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Monday Morning Movie Club

  1. monday morning movie club
    Did Mockingjay — Part 1 End in the Right Place? When did Effie become the best and Peeta not the worst?
  2. monday morning movie club
    Is TARS the Best Character in Interstellar? and Other Questions to PonderLong live TARS!
  3. monday morning movie club
    What Were the Best Parts of Gone Girl?We have some very, very specific suggestions.
  4. monday morning movie club
    Is This the Best Part of Guardians of the Galaxy? (Yes)You already know which part we’re going to pick, don’t you?
  5. monday morning movie club
    Sleeping Beauty’s Micro-Nap and 5 Other Issues With MaleficentWe need to discuss those fairies.
  6. monday morning movie club
    Let’s Discuss the Amazing Spider-Man 2 EndingIncluding you know what.
  7. monday morning movie club
    Let’s Talk About The LEGO MovieIs everything awesome, though? Think about it.
  8. monday morning movie club
    Does The Wolf of Wall Street Exalt Excess? (And Does It Matter?)Martin Scorsese’s latest finally hit theaters over Christmas break. Let us discuss.
  9. monday morning movie club
    Let’s Talk About Thor: The Dark WorldYou saw the movie, we saw the movie, so let’s dig in.
  10. monday morning movie club
    Seven Unanswered Questions We Still Have About ElysiumDid Jodie Foster’s evil scheme really make sense? Or Kruger’s?
  11. monday morning movie club
    World War Z’s Biggest Mystery: What Was Up With Brad Pitt’s Hair?Four theories on that long, distracting mane.
  12. monday morning movie club
    What Was Fast & Furious 6’s Craziest Moment?We run through some of our favorites.
  13. monday morning movie club
    Let’s Talk About The Great GatsbyGatsby? What Gatsby?
  14. monday morning movie club
    Let’s Talk About Iron Man 3All spoilers here.
  15. let us discuss
    Monday Morning Movie Club: Did Argo Live Up to the Hype?Discussion time.
  16. monday morning movie club
    What’s Up With Cranston’s Hair in Total Recall?Was anyone else hypnotized by the oddness of his hairpiece?
  17. monday morning movie club
    What Did Gordon-Levitt See in Batman’s Face?There are so many spoilers in this. So many.
  18. monday morning movie club
    Is The Avengers Marvel’s Best Comic-Book Movie?And several other talking points from the film.
  19. monday morning movie club
    Why Wasn’t Cabin in the Woods Scary?And several other burning questions.
  20. monday morning movie club
    When Jon Hamm and Adam Scott Play Jerks: More Friends With Kids TalkAlso, how was Megan Fox?
  21. Did Chronicle Need to Be a Found-Footage Movie?Let’s discuss the weekend’s No. 1 movie.
  22. Which Movie Was More ‘Spielbergian’: War Horse or Tintin?A boy, his trusted animal sidekick, and a ton of set pieces … but which had the most Spielberg flair?
  23. Does the Very Chilly Dragon Tattoo Generate Any Sexual Heat?And four other talking points to chew on.
  24. Has Tom Cruise Recharged His Star Power? Let’s dissect the unexpectedly strong success of Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol.
  25. Does Charlize Theron Cross the Line in Young Adult?Where’s the fine line when it comes to a lead character’s misbehavior?
  26. Did Zac Efron and Michelle Pfeiffer Almost Save New Year’s Eve?Which actress in the film was inexplicably dressed as a silver space sausage? 
  27. monday morning movie club
    Can a Grown Werewolf Falling in Love With a Newborn Not Be Creepy? When you become a vampire, you are reborn with magical eye-makeup.
  28. Let’s Discuss J. Edgar’s Old-Age Makeup (and Four Other Important Things)Including Leo in a dress.
  29. monday morning movie club
    Monday Morning Movie Club: Let’s Discuss In TimePuns! So many time puns.
  30. monday morning movie club
    Let’s Discuss Real Steel, From Robots Doing the Robot to the Rope-a-Dope ClicheFor example: Isn’t it time to retire the rope-a-dope as match-winning strategy? And why has it taken this long to see a robot do the robot dance?