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  1. 2020 elections
    If Beto and Biden Got Together, Would the Age Gap Be a Problem?30 years separate the former veep and the Texas phenom. That might not be a good thing for either of them.
  2. 2020 presidential election
    Warning to Beto-Maniacs: Early Presidential Buzz Can Be an Omen or an IllusionBeto O’Rourke is looking very good as a 2020 presidential prospect. But others have looked just as good and have quickly flamed out or failed to run.
  3. 2020 elections
    A Biden-Romney Fantasy Ticket So Ain’t HappeningA Washington outsider revives the hoary fantasy of a centrist third party, but it has never made any sense.
  4. george h.w. bush
    The Bush Family’s Struggle to Keep Up With the Conservative MovementGeorge H.W. Bush and his sons George W. and Jeb tried to stay in step with the ever-rightward drift of the conservative movement. They failed.
  5. kris kobach
    Could Kris Kobach Be Trump’s Next DHS Secretary?Trump clearly wants to dump Kirstjen Nielsen. The fiery nativist from Kansas would test GOP loyalty, but would please the president.
  6. 2018 midterms
    Democrats Have a Latino Voting Problem. It’s Not New, But It’s Urgent.Latino turnout in midterms has been terrible, and Donald Trump alone may not change that.
  7. A Good Primary Night for ProgressivesLefties, Democratic women, and Donald J. Trump could all claim some victories in the June 26 primaries in six states.
  8. New York House Races Headline June 26 State PrimariesCompetitive House races in New York and gubernatorial contests in Colorado, Maryland, Oklahoma, and South Carolina are on the playbill for June 26.
  9. last night on late night
    Seth Rogen Rejected Paul Ryan’s Selfie Request in Front of His Kids“No way, man!”
  10. Mitt Romney Wrote in His Wife, Ann, for President in 2016He may have voted for a woman, but it wasn’t Hillary Clinton.
  11. l'amour
    Mitt Romney Says He Voted for His Wife for PresidentBrave.
  12. ok
    Mitt Romney: ‘My Favorite Meat Is Hot Dog’Finally, we have been blessed with the knowledge of Mitt Romney’s favorite and second-favorite meats.
  13. food politics
    Mitt Romney’s Favorite Meat Is ‘Hot Dog’Hamburger comes in at a controversial No. 2.
  14. Mitt Romney Taunts Opposing NBA Player As Only Mitt Romney Can DoSpike Lee, eat your heart out.
  15. Romney Loses Utah GOP Convention, Derailing Senate CoronationHe’s still expected to win in the fall, but now he’ll have to suffer the indignity of a primary battle.
  16. GOP Moneybags Foster Friess to Run for Governor of WyomingAfter contributing generously to candidates like Rick Santorum, Friess is ready to strut his own stuff.
  17. The Most Boring Man in Minnesota Is Running for Governor AgainAfter repeatedly whiffing in national politics, Tim Pawlenty is running for governor again.
  18. Yes, Romney the Presidential Candidate Was Right Wing on ImmigrationMitt Romney may be trying to pander to conservatives by talking tough on immigration. But that’s something he’s been doing for a long time.
  19. Utah GOP Passes New Rule That Could Eject Romney From BallotThis is probably less about the candidate than regular old party warfare.
  20. Trump Offers Endorsement, Romney Caves ImmediatelyAfter claiming that knowing what he knows now, he would have rejected Trump’s support in 2012, Romney accepted his new endorsement in under an hour.
  21. Mitt Romney Announces U.S. Senate Run With Small Swipes at Trump“On Utah’s Capitol Hill, people treat one another with respect,” Romney says, an obvious reference to you-know-who.
  22. State Party Chair’s Attack on Romney Is Sour Grapes, Not a ThreatYes, there will be grumbling, but the 2018 Senate race in Utah is definitely Mitt Romney’s to lose.
  23. Marco Rubio’s Endless Drift to the Right on Immigration Policy ContinuesEver since he was wrong-footed by conservative opposition to the Gang of Eight bill, Rubio has fought to look “strong” on immigration.
  24. Like a Lot of Republicans, Pawlenty Is Giving a 2018 Senate Race a PassAn open Senate seat in his home state wasn’t enough to lure the former governor and self-styled “Sam’s Club Republican” into another race.
  25. Is Mitt Romney Running for Senate? All Twitter Signs Point to Yes.The former governor of Massachusetts conveniently changed his location back to Utah after Orrin Hatch announced he would not seek reelection.
  26. Orrin Hatch to Retire, Meaning We Might See Senator Mitt Romney in 2019Having the GOP presidential nominee and anti-Trump firebrand in the Republican caucus would be interesting.
  27. simple request
    Trump Reportedly Asked RNC Chair to Change Her NameToday in pettiness.
  28. The Flaw in Strategic Genius Steve Bannon’s Effort to Sour Utah on Mitt RomneyHe said Romney hid behind Mormonism to avoid Vietnam, proving he has less integrity than alleged predator Roy Moore. That won’t go over well in Utah.
  29. Hatch: If AL Voters Want Alleged Sexual Abuser in Congress, They Can Have OneIn sharp contrast to his fellow Mormon Mitt Romney, Orrin Hatch now sees nothing wrong with Roy Moore’s behavior if he’s elected.
  30. Trump and Bannon Don’t Want Senator Romney — But They Might Not Have Much SayBoth the president and his former strategist seem to prefer incumbent Senator Orrin Hatch, and Utahns might not care.
  31. Mitt Romney May Be Headed to the SenateThat’s bad news for Bannon.
  32. As the Parties Have Polarized on Immigration Policy, Hispanic Vote Stays StableThe major parties have been rapidly separating on immigration policy in the very recent past. But other factors have kept the Hispanic vote stable.
  33. Steve Bannon’s Dubious Plan to Purge Senate RepublicansIt’s hard to tell whether it’s just talk or a real threat.
  34. Report: Mitt Romney Considering Senate Run in UtahIf Orrin Hatch retires, he’d have a good shot of winning.
  35. Romney Takes Trump to the Woodshed, Calls for Presidential ApologyThe 2012 GOP nominee unambiguously condemns Trump’s remarks about Charlottesville and calls for an extremely unlikely retraction and apology.
  36. Making Sense of Trump’s Announcement About DreamersHe left in place a policy protecting young undocumented immigrants while canceling protections for their parents. It’s unclear what’s next.
  37. Orrin Hatch: Mitt Romney to Remain Retired Rich Guy Rather Than Run for SenateHatch has previously said he’d retire if Romney were to run.
  38. politics
    Romney’s ‘Binders Full of Women’ Are Real and They’ve Finally Been UnearthedThey’re real, they weigh 15 pounds, and the Boston Globe has them.
  39. Mitt Romney Could Become Oldest Popularly Elected Freshman SenatorMost over-70 senators join the upper chamber a bit earlier, so Mitt would be the oldest freshman to be popularly elected if he runs and wins in 2018.
  40. Mitt Romney Is Toying With a Senate Run From UtahHe’ll only do it though if Senator Orrin Hatch retires and gives his blessing.
  41. Mitt Romney and Son Reportedly Trying to Buy Small Chunk of the YankeesMitt and Tagg already have baseball names. Why not a baseball team?
  42. Awarding Electoral Votes by Congress District Becoming Big Temptation for GOPSo long as Republicans have an advantage in House districts, they will be thinking about building that right into the system for electing presidents.
  43. huh
    Zach Braff Reminds Us That He’s Related to Mitt Romney Through a WitchCool.
  44. Don’t Be Fooled: Donald Trump Will Never Walk Away From His BusinessesThere’s nothing to stop him from turning America into a kleptocracy.
  45. dinner drama
    Americans Can’t Stop Making Fun of Mitt Romney’s Dinner Date With Donald TrumpThe Michelin-starred restaurant is in the Trump International Hotel & Tower.
  46. Trump Threatens to Make the GOP the Party of Permanent Voter SuppressionA model under which protecting constitutional government depends on disenfranchising young and minority voters.
  47. Mitt Romney Swallows Pride, Frogs Legs at Dinner With Donald TrumpThe potential secretary of State had a “wonderful evening” with the president-elect, whom he once described as a “con man.”
  48. Trump and Romney to Meet Again, As Secretary of State Reality Show ContinuesTrump is also meeting with Senator Bob Corker and retired general David Petraeus this week.
  49. Trump ‘Furious’ About Kellyanne Conway’s Attacks on Mitt Romney, Report SaysOn Sunday, Trump’s former campaign manager suggested that his consideration of Romney for secretary of State was a betrayal of his supporters.
  50. An Apology to Donald Trump From Mitt RomneyI recant every last word of my slander against you and applaud your wise choice to require this public humiliation.
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