largest single stockholder and effectively in control of the combined Yahoo/FIM entity and their nearly 150 billion monthly page views (which would be second only to Google),” according to TechCrunch. Which basically means, we think, that Murdoch would own at least a 65 percent stake in, like, our brains. News Corp. Enters Yahoo Fray [WSJ]
  49. company town
    Meet Microsoft’s ‘Gatekeeper of Funding’FINANCE • Now that Yahoo rejected Microsoft’s $44.6 billion bid, it’s up to Microsoft’s self-described “gatekeeper of funding” Christopher P. Liddell to plot the company’s next chess move. [DealBook/NYT] • Fearful that 90 percent of TheStreet.com’s franchise revolves around Jim Cramer, today the finance-driven Website launched Mainstreet.com, which will revolve around celebrities and personal finance. You think Britney’s psychological drama is intense? Wait until you hear about her bond portfolio. [NYP] • France’s rogue trader Jérôme Kerviel might have had an accomplice. How did police find out? By sifting through 2,000 pages of instant-message traffic. Bet that was a gr8 time. [NYT]
  50. company town
    Jeff Bewkes Starts Cleaning House at Time WarnerMEDIA • At least 75 Time Warner layoffs are expected to be announced today. The layoffs are among CEO Jeff Bewkes’s first public tasks since taking the helm of the company from Dick Parsons last month. Earlier today, Time Warner announced a 41 percent decline in fourth-quarter earnings. [MSNBC & AdAge] • Maybe some of those Time Warner folks can hang their hats over at Condé Nast. The Observer evaluates Portfolio’s recent spending spree, during which it recruited top talent from The New Yorker, the Post, and the Times. [NYO] • (Product)Red, the love child of Bono, iPod, and the Gap, has raised more than $22 million for fighting HIV and AIDS in Africa. But considering the big advertising bucks spent during the Super Bowl and elsewhere, some are arguing that it’s not enough. [NYT]
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