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  1. Theater Review: Mike Daisey’s Yes This ManDaisey opens wide to criticism.
  2. theater review
    Review: Mike Daisey’s All the Faces of the MoonDaisey’s latest is a monthlong epic about fiction, fantasy, magic, and, yes. lying.
  3. theater
    How Mike Daisey Is Burying His Apple Scandal With Words“Not to show my hand too much is a very effective technique if you’ve just had a scandal.”
  4. applenomics
    Items Inadvertently Left Off Apple’s Shopping ListWhat else should Tim Cook buy?
  5. mike daisey
    Watch Mike Daisey Embellish Another StoryHint: Soundgarden was not there.
  6. truthiness
    Why Ninja Turtles Are More Real to Us Than Abraham LincolnWhy Americans are more upset about altering the fictional history of cartoon turtles than they are about changing the backstory of honest Abe.
  7. shattered glass
    ‘This American Life’ Pulls Absurd Stephen Glass StoriesTough timing.
  8. fabulists
    Mike Daisey: ‘We All Know Where the Road Paved With Good Intentions Leads’“To where I’m sitting right now.” 
  9. ink-stained wretches
    Jayson Blair Gives Mike Daisey Good AdviceJournalism … it’s about trust!
  10. A Mayoral Mexican Wrestling Challenge at Occupy BroadwayThe agony and ecstasy of Michael Bloomberg?
  11. stage dive
    Theater Review: Why Mike Daisey’s Critique of Apple Is Too Glib to Really StingIt’s all about him.
  12. steve jobs
    Mike Daisey Hasn’t Forgotten About the Sins of Steve JobsIn last night’s premiere of ‘The Agony and the Ecstasy of Steve Jobs’, the monologuist talked about Apple’s dark side.
  13. onstage
    Monologuing Steve Jobs: Mike Daisey Explores the ‘Agony and Ecstasy’A critical two-hour piece will explore the human cost of Apple’s shiny gadgets.
  14. business sense
    How’s Giving Away All Your Money Working Out for You, Mike Daisey?The monologuist is handing out money to showgoers and seeing how much comes back.
  15. 21 questions
    Mike Daisey Resents Conforming to the Culture’s Insane WhimsThe theater monologuist answers our usual 21 Questions.
  16. the industry
    Forest Whitaker to Lead ‘The Patriots’Plus: Guess who’s joining the cast of Zack and Miri Make a Porno?
  17. drama
    Sheila Callaghan: Apparently Women Don’t Write or Direct Plays in New York
  18. tube junkie
    Uncontroversial Play Interrupted by Christian Protesters