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  1. vulture lists
    Every Classic Universal Monster Movie, RankedA look back at the studio that created the blueprint for generations of horror films.
  2. the industry
    Elisabeth Moss Rumored for Universal’s Invisible Man and Honestly, We Can See ItThe upcoming H.G. Wells-inspired film will be directed by Upgrade’s Leigh Whannell.
  3. The New Stephen King’s It Costume Is a Childhood-Ruiner, in a Good WayLooks like we’re going to need a bigger inhaler filled with battery acid.
  4. the art world
    See Guillermo del Toro’s LACMA Monster ExhibitOn view until November 27.
  5. monsters
    Guy Only Wanted Woman for Her DogDog thieves are the newest excuse to avoid online dating.
  6. feline puppies!!
    Animal Rescuers Found Brooklyn Cat-Kicker’s Feline Victim After a two-and-a-half-hour chase.
  7. monsters
    Internet Helps Track Down Brooklyn Cat-KickerA Facebook video led to the 21-year-old’s arrest.
  8. monsters
    12-Year-Old Girl Throws Kitten Into Traffic, Would Do It AgainNooooo.
  9. monsters
    Testicle-Eating Fish Found in New JerseyIt likes “nuts.”
  10. monsters
    What Kind of Monster Steals an Old Woman’s Parrot?This guy in the Bronx.
  11. monsters
    Some Monster Splattered Green Paint on the Lincoln MemorialPolice are looking for a suspect. 
  12. Check Out the Movie Monster High 1986 YearbookTakes you back, doesn’t it?
  13. monsters
    Anders Breivik Declared Sane, Will Likely Spend Life in PrisonA Norwegian court found him sane. 
  14. great mysteries
    East River Monster Is Either a Raccoon or Dog or Rodent (or Monster)The experts do not agree.
  15. monsters
    Anders Breivik Feels Your Pain“I lost everything. So to a certain extent, I understand.”
  16. monsters
    See a Chart Comparing the Sizes of Movie MonstersWhat’s so bad about five-foot-eight?
  17. Monsters
    The Monstrousness of VegetarianismLittle did we suspect that Mary Shelley’s ‘Frankenstein’ is actually a parable for vegetarians.
  18. reboots
    Monsters Director Lands Godzilla RebootBut is it all a little too soon?
  19. exclusive
    Vulture Premieres the Poster for MonstersSee the poster!
  20. monsters
    Massive Midwestern Poop Bubbles Deflate ‘Like Raisins in the Sun’The massive poop bubbles on an Indiana farm have been popped.
  21. monsters
    Is This a Monster or Just a Prehistoric Sea Creature?Either way, it is terrifying.
  22. monsters
    Massive Poop Bubbles Threaten MidwestDon’t worry, they can’t come here.
  23. aggravating insurance giants
    AIG Lost $9 Billion in the Last QuarterUgh.
  24. creepshows
    Rick Baker on His Greatest Movie Monsters“Benicio can open his mouth twice as far as a normal human being … It’s usually a big problem putting long canine teeth in.”
  25. the hobbit
    Guillermo Del Toro Cast Himself in The HobbitHe’ll play one of the monsters, which is only fair because he designed them.
  26. Mediavore
    Grocery Clerk Awarded $200,000; Boulud Eyes Singapore
  27. Lawsuits
    Wrong People Suing Over Vermonster BeerThe folks behind Monster energy drink seem to think it could be easily confused with beer.
  28. monsters
    Chris Brown Performs Michael Jackson Dance Moves After Avoiding Jail TimeSadly, “failing to show remorse while in public” doesn’t violate the terms of his probation.
  29. monsters
    Monster SentencedFormer singer Chris Brown was officially sentenced to five years probation for beating Rihanna today.
  30. monsters
    Florida Tries to Copy Us With Their Own ‘Muck Monster’Floridians capture video of their own Montauk Monster: “the Muck Monster.”
  31. monsters
    Monster Speaks, Part TwoIn a video message he says was recorded against the wishes of his lawyer, domestic abuser and former singer Chris Brown claims he’s sorry.
  32. the industry
    Hollywood to Make Movie Out of Gum WrapperPlus: Mariah Carey’s new album is dedicated to us.
  33. why they hate us
    Toilets of TerrorAn incident at Citi Field sheds light on the commode’s dark history.
  34. monsters
    The Montauk Monster Hits the Small ScreenAnd he’s much more cuddly than the last time we saw him.
  35. battles
    ‘Page Six’ Takes War With MSNBC to Next LevelThe ‘Post’ gossip column is fighting a monster only they can see.
  36. in other news
    ‘Horrifying Beast’ Spotted in Rocky PointRelation to Montauk monster was abused by area children before mysteriously disappearing.
  37. intel
    What Today’s Monster News Tells Us About Today’s New YorkersIt’s Kitty Genovese all over again! Sort of.
  38. intel
    A Portrait of the Monster As a Young ManIt was inevitable. Montauk Monster fan art.
  39. in other news
    East Hampton Bureaucrats Deny Montauk Monster Is Beast From HellOr are they in denial? Because their explanations, Intel finds, do not match what can be seen with the human eye.
  40. intel
    Investigating the Montauk Monster: The Story Deepens!Yesterday, a photo emerged of a bloated, leathery animal corpse — only it was like no animal anyone had seen before.
  41. apropos of nothing
    Which ‘Hellboy II’ Creatures Deserve Their Own Spinoffs?Which one of Guillermo del Toro’s wild menagerie will catch the public’s fancy?
  42. countdown
    Cloverfield Monster Revealed! For Real This Time!See the monster!
  43. last night’s gig
    Robots Fight Potatoes at the Kaiju Big BattelKaiju is a giant-size spectacle, with performers in Godzilla-style monster costumes wrestling one another in a ring strewn with balsa-wood skyscrapers while a spiky-haired announcer cracks wise at ringside.