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Mixed Martial Arts

  1. Former MMA Fighter Changes the Democratic Narrative in KansasThe national buzz in the Third District was about progressive darling Brent Welder. But Sharice Davids, a Native American woman, flipped the script.
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    You Won’t Be Attending an MMA Fight in New York Anytime SoonNew York remains one of six states without MMA regulation.
  3. somewhere jack mcdowell is smiling
    Rex Ryan Had an Eventful Saturday NightHe guaranteed a couple of wins against the Dolphins, and flipped off the crowd for good measure.
  4. money woes
    New Yorkers Don’t Think Cage Fights Are the Way to Close the Budget GapFine, we’ll just raise your taxes then.
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    Is Ultimate Fighting Coming to New York?Governor Paterson will reportedly support legislation to legalize it.
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    The Cost of Cage FightingThe state may pass a bill legalizing mixed martial arts. But does the potential revenue outweigh the costs?