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  1. tribeca film festival 2019
    Tribeca’s Sublime Doc Mostly Misses the PointThere’s a hurried slickness to Sublime that ultimately hampers any attempt to offer the definitive account of the band’s history.
  2. movie review
    Roma Is a Huge, Technically Stunning EpicAlfonso Cuarón’s most personal film yet is also his most ambitious.
  3. movie review
    In Destination Wedding, Winona Ryder Meets an Incel and Sparks FlyThe movie feels like a ‘90s romantic comedy, and not just because its leads are like a time warp in and of themselves.
  4. movie reviews
    One Man Calls A Star Is Born the Greatest Achievement in the History of CinemaIs Bradley Cooper the next Kubrick, Scorsese, Bergman, and Hitchcock?
  5. feedback
    Lola Kirke Wrote a Letter to the Editor Over The New Yorker’s Gemini Review“I am disappointed by Anthony Lane’s glib criticism of my character’s appearance in the film Gemini.”
  6. The Man Who Brought You Veep Is Turning His Satirical Gaze to MoscowTrust Armando Iannucci, who makes profanity into poetry, to find the hidden hilarity in murderous political upheaval.
  7. star wars countdown
    Looking Back at New York’s Critical 1977 Review of Star WarsStar Wars will do very nicely for those lucky enough to be children or unlucky enough never to have grown up.”
  8. review round-up
    Critics on Justice League: At Least It’s Not Batman v SupermanAt best, it is portrayed as a fun, easy throwaway, and at worst, an incoherent and weak attempt to match Marvel’s Avengers.
  9. Why Mother! Landed on CinemaScore’s List of ‘Fs’It seems to have one thing in common with the other 18 F-rated films.
  10. movie reviews
    Why Him? Is a Disgustingly Unfunny Piece of Silicon Valley WorshipThe question in this movie’s title gets a lot of use.
  11. movie reviews
    Passengers Is an Intriguing Space Romance That’s Sunk by Its EndingJennifer Lawrence acts her heart out.
  12. movie review
    Review: Solace Is Mind-numbingly BoringIt’s often unclear whether the film is spoofing thriller tropes, or playing them straight.
  13. movie reviews
    Review: Collateral Beauty Is As Bad As You HeardThis would-be heart-warmer is as inspirational as a term paper.
  14. sundance 2016
    Movie Review: The Eyes of My MotherThe twisted dream logic keeps the film from becoming a horror cliché.
  15. movie review
    Warren Beatty’s Rules Don’t Apply Is Uneven, Yet RevealingWhat Beatty projects onto Howard Hughes tells us something about how a megalomaniac contemplates the dying of the light.
  16. movie review
    The Slow, Stunning Intimacy of LovingDirector Jeff Nichols embellishes nothing. With minimal means, he makes the air thick with dread.
  17. movie review
    Movie Review: Arrival Is a Tantalizing PuzzlerAmy Adams seems born to be this character.
  18. movie reviews
    Paul Schrader’s Dog Eat Dog Is Garish, Exuberant PulpThese lovable little men who sees themselves as tender and romantic are psychopaths who’d kill you out of irritation.
  19. movie review
    Hacksaw Ridge Is a Massive Achievement for Mel GibsonSay what you will about Mad Mel, he’s a driven, febrile artist, and there isn’t a second in this war film that doesn’t burn with his peculiar intensity.
  20. movie review
    Jack Reacher: Never Go Back Is a Model of Mindless Pulpy ActionThe movie is lighter, more fun, and ultimately more satisfying than its weighty predecessor.
  21. movie review
    The Muddled Elements of The Accountant Somehow Add Up to a Decent TimeWhen you’re not laughing at it, you’re laughing with it.
  22. movie review
    Animation Heightens Tower’s Unsettling StoryStretching the form of documentaries has given us stunning hybrids like Waltz With Bashir, Persepolis, and now, this.
  23. movie review
    The Girl on the Train Is a Thriller That Doesn’t Know How to ThrillI got depressed early, when I realized I’d be spending two hours in the hands of people who didn’t know how to tell a story.
  24. Review: Ava DuVernay’s Essential, Imperfect 13thThe movie is frankly exhausting, with too much information (and too many brilliant interviewees) to do justice to here. You simply need to see it.
  25. movie review
    Deepwater Horizon Thrillingly Re-creates an Awful, Indefensible EventEvery burst of steam and lethal debris, every burn and laceration, feels momentous.
  26. movie review
    Review: The Magnificent Seven Is a Wan WesternThe movie has the trappings of a classic Western and it hits its marks, but there’s no grandeur in its images or generosity in its soul.
  27. movie review
    Bridget Jones’s Baby Rediscovers the Joys of the OriginalIt’s hard to parse the movie, but it certainly keeps you watching, amused and appalled and amused again.
  28. movie review
    Tom Hanks Keeps the Shaky Sully From CrashingDirector Clint Eastwood and screenwriter Todd Komarnicki turned Captain Chesley Sullenberger’s heroic feat into a story of government persecution.
  29. movie review
    The Melodrama of The Light Between Oceans Arrives in Crashing WavesOn one side are flawed but noble grown-ups who can’t make happily-ever-after work; on the other is an innocent child who is suddenly bereft.
  30. movie review
    Suicide Squad Should Have Been Kept Locked AwayAs storytelling, DC’s latest is the worst of the worst.
  31. movie review
    Jason Bourne Exhausts With Its Cybercentric Sensory OverloadJason Bourne isn’t much more fun than the stoic Matt Damon is — it’s too assaultive and humorless. But it’s a wow. Wow is it a wow.
  32. movie review
    Lights Out Is a Low-Wattage Horror That Delivers the Occasional ChargeLittle kids might like it: It’s a starter shocker.
  33. movie review
    Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie Is Only Semi-FabIt’s as if the film is taking after its own heroines: aspiring to something bigger than it should, and too often looking awkward in the process.
  34. movie review
    Review: The Lively Star Trek Beyond Director Justin Lin knows how to shoot his fights from unexpected angles and with enough spatial-temporal variables to keep us jolt-addicts rocking in our seat.
  35. movie review
    The Many Joys and Questions of Captain FantasticYou could think of the movie as Noam Chomsky’s Little Miss Sunshine.
  36. movie review
    Ghostbusters Takes the Right Idea and Makes All the Wrong MovesThe new Ghostbusters isn’t a horror, exactly. It’s just misbegotten.
  37. movie review
    Review: In Life, Animated, Disney Tempers AutismObserving Owen watch The Little Mermaid or Aladdin or The Lion King, I found it hard not to cry. And I don’t particularly even like Disney animation.
  38. movie review
    The Legend of Tarzan Falls Well Short of the TreetopsThe movie has impressive animals and woke aspirations, but forgot the fun.
  39. movie reviews
    Review: Escape Independence Day: ResurgenceThis hodgepodge has been thrown together in so slovenly a way that it’s no surprise the studio didn’t show it to the press.
  40. movie review
    Finding Dory Finds New Delights in a Familiar SettingThe silliness escalates — the jokes build and build and pay off — until you’re slaphappy, punch-drunk, primed for anything.
  41. movie reviews
    X-Men: Apocalypse Is Ensemble Superhero Moviemaking Done RightWatching Apocalypse, you don’t feel as if every character is being set up for his or her own spinoff. They complement one another.
  42. movie review
    Captain America: Civil War Is a Busy — But Uninventive — BlockbusterMarvel has resorted to making its colorful superheroes fight one another.
  43. movie reviews
    Keanu Review: When Key and Peele’s Cat Comedy Is Good, It’s Soooo Good“Help it make some money this weekend so they can all do it again.”
  44. movie reviews
    Emily Blunt Can’t Save The HuntsmanFairy tales, two ways. 
  45. movie reviews
    The Green Room Doesn’t Live Up to Its Powerful Visuals and Performances For all its artiness and Grade-A acting, it’s Grade-B siege-movie schlock.
  46. movie reviews
    The Jungle Book Takes Audiences on a Thrilling JourneyUntethered by reality, its settings are huge, its cliffs and waterfalls like something out of James Cameron’s Avatar.
  47. movie reviews
    Review: Everybody Wants Some!! Is Effortless FunThe movie is heightened in ways you don’t realize.
  48. movie reviews
    Director Joachim Trier Imbues Louder Than Bombs With Uncommon DepthYou might feel as if everyone onscreen is the protagonist of his or her own novel.
  49. movie reviews
    Review: Batman v Superman, a Confused Epic There can be no true endings in this superhero universe.
  50. movie reviews
    Review: Midnight Special’s Supernatural CharmsThe opening is small-scale, which is Nichols’s secret — to move, step by step, from the tightly focused to, in this case, the cosmic.
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