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  1. of course it’s weird
    11 Moments in Moby Doc You’ll See and Still Not BelieveFrom Moby’s friends acting out his childhood trauma to a literal walk with Death.
  2. yikes
    The 21 Wildest Celebrity Stories From Moby’s Controversial Tell-all MemoirThe Natalie Portman and Lana Del Rey controversies are just the tip of the iceberg from the book sinking Moby’s career once again.
  3. cancellations
    Moby Reads the Room and Cancels His Book Tour“I’m going to go away for awhile.”
  4. apologies
    Moby Sort of Apologizes to Natalie Portman, Whom He Never DatedThe musician has quite a history of making outlandish statements.
  5. celebrity
    Celebrities Agree: Moby Is a CreepHe faced renewed backlash after posting “proof” he dated Natalie Portman when she was 18 and he was in his mid-30s.
  6. creeps
    Natalie Portman Says She Never Dated Moby, Who Is a CreepThe musician claimed in a recent memoir that he hooked up with Portman in her Harvard dorm room.
  7. tea
    Moby Shares the Story of Lana Del Rey Politely Shutting Down His Game“You’re ‘The Man.’ As in, ‘stick it to The Man.’ As in the person they guillotine in the revolution.”
  8. vulture lists
    We Ranked All the Songs on Spotify’s ‘Life Sucks’ PlaylistIn order of how effectively they convey the concept of life sucking.
  9. Moby Has a Take on Food Stamps — and It’s JunkThe vegan electronic musician’s liberal paternalism doesn’t have me SNAPping my fingers.
  10. A Timeline of Every Outlandish Statement Moby Has Ever MadeYou may know him from his music, but it’s worth remembering all the other bonkers things he’s said and done over the years.
  11. Moby Wants L.A.’s Shelter Dogs to Give Up MeatHe says it “proves to the world that Los Angeles really is the progressive capital.”
  12. national security
    Moby, Yes Moby, Claims to Have Secret Intelligence Info on TrumpThere’s at least one Democrat with a plan.
  13. inauguration 2017
    Moby Made a Playlist for a Trump Inaugural Ball He Will Not Be Playing AtThe playlist includes Public Enemy and various protest songs, obviously.
  14. the grub street diet
    Moby Does Not Know Why Any ‘Sane, Rational’ Person Would Open a Restaurant“It’s probably easier and less stressful to just burn your money in the front yard.”
  15. video
    Miley Cyrus, Moby, and Wayne Coyne Made a Creepy VideoTrippy.
  16. Moby on His Post-Apocalyptic Photos and Spotify“The concept behind the show is the idea that the apocalypse has already happened.”
  17. testimonies
    Moby on Klaus Nomi, the ’80s Club Scene, and ’90s Rave Drugs“By 1993, a 19-year-old kid would go to a rave or a club, and take Special K and acid and crystal meth and ecstasy, all in the course of one night.”
  18. clickables
    Watch Terrible Auditions for the Postal ServiceAimee Mann kind of sounds great.
  19. anniversaries
    20 Years Later: Milch, Moby, and More on 1993Plus Michael Ian Black on The State, Chris Carter on The X Files, and Liz Phair on Exile in Guyville.
  20. moby
    Watch ‘The Moby Song,’ Learn How to Identify Moby From Bruce Willis and OthersWell, it’s certainly a look.
  21. Lost in Translation
    Moby Helps Defend Wolfslair From Any Nazi AssociationsThe new German biergarten is named after a nearby property, not for Hitler’s headquarters.
  22. clickables
    Watch Moby Get ElectrocutedYikes!
  23. R.I.P.
    Nightlife Legend Don Hill Is Dead at 66It’s the “end of an era,” per Moby and other mourners.
  24. Celebrity Settings
    Jay-Z Hits Craft With Lebron James; The Kardashians Hold a Ghost Birthday PartyA week of solid star sightings still gets dominated by the antics of the Kardashian clan.
  25. stealth sluts
    Don’t Expect to Stay the Night at Moby’s Place, LadiesThe musician and noted stealth slut has difficulty sleeping next to someone else.
  26. The New York Diet
    ‘Apologetic Vegan’ Moby Would Eat Kale and Tacos on Death Row“For dinner I went to Angelica Kitchen, which made me realize what a clichéd vegan I am.”
  27. music
    Pick Up Ten of This Week’s Best New MP3s for Free: M.I.A., Karen O, Yoko Ono, MoreMan, the M.I.A. and Cornershop track is unstoppable.
  28. Mediavore
    Moby Edits Book on Food Choices; India Crafts Chili GrenadesA techno wizard helps finish the book “Gristle,” while India prepares food as a weapon.
  29. tales from the road
    Do Not Eat Cake While Reading the Following Anecdote From MobyAnd if you’re on tour, don’t invite any actors backstage.
  30. gossipmonger
    Ashley Dupré’s Hair Caught on Fire While She Was NakedAnd more celebrities (and quasi-celebrities) get themselves into bad situations, in our daily gossip roundup.
  31. music
    See Moby’s Hypnotically Grim New Music VideoLush and nauseating.
  32. Mediavore
    Moby Plays Vegan Book Editor; Cafe Pierre Obtains Rare Becker Farms HogA music star turns literary and a Manhattan Beach legend serves acorn-fed pork.
  33. Mediavore
    Susur Lee Busted for Corn Starch; Meat Moby’s New BookPlus: more states privatize liquor stores, and Pink Elephant reopens, all in our morning news roundup.
  34. Mediavore
    Necco Wafers’ New Flavor; More States Privatizing LiquorPlus: Moby’s new book on veganism, and the cancer risk of soda, all in our morning news roundup.
  35. gossipmonger
    Penn Badgley and Angelina Jolie Half-assed Their Halloween CostumesAnd more celebrity doings, in our daily gossip roundup.
  36. the most important people in the world
    Mayor Bloomberg Used to Take Dates on the Staten Island FerryThat’s not the only thing we learned from Google’s new “Favorite Places” application!
  37. quote machine
    Gael García Bernal Will Take Whatever He Can GetPlus: Tori Amos is proud of that cereal commercial.
  38. Fire Damage
    Teany Gets Taken OutTeany is the latest to be felled by fire.
  39. quote machine
    Kristen Schaal Just Wants a Cool Corporate LogoKaren O: wuss?
  40. right-click
    Moby Returns, LynchianCheck out this creepy new video.
  41. Celebrity Settings
    Moby and Jemaine Clement Walk Into a Health-food Café…A hilarious account of a café-dweller’s encounter with Jemaine Clement from ‘Flight of the Conchords.’
  42. party lines
    Gwyneth, Dunst, & Moby at Two Lovers’s ScreeningTo celebrate the sale of his apartment in the El Dorado this fall, the musician held a small orgy.
  43. gossipmonger
    Lily van der Woodsen’s Aging Son Is Still Stuck to Her MammariesWhat we mean is, Kelly Rutherford still breast-feeds her walking, talking 2-year-old son. And Cindy goes all Gitmo on Madoff’s ass — love that! In the gossip roundup.
  44. right-click
    Of Montreal Achieve NirvanaPlus: New JT!
  45. slideshow
    Slideshow: F*cked Up Play Twelve Hours Straight With J. Mascis, Vampire Weekend, and Many Others!“This is going to be the best-slash-worst-slash-most-entertaining F*cked Up show ever,” announced FU front man Father Damian, a.k.a. Pink Eye.
  46. gossipmonger
    Everybody Felt Very Weimar at Celerie Kemble’s Spiegeltent Birthday PartyPlus, Anna Wintour has yet another crush, and Jon Stewart said Sarah Palin is like Jodie Foster in ‘Nell.’ In the gossip roundup.
  47. 21 questions
    Moby Loves Woody Allen, Fears His Own BathroomThe musician and blogger answers our usual questions.
  48. NewsFeed
    Map of Celebrity Restaurants Not Altogether AccurateDon’t expect to see Moby at Teany anymore.
  49. The New York Diet
    Web Entrepreneur Peter Rojas Regrets the Vegan Buffalo WingsThe founder of Gizmodo, Engadget, and RCRD LBL tells us what he ate this week.
  50. party lines
    Moby Demonstrates His Stealth Slut Powers to UsAt an exclusive party last night, Moby demonstrates his magic.
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