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Mix Ups

  1. snafus
    Critic Mixes Up Dev Patel, Kal Penn in Review“What a dumb error.”
  2. mix-ups
    Zoe Saldana Understands Why You Would Mistake Her for Other Black ActressesLike Thandie Newton.
  3. crimes and misdemeanors
    Can NYPD’s Field Test Tell the Difference Between Jolly Ranchers and Meth?A lawsuit says no.
  4. mix-ups
    Watch The Nerdist Panel Mix Up The Hobbit, LOTRDominic Monaghan played a hobbit, he was not in The Hobbit.
  5. mix-ups
    Someone at Britain’s X Factor Got Their Spice Girls Mixed UpNot acceptable.
  6. Mix-ups
    Yahoo Confuses Guy Fieri for Mario BataliAs if Guy Fieri doesn’t have enough problems of his own.
  7. mix-ups
    A Chinese FactoryShipped a Man a 7-Foot-Long Custom Slipper [Updated]Translation mishaps!
  8. google
    Google Should Have Double-Checked Some Things Before Launching Its New Flight SearchThey seem to have used airport data from the eighties.
  9. mix-ups
    Penthouse Stripper Suffers ‘Severe Emotional Distress’ After Being Misidentified As a Stripper for ScoresHow dare they!
  10. mix-ups
    Is Your Next American Idol a Phone-Sex Operator?When the producers of ‘American Idol’ decided to keep thirteen finalists this year, they forgot about one awesome detail.