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Movie Cliches

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    9 High-School House-Party Movie Clichés“Elton, can’t you suck?”
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    Watch a Bunch of Movie Characters Tell You What Time It IsIt’s always the same time.
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    Watch a Super-Cut of People Excusing Themselves in MoviesMovie people always have somewhere better to be.
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    Watch a Montage of People Looking ‘Like Sh-t’ in the Movies(Note: “Sh-t” is a relative term in movies.)
  5. movies
    Watch a Montage of ‘I Could Tell You, But Then I’d Have to Kill You’ in the MoviesAnother movie cliché for the movie-cliché shelf.
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    Watch a Montage of Action-Movie ClichésTo make an action movie, simply break some glass, jump off a cliff, and explode.
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    See a Montage of the Overused Movie Phrase ‘I Hate Muffins’So stupid, so strangely funny.
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    Watch a Montage of Cinematic ‘Get Out of There!’sGet out of there! Get out of there! Get out of there!
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    ‘John Cusack … in the Rain,’ a Video MontageThe rain in movies falls mainly on John Cusack.