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Mike Brown

  1. ferguson
    Cop Who Shot Mike Brown Speaks Out Ahead of Shooting Anniversary“Everyone is so quick to jump on race. It’s not a race issue,” Darren Wilson told The New Yorker.
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    Ferguson’s Mike Brown Shrine to Be Replaced by Permanent Memorial The collection of stuffed animals, flowers, candles, photos, and other mementos has occupied Canfield Drive since the 18-year-old died there last August.
  3. ferguson
    Federal Prosecutors Reportedly Close to Not Filing Charges Against Darren WilsonAs expected.
  4. missouri’s finest
    Cop Who Called Brown Memorial ‘Trash’ on LeaveGood work, Officer Tim Zoll.
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    Police Investigating Whether Michael Brown’s Stepfather Incited a RiotHe shouted, “Burn this bitch down” following the news that Darren Wilson would not be indicted.
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    Video: Mike Brown’s Mom Reacts to Jury Decision “They still don’t care.”
  7. ferguson
    Grand Jury’s Darren Wilson Decision Will Be Announced TonightHere we go.
  8. missouri’s finest
    Report: Ferguson No-Fly Zone Was Aimed at MediaBy enforcing a no-fly zone over the area.
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    Darren Wilson Claims He Was ‘in Fear for His Life’ When He Shot Mike BrownThe New York Times reports on what the Ferguson police officer told federal investigators.
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    Seven Arrested and One Shot After Protesters Defy Ferguson Curfew And the Justice Department announces that it will perform its own autopsy on Mike Brown’s body. 
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    Missouri Governor Imposes Curfew on FergusonAnd the FBI begins questioning people about the death of Mike Brown. 
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    Ferguson Protesters Attempt to Prevent Looting Amid Clash With CopsTensions escalated after the Ferguson police released footage that appeared to show Mike Brown stealing a box of cigars. 
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    Witness to Michael Brown Shooting Speaks; Police Don’t Want to Hear It“I saw the barrel of the gun pointed at my friend,” says the man who was walking with the 18-year-old at the time.