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  1. q&a
    Castle Rock’s Lizzy Caplan on Taking Annie Wilkes Beyond MiseryFor Hulu’s Stephen King remix series, Caplan had to navigate the shadow of Kathy Bates as well as the pitfalls of depicting mental illness.
  2. last night on late night
    Anjelica Huston Could’ve Starred In MiseryAnd in one of our many alternate universes she probably did?
  3. science of us
    I Know You Know That Happiness Is FleetingBut it’s so easy to forget.
  4. vulture lists
    20 Essential Cold-Weather ThrillersMovies worth bundling up for.
  5. remembrances
    Here’s What It Was Like to Collaborate With William GoldmanWill Frears, who directed Misery on Broadway, remembers working with the screenwriting legend.
  6. going viral
    The Misery Bookstore Meltdown Video, ExplainedFind out if the cashier was in on it.
  7. theater
    Theater Review: Bruce Willis on Broadway, With MiseryBreak a leg! 
  8. theater
    William Goldman Brings Misery to BroadwayHollywood’s greatest living screenwriter returns after a decade away.
  9. portrait
    Broadway Rookies Bruce and Rumer Willis on Preparing for the StageAt ages 60 and 27, father and daughter find themselves, oddly, experiencing the same career first.
  10. you’re fired
    Woody Allen Might Have Fired Bruce Willis YesterdayYippee-ki-sad-face.
  11. chat room
    Elizabeth Marvel on HOC’s Dunbar and Misery“I don’t know if America is ready for a woman president yet. I think Americans still want their daddy.”
  12. switcheroo
    Bruce Willis to Hit Broadway Stage in Stephen King’s MiseryBecause Michael Cera wasn’t available, probably.
  13. All 64 Stephen King Books, RankedLooking back over more than 40 years’ worth of his work.
  14. scary foods
    It’s Halloween Month, So Here Are Four Horror-Movie Cake PopsChew on Kathy Bates!
  15. getting the boot
    That Yellow Thing on Your Car Next Week Might Be a BootAnd a pain in the behind.
  16. thanks for letting us know
    Recession Was Actually Worse Than We ThoughtThe Commerce Department releases new figures.
  17. the greatest depression
    The Greatest Depression: 9/15/2008 – 9/15/2009Ben Bernanke says the recession is over, but we will not forget it. A video tribute.
  18. early and often
    Let’s Not Get Hysterical About the Tax Increase in the Health-Care PlanThe tax rate in New York may be going up to 60 percent. But STAY CALM.