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  1. george floyd
    The Lies We Tell About RiotsHow America mystifies the wages of its racism.
  2. george floyd
    CNN Crew Arrested on Live TV During Minneapolis ProtestMinnesota State Police arrested CNN’s Omar Jimenez and his camera crew as they reported on the protests over George Floyd’s death in police custody.
  3. vision 2020
    Black Protesters Might Have Doomed Amy Klobuchar’s Presidential CampaignThe day before she dropped out of the race, Klobuchar canceled a campaign rally in Minnesota due to protests.
  4. vision 2020
    Is Buttigieg’s Presidential Bid Buoyed by Male Privilege?Klobuchar says Mayor Pete has only gotten this far because he’s a man. It’s probably more complicated than that.
  5. what could've been
    Friends Almost Relocated to Minnesota in a Bizarre Mid-Series TwistYes. You read that right. Minnesota.
  6. vision 2020
    The States Trump Might Plausibly Aim to Flip in 2020There are no states that look like ripe fruit for Trump, though Minnesota, New Hampshire, Maine, Nevada, and maybe Virginia are possibilities.
  7. drunk animals
    ‘Drunk Birds’ Are Terrorizing a Town in MinnesotaIt’s avian anarchy in Gilbert, Minnesota.
  8. power
    Days After Facing Domestic-Abuse Allegations, Keith Ellison Wins PrimaryOver the weekend, Ellison was accused of violently dragging his ex-girlfriend out of bed and cursing at her.
  9. 2018 elections
    Tim Pawlenty’s Comeback Flops With Minnesota Gubernatorial Primary LossTPaw, the state’s former governor, squandered a big advantage in money and name ID as both parties saw primary upsets.
  10. Former W. Bush Ethics Lawyer Running for Franken’s Senate Seat as a DemocratRichard Painter, a lifelong Republican, is expected to challenge Senator Tina Smith, who was appointed to the seat when Franken resigned.
  11. crime
    Everything to Know About the ‘Gambling Grandma’ Wanted for Double MurderShe allegedly killed her husband and a Florida stranger, whose identity she stole.
  12. Lamb Win Could Point to Democratic Resurgence in Lily-white DistrictsUnder the right circumstances, it looks like Democrats can again win in places where they don’t have their customary minority base.
  13. Richard Painter Mulls Trying to Throw Senate Race to Pro-Trump RepublicanHe’s contemplating a run for Al Franken’s former Senate seat as a Democrat or independent.
  14. signs
    Are You There God? It’s Me, MicheleMichele Bachmann didn’t “get a sense from the Lord” she should run for Al Franken’s vacated Senate seat.
  15. Michele Bachmann Has Asked God If She Should Run for Al Franken’s SeatThe former congresswoman and failed presidential candidate is weighing a return to politics, if God gives her the go-ahead.
  16. coffee talk
    This ‘Unapologetically Feminine’ Coffee Brand Sources All Its Beans From WomenCity Girl coffee company.
  17. Democrat Tina Smith Will Replace Franken in the Senate — and Wants to Run in ’18She’ll become the 22nd woman currently serving in the Senate, and is planning on running in 2018.
  18. Female Lieutenant Governor Poised to Take Franken’s SeatIf the Minnesota senator resigns, Tina Smith is expected to take his place in the Senate — but only for one year.
  19. With Franken, the Reckoning Over Sexual Misconduct Comes to the DemocratsCould the debate over expelling Roy Moore also bring down Al Franken?
  20. scary things
    FBI Searches for Suspects After Bombing of Minnesota MosqueNo one was injured in the Saturday-morning blast, which may have been a domestic terrorist attack.
  21. anti-vaxxers
    How Anti-Vaccine Activists Harmed Somali-AmericansA recent outbreak is only going to bring further discrimination against a vulnerable group whose members were targeted by charlatans.
  22. Awarding Electoral Votes by Congress District Becoming Big Temptation for GOPSo long as Republicans have an advantage in House districts, they will be thinking about building that right into the system for electing presidents.
  23. campus sexual assault
    Minnesota Football Players Cancel Boycott in Wake of Sexual-Assault ReportReading the 80-page report “changed the narrative” for the players.
  24. campus sexual assault
    Minnesota Boycotts Football After Sexual-Assault Inquiry Results in SuspensionsTeammates said they’re boycotting football games after 10 players were suspended following an investigation into sexual assault.
  25. Trump and Pence Head to Minnesota in Sign of DesperationTrump hasn’t led a single poll in Minnesota this cycle, and the GOP hasn’t won the state in decades. But the mogul needs an upset somewhere.
  26. on the offensive
    Restaurant Owner Bans Muslims As Payback for Recent Terror AttacksCustomers are now greeted by a “Get Out Muslims” sign in the parking lot.
  27. Stabbing Attack at Minnesota Mall Leaves 8 InjuredThe assailant, who was shot and killed by an off-duty police officer, reportedly referenced “Allah” during the attack.
  28. crime
    Lili Huang Accused of Enslaving Chinese NannyReal-life horror in a wealthy Minnesota suburb.
  29. black lives matter
    Hundreds Arrested As Black Lives Matter Protests Continue NationwideDemonstrations over the weekend left officers injured and activists complaining that the police response was overly aggressive.
  30. philando castile
    Cop’s Lawyer: Castile Shot Due to Gun, Not Race“This heartbreaking incident had nothing to do with race. It had to do with the presence of a gun.”
  31. prince 4 ever
    Minnesota Proposes the PRINCE Act, Making It a Lot Harder to Exploit His NameThe bill would give Prince’s estate better control over the late singer’s name and likeness.
  32. Bad Moves
    Customers Outraged Over Racist Placemats“I have felt sick to my stomach and stressed out since seeing that image on the table where I was planning to eat my food.”
  33. Health Concerns
    The Cause of Chipotle’s Latest Salmonella Outbreak: Tainted TomatoesYuck.
  34. Bad Ideas
    A Restaurant Somehow Thought an Adrian Peterson ‘Spank Your Server’The owner calls it “a bad joke gone awry.”
  35. Workers' Rights
    The Restaurateur Who Made Servers Pay Diner’s Credit-Card Fees Had a“We have always listened to our guests and our community,” said Blue Plate owner David Burley.
  36. Declined
    Awful Restaurant Owners Charge Their Own Servers When Customers Use Credit CardsTo help offset Minnesota’s 75-cent-an-hour wage hike.
  37. early and awkward
    Minnesota Town Frees Itself From Tyranny, 5-Year-Old MayorLittle Bobby Tufts has been dethroned.
  38. Bad Ideas
    Person Who Organized Nazi-Themed Dinner Says It’s Not That Big a Deal,Wearing SS uniforms is just like people who dress up at Star Trek conventions, he says.
  39. the internet
    Minnesota Republican Thinks NBA Is Full of ThugsMinnesota Republican Pat Garofalo thinks basketball players are thugs.
  40. bros
    Minnesota Congressional Candidate Not Sorry for Partying Meet Stewart Mills.
  41. cable news
    4-Year-Old Mayor Gives Perfect MSNBC Interview, Could Not Care Less“Ice-cream shop!”
  42. early and awkward
    Minnesota Town Holds America’s Least Democratic ElectionThis is how they got a 4-year-old mayor. 
  43. michele bachmann overdrive
    Michele Bachmann’s Challenger Only Wanted to Run Against Michele Bachmann“Mission accomplished.”
  44. equal rites
    Minnesota About to Become Third State in Two Weeks to Legalize Gay MarriageThat’s a lot of states. 
  45. Minnesota Is the Johnny-Come-Lately of Swing StatesThe supposedly blue state is now in play. 
  46. michele bachmann overdrive
    Minnesota May Not Care About Bachmann’s ‘McCarthyistic Witch Hunt’In fact, it might help her.
  47. Just the Tip
    Waitress Gets to Keep $12,000 Tip That May or May Not Be Drug MoneyAfter police seize the cash, claiming it’s part of an investigation, the server fights to get paid.
  48. the hunt for red november
    Rick Santorum Sweeps Missouri, Minnesota, and Colorado [Updated]No delegates, no problem?
  49. mikala bierma
    Learn ‘How to Speak Minnesotan’Comedian and YouTube sensation Mikala Bierma is from Minnesota, so you can trust her.
  50. Mediavore
    Michael Jackson’s Chef Gives Testimony; Top Chef Vets Opening EverywhereKai Chase says she was making lunch when she learned of the dire emergency.
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