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  1. mostess
    Stop Throwing Terrible Holiday PartiesAnd start throwing parties the rest of the year.
  2. free ideas
    Cleaning Up After a Party Doesn’t Have to Be HellHere’s how to make it painless.
  3. ‘tis the season
    We Threw a Fantasy Potluck With Oprah, Gloria Steinem, and North WestHere’s what happened at our (imaginary) dinner party.
  4. mostess
    I’m Completely Addicted to Home FermentingSucculents aren’t the only life you can add to your kitchen.
  5. mostess
    3 Great Wine Pairings for a Summer PicnicA wine expert explains.
  6. mostess
    A Dinner Party to Celebrate the Persian New YearFor a group of Iranian friends.
  7. get in formation
    The Bloop Guide to Summer PartiesAminatou Sow and Jenna Wortham on what to wear, eat, drink, and play between now and Labor Day.
  8. mostess
    The Key to Summer Makeup Is Embracing the HeatHow to adjust your beauty routine when the thermometer nearly breaks.
  9. getting it
    I’m Throwing a Party for One in This Hideous, Perfect ChairThe unexpectedly wonderful Sport-Brella Recliner.
  10. mostess
    You’re Killing Me With Your PicnicsObligatory eating on grass is the worst thing about summer.
  11. the strategist
    How to Have a Bug-Free Outdoor PartyBecause the only thing worse than mosquitoes is the chemical stench of most citronella candles.
  12. mostess
    How to Survive a Visit From Your MotherLook at you being a thoughtful host and not a teenage girl who erupts at the first sign of criticism!
  13. seating charts
    Nobody Likes Being Told Where to Sit at a PartyBut here’s why assigned seating is the best.
  14. cheapskates
    How to Fake an Expensive Dinner PartyMake it Instagram-perfect without spending a ton.
  15. the strategist
    Bathroom-Decorating Ideas for Your PartyWhere there are drinks and snacks, there will be trips to the loo.
  16. book it
    The Grown-up’s Guide to Renting a Proper Party VenuePlan for weather, read every line of that contract, and don’t get suckered into an event space that just won’t work.
  17. the strategist
    The 9 Best Hostess Gifts, According to Professional Party AttendersSuggestions range from aperitifs to baby pools to expertly rolled joints.
  18. recipes
    Five Amazing Desserts That Won’t Melt in the SunFrom a surfing pastry chef.
  19. summer water
    The Best Rosé Wines to Drink All SummerYour guide to summer water.
  20. Everything You’ll Need for a Drunken PicnicWe’ve rounded up 12 supplies to make this your best summer of outdoor drinking yet.
  21. beautiful disasters
    The Secrets to Throwing a Great Annual PartyIf at first you don’t succeed, party and party again.
  22. mostess
    Finally, a Cocktail Book for the Girl Still Grieving Four Loko’s DownfallCan’t stop. Won’t stop.
  23. mostess
    The Cut’s Feminist Holiday CookbookEat these recipes with your favorite opinionated women.
  24. mostess
    You, Too, Can Make a Show-Stopping Party SaladThree recipes from the internet’s premiere salad blog.
  25. mostess
    25 Famous Women on Throwing Their Own PartiesTips from the likes of Oprah, Ina Garten, Mindy Kaling, and Taylor Swift. 
  26. The Overspender’s Guide to Cleaning Your HouseBecause if your laundry detergent costs less than your T-shirt, really, what is the point?
  27. mostess
    Breakfast Parties Are a Hosting Gateway DrugBuy two dozen bagels, and boom: You’re a domestic goddess.
  28. recipes
    How to Make Sublime Desserts Straight From Outer SpaceTwo recipes from the latest issue of Gather Journal.
  29. mostess
    I Am the World’s Worst Host, and That Is FineSomething I learned the hard way in my late 20s.
  30. ‘tis the season
    Make a Candy-Cane Turkey Like Christmas Goddess Debi MazarPork-turkey is the best turkey.
  31. faking it
    So You Ordered Takeout. Serve It in Style.It’s all in the presentation.
  32. mostess
    10 Celebrities on What Makes a Great PartyThe essentials, from Salma Hayek, Chloë Sevigny, Fred Armisen, and more.
  33. mostess
    Quiz: How Much Should You Spend on Your Next Party?We did the math for you.
  34. mostess
    The Ultimate Hostess Challenge: Entertaining People Who Don’t DrinkAny frat boy can get by on booze.
  35. mostess
    Yes, You Can Have a Lavish Party — Even If You’re BrokeTwelve high-low party tips from designer and entertaining pro Lela Rose.
  36. jams
    Here Are Your Holiday-Party PlaylistsThe best songs for a dance party, a ladies’ night, and a liquid brunch. 
  37. social graces
    The Wine Guide for People Who Can Never Remember Anything About WinePrint this out and stick it to your fridge.
  38. inspiration board
    11 Instagram Accounts to Follow for Party InspirationTablescapes for days.
  39. party pics
    Inside a Very Parisian Breakfast-for-Dinner PartyA glamorous first supper at Café Henrie, the brainchild of artist André Saraiva.
  40. ‘tis the season
    12 Fashion Insiders on the One Item They Keep at Home for PartiesHosting tips from Misha Nonoo, Tommy Hilfiger, and more.
  41. mostess
    I Partied Like a 1960s PlayboyIt involved so many cream-based cocktails.
  42. mostess
    How to Dress for Your Own PartyEight chic and easy holiday looks.
  43. advice
    The Best Ways to Fake a Clean HouseHow to make your home look presentable in under an hour.