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  1. voter suppression
    Iowa GOP Moves Forward With Plan to Disenfranchise College StudentsUnder the proposed law, graduating college students would be asked if they plan to remain in Iowa, then struck from the voting rolls if they say no.
  2. 2018 primaries
    Progressive Andrew Gillum Wins Florida Democratic Gubernatorial Primary in UpsetBernie Sanders–endorsed Gillum, who hopes to be Florida’s first black governor, will face Trump pick Ron DeSantis in a high-stakes general election.
  3. the national interest
    New Survey Shows Young People Are Staying Liberal, Conservatives Are Dying OffIn the long run, we’re all dead, but Republicans are especially dead.
  4. pottery burn
    Pottery Barn Brutally Negs MillennialsApparently our homes are not big enough for their furniture.
  5. timeline
    Why Millennial Pink Refuses to Go AwayThe color, found on sneakers, couches, book covers, toasters, and Drake, isn’t fading.
  6. vacation had to get away
    Now You Can Buy Millennial-Pink LuggageAway partnered up with pink-loving brand Pop+Suki on a new set of suitcases.
  7. candy
    Lin-Manuel and the Rock Tease Millennial MusicalAlso learn what emojis best describe the Rock.
  8. Trump TV May Have Already Cornered Its Audience: ‘The Future of the GOP’Trump is building a 14 million–member email list full of young conservatives. His team wants to milk it for money and influence for years to come.
  9. Hillary Clinton’s Problem With Millennials Has DisappearedThe Democratic nominee is now on pace to match Obama’s share of the youth vote in 2012.
  10. Trump Will Leave His Name Off His New Luxury-Hotel Brand Aimed at MillennialsScion is a “multi-faceted lifestyle brand” for young enthusiasts of the “we” economy.
  11. Clinton Gets Personal in Appeal to MillennialsWith many younger voters defecting to third-party candidates, Clinton tries to give them “something to vote for, not just against.”
  12. advice
    It’s Never Been Harder to Be YoungThe Cut’s Ask Polly on what she’s learned giving advice.
  13. bermuda square
    How Amelia Earhart Spent Fourth of JulyThe “Bermuda Square” comic strip is back.
  14. hey arnold
    The Hey Arnold! TV Movie Gets a TitleDon’t worry, it’s legit: 19 members of the original voice cast are returning.
  15. getting it
    Your Parents’ Romantic Lives Don’t Have to Determine Your OwnToo many of us are ruled by fear of replicating — or not replicating — our parents’ romantic lives.
  16. oh great
    Just Attending a Wedding As a Guest Is Expensive As Hell$700 a night!
  17. Entitled Millennial Workers of the World, Unite!Generation Y’s sense of entitlement is a political force worth nurturing.
  18. The Democrats Effectively Tied in Iowa, But Sanders Won the FutureIn 2008, Obama won voters under 30 by 43 points. In 2016, Sanders won them by 70.
  19. The Two Big Obstacles to a Sanders Win in IowaIf the polls are tied, then Sanders is (probably) losing.
  20. life is unfair
    It’s Harder to Be Thin Than It Was in the ’80sHate you, boomers.
  21. How to Pretend You’re Part of Gen Z So People Will Like YouBecause nobody wants to be a millennial.
  22. purchasing power
    A Candle Solved My Quarter-Life CrisisA consumer odyssey.
  23. culture
    In Defense of the 1970sThey’re still getting a bad rap, pace the Mad Men finale and Louis C.K.’s recent Saturday Night Live monologue. Here’s why that’s not fair.
  24. Millennials Have Surprisingly Conservative Views on Sex40 percent believe being gay is morally wrong.
  25. millenials
    Meet Saira Blair, West Virginia’s Very Conservative New 18-Year-Old LawmakerAn interview with the far-right teen.
  26. kids today
    Italian Millennials: They’re Just Like Us!Five things you have in common with twentysomethings across the Atlantic (and one you don’t).
  27. icymi
    Watch: ‘Dongs All Over the World’ on SNLStarring Anna Kendrick’s rapper alter ego.
  28. young folks
    Millennials Just Wanna LaughEspecially the dudes.
  29. Millenials Are the Comedy GenerationA survey by Comedy Central has found that comedy is increasingly “essential to how young men view themselves and others.” Apparently, men born […]