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  1. misogyny
    A$AP Rocky Says Misogynistic Things About Rita Ora, Swears He’s Not a Misogynist“Maybe I should’ve muted her name in it.”
  2. inside amy schumer
    Fey, JLD, & Schumer on Aging Out of HollywoodThere’s a Viking funeral involved.
  3. insults
    Gay Men and Misogyny: Rose McGowan’s Half-Right She said gay men are “as misogynistic as straight men, if not more so.”
  4. What Do You Really Mean When You Say ‘Basic Bitch’?Pumpkin-spice season is just an excuse for casual misogyny.
  5. Many of Us Were a Bit Like Elliot RodgerThe mind of the frustrated young man is a dangerous thing.
  6. There’s a Difference Between Misogyny and Severe Mental IllnessIt’s a mistake to lump Elliot Rodger in with all the other misogynists out there.
  7. yes all women
    After Isla Vista: As Good a Time As Any to Talk About MisogynyMental-health and gun-control issues may be to blame for mass murders, but misogyny gave this one a target.
  8. Good Deeds
    Restaurant Owner Responds to Customer’s ‘Show More Skin’The customer didn’t specify which kind of skins he wanted to see.
  9. Video Feed
    Dewar’s Pulls Ad Over Misogyny and ‘Rape Culture’ ClaimsThe ad depicts a character called “the Baron” saving a chum from the advances of an overweight woman.
  10. comedy
    Critic’s Memo to Sarah Silverman: Don’t Be DirtyJust trying to save Sarah Silverman from her humor.
  11. misogyny
    Tyler, the Creator’s Misogynist Rant Victim Called the Cops“Fucking bitch” also shot a video.
  12. Jen Kirkman Is Taking a Twitter Hiatus to Get Men to Stand Up for Female […]Comedian and writer Jen Kirkman is taking a stand against gross Twitter misogynists by boycotting the social networking site, she announced […]
  13. broadminded
    The Age of Hipster SexismFrom Terry Richardson to Lena Dunham — is the new misogyny so bad?
  14. language
    Aussie Dictionary Redefines Misogyny to Include Male PoliticianSee what happens when you let women edit dictionaries!
  15. sorkinese
    The Newsroom Is Incredibly Hostile Toward WomenMen watch the news like this. Women watch the news like this.
  16. Shut the Fuck Up, Adam CarollaLarry Getlen over at the Post interviewed Adam Carolla today, and, well, he didn’t really hold back when it came to his feelings towards women […]
  17. sexism
    Two and a Half Men Creator Made Some Unfunny, Misogynistic JokesMore than usual, we mean.