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    Hasan Minhaj Wants to Mail You a Netflix DVDIf your internet provider sucks, there is a way out!
  2. just asking questions
    Talking to the Law Student With a Novel Theory About Amazon’s PowerShaoul Sussman thinks the company may be breaking antitrust laws in a subtle but damaging way.
  3. just asking questions
    Tech’s Biggest Enforcer Talks Facebook, Google, and What She’s LearnedMargrethe Vestager, the European Commissioner for Competition, talks about fighting back against tech’s largest and most powerful companies.
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    6 Ways to Fix Silicon Valley, Open Up the Internet, and Save the Middle ClassStop Facebook from spying on us, don’t let Amazon sell groceries, and jail executives who collude to lower workers’ pay.
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    Keith Ellison Wants to Know Exactly How Bad Mergers Have Been for the PublicA day after Aetna and CVS announce their intent to merge, the newly formed “Antitrust Caucus” is pushing its first bill.
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    Bill Gates on the ‘Infinite Resources’ of Tech’s Big PlayersThere are only five major companies.
  7. mergers
    AT&T Is Buying T-MobileDo you hear my wireless monopoly now?
  8. monopolies
    Lack of Nielsen Ratings Bad News for Everyone Except Ben SilvermanAt least he’s had a three-day respite from getting any “Your network is in last place” e-mails.
  9. monopolies
    Justice Department Not Yet Sure If Ticketmaster–Live Nation Merger Would Create MonopolyResponding to outrage from everyone in the world, the Justice Department is investigating the proposed merger between the two universally hated companies.