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  1. power
    Chelsea Manning to Be Released From Jail After Suicide Attempt“Ms. Manning’s appearance before the grand jury is no longer needed. Her detention no longer serves any coercive purpose.”
  2. foreign policy
    No, the Left Should Not ‘Learn to Love’ the Military-Industrial ComplexGiant Pentagon budgets do provide a couple million Americans with jobs and health care. But the goal is to deliver those goods to all Americans.
  3. military
    Women Should Have to Register for a Military Draft Too, Judge RulesNow that women are allowed in combat roles, they should have to sign up for Selective Service, Judge Gray Miller ruled.
  4. transgender rights
    Supreme Court Allows Trump’s Transgender Military Ban to Take EffectAfter months of being blocked by injunctions, the cruel policy will be allowed to go into effect.
  5. immigration
    Pentagon Extends Troop Border Deployment As Trump Warns of ‘Big New Caravan’Initially scheduled to come home December 15, 2018, the troops will now remain at the southern border through at least the end of September.
  6. world view
    Unlawful, Alarming John Kelly Order Allows Use of Force by Troops at BorderThere is no such thing as a “Cabinet order,” and the White House chief of staff has no authority to command anyone except White House employees.
  7. politics
    Trump Hasn’t Visited the Troops in a War Zone Because ‘He’s Afraid’“He’s afraid of those situations. He’s afraid people want to kill him,” a White House official told the Washington Post.
  8. politics
    What the State of the VA Tells Us About Trump’s War on WelfareThe president’s commitment to small government is undermining America’s commitment to its veterans.
  9. foreign interests
    The Military Doesn’t Seem to Appreciate Trump’s Border StuntDeploying troops to combat a fake migrant caravan “invasion” may fire up Trump’s base, but service members don’t like being used as political pawns.
  10. big boy parade
    Donald Trump’s Military Parade Costs 666 Percent More Than Originally EstimatedA cursed, extremely over-budget event.
  11. select all
    Google Says It Won’t Renew Military ContractsThe controversial drone AI program made numerous employees resign.
  12. Roseanne Barr and Mark Penn Stand Up for Poor Persecuted ConservativesApparently, conservatives have to run absolutely everything before they no longer fear to express their love for POTUS.
  13. sexual assault
    The Pentagon Released Base-by-Base Data on Sexual Assault in the MilitaryThis is the first time the Pentagon has broken down the numbers by military base.
  14. sexual assault
    10 Army Officers Who Work in Sex-Abuse Prevention Have Been Accused of AssaultAccording to an investigation by the Washington Post.
  15. The Roots of Trump’s False Claim That Obama Neglected Families of Fallen TroopsIt was not “traditional” for Obama to fail to contact slain service members’ families, but reports that circulated on the right left that impression.
  16. President Trump Signed Order to Ban Transgender People From Joining MilitaryTrump follows through on his tweets, but leaves the status of openly transgender active service members up to Secretary of Defense James Mattis.
  17. Navy Ends Its Search for Missing Sailors From the U.S.S. McCainIt’s an acknowledgement that the sailors are not expected to be found alive.
  18. international affairs
    Trump Compared Afghanistan Policy Review to 21 Club Renovation: ReportHe suggested replacing the top general, but experts say the issue is he hasn’t approved a new strategy.
  19. A Transgender Servicemember on How He’s Coping With Trump’s Ban“We will continue to serve our nation as we always have, until they tell us that we can’t.”
  20. transgender rights
    Senator Says Gender Identity Didn’t Matter When She Was Injured in CombatThe Iraq War veteran blasted Trump’s trans military ban on CNN.
  21. The Trump Doctrine in Afghanistan: Let the Generals Handle ItWe’re about to find out what Mattis’s Pentagon will do with mostly unchecked authority to conduct a war.
  22. This Is What a ‘Successful Interception’ of a Mock ICBM Looks LikeU.S. officials released a video that shows the simulated ICBM being shot down.
  23. U.S. ‘Successfully Intercepted’ ICBM in Test, Says PentagonU.S. officials say the test had been long planned before North Korea’s latest missile launches.
  24. Mattis Is Last Adult Standing in Trumpworld. That’s Unsettling for Many Reasons.Putting the burden of the republic on a former general’s shoulders is risky for everyone — including the military.
  25. Reports of Sexual Assaults Have Increased at U.S. Army, Navy AcademiesSexual misconduct has also reportedly increased at three of the main military academies in the U.S.
  26. yemen
    U.S. Blocks Saudi Arms Purchase Over Yemen Civilian DeathsWe’ll still sell them helicopters, provide intelligence, and help train their pilots.
  27. The White House Says Women Should Be Required to Register for the Military DraftPresident Obama’s wants gender equality in the Selective Service.
  28. military
    U.S. Launches Strikes in Yemen After Rebels Target American ShipsIran-backed Houthi rebels have been battling American ally Saudi Arabia in a bloody civil war.
  29. ISIS Uses Exploding Drones to Kill Kurdish TroopsThe terror group is getting better at turning store-bought drones into weapons.
  30. awful things
    America Reviews Its Saudi Support in Light of Yemen DevastationAn air strike at a funeral in the Yemeni capital killed 140 people and injured more than 500 more.
  31. Trump Implied That ‘Strong’ People Don’t Get PTSD. He’s Wrong.It sounded like it was an innocent mistake, but it’s still a harmful myth.
  32. symbolic gestures
    Women Navy Recruits Are Now Given the Same Hats As MenIt’s the first step toward more gender-neutral uniforms.
  33. trends
    The 12 Trends You’ll Want to Wear Next FallVinyl! Leopard print! Fancy puffy coats!
  34. National Review Calls Israel ‘a Barbaric Country’The fanatically anti-Zionist National Review has finally gone too far.
  35. U.S. Soldier Killed, Two More Wounded, in Taliban FirefightAs of Tuesday morning, the rescue helicopter remains grounded.
  36. #IWillProtectYou, Service Members Tell Girl“Salamalakum Melissa!” Peek wrote. “Please show this picture of me to your daughter. Tell her I am a Mama too and as a soldier I will protect her from the bad guys.”
  37. L.A. UFO Was the Military, the Government SaysOf course, the government always has an answer for everything.
  38. fled zeppelin
    Fear Not, America: That Renegade Army Blimp Is DownWho will surveil the surveillance blimps?
  39. U.S. Military Official Says Hospital Airstrike Was a MistakeGeneral John Campbell also told Congress on Tuesday that the plan to withdraw all troops from Afghanistan by 2016 may be changed.
  40. Admiral Signals Women Will Be Allowed to Become Navy SEALs“There is no reason” to exclude women who pass the test.
  41. gun control
    Should Troops Be Armed on Military Bases?Politicians are calling for a policy change following the Chattanooga massacre, despite Pentagon opposition.
  42. military
    Pentagon Might Lift Transgender Ban Soon Officials would have half a year to decide how the change would affect military policy before formalizing a new one.
  43. whoops
    Pentagon Admits It Accidentally Sent Live Anthrax to More Than 50 LabsFacilities in 17 states, D.C., and three other countries received the samples, way up from what the Department of Defense originally reported.
  44. Rants
    Ruby Tuesday Waiter Gets Stiffed by a Soldier, Insults Entire MilitaryNot surprisingly, he no longer has a job.
  45. What Happens to Most AWOL Soldiers?Looking back at Wil Hylton’s story, “American Deserter.”
  46. U.S. Slows Down Withdrawal From AfghanistanPresident Obama announces plans to leave 9,800 troops in the country through the end of 2015. 
  47. Military Helicopter Crashes on Florida Coast; 11 Presumed DeadFoggy conditions may have led to the crash and have made it difficult to conduct a search.
  48. Battle Of The Blitzed
    Senator Proposes Bill That Would Allow U.S. Soldiers to Drink at 18“If you can carry a weapon and defend your country you should be able to drink a beer.”
  49. three is a trend
    Army Green Has Been All Over the Spring RunwaysMilitary-inspired pieces are holding down the fort. 
  50. Veterans Who Killed in Combat Struggled Less With Alcohol AfterSometimes people bounce back from trauma.
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