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  1. ilhan omar
    Ilhan Omar Never Stood a ChancePolitical attacks against the Muslim Minnesota congresswoman — culminating in one from the president — have devolved into pure Islamophobic id.
  2. donald trump
    Trump Won’t Take Back His ‘Muslim Ban’ Campaign PromiseEither Trump has a pathological inability to admit mistakes, or cherishes religious discrimination — or maybe both.
  3. Latest Trump Travel Ban Loses in Appeals CourtBut, ultimately, the Supreme Court will decide whether the law stays or goes.
  4. SCOTUS Gives Trump Administration Green Light on Travel Ban, for NowIt’s a great day for xenophobia.
  5. Get Ready for More Court Battles Over Trump’s New, Broader Travel BanJust as SCOTUS prepared to consider the original version, the president has issued a new ban that raises some of the same old issues.
  6. Here Are 4 Ways the Supreme Court Might Handle Trump’s Travel BanAll are plausible, but they would create vastly different outcomes.
  7. After Another Setback, Only the Supreme Court Can Save Trump’s Travel Ban NowAt least one of two national injunctions against enforcement of the travel ban will be left in place by higher courts. SCOTUS is Trump’s last chance.
  8. The Many Expressions of Sally Yates▶️ Come for the “smug ownage,” stay for the “stoic righteousness.”
  9. Bella Hadid Says She’s Proud to Be MuslimThe model opened up about her faith in a new interview.
  10. good causes
    Check Out This ‘Banned Countries Dinner Series’The first, on March 21, celebrates the Persian New Year.
  11. Trump’s Hard Road Ahead to Save His Travel BanShort of surrendering and doing without a temporary travel ban, Trump may have to go to the Supreme Court to get his way — even then, it’s iffy.
  12. Trump Team’s Words Could Sabotage the Second Travel Ban, Just Like the FirstThe revised order fixed a lot of legal problems—but the White House can’t fix the paper trail identifying it as an intended “Muslim ban.”
  13. protests
    Russell Simmons Protested Trump’s Travel Ban at We Are Muslim Too Rally“We are here unified because of Donald Trump. We want to thank him for bringing us together.”
  14. White House Won’t Appeal Travel-Ban Case to Supreme CourtBut they may write a new, similar order, instead. (So much for “SEE YOU IN COURT.”)
  15. trump travel ban
    MoMa Foregrounds Art From Countries Affected by Trump Travel BanThe museum is moving pieces from the Western canon in order to showcase art from Iran, Iraq, and Sudan.
  16. The State Department Has Revoked Tens of Thousands of Visas Due to Travel BanEarlier this week, the White House said that only “109 people were affected and slowed down in their travel” by the ban.
  17. benefit concerts
    Zedd Is Throwing a Massive Benefit Concert for the ACLU“As an immigrant myself I feel the need to stand up against the tyranny that threatens our basic human rights.”
  18. unpopular opinions
    Matthew McConaughey Says ‘It’s Time for Us to Embrace’ Donald Trump“They don’t have a choice now. He’s our president.”
  19. muslim ban
    New York’s Yemeni Bodega Owners Will Strike in Response To Trump’s Muslim BanThere will also be a rally at the Brooklyn Borough Hall.
  20. Senate Democrats Are Speaking Out Against Trump’s ‘Muslim Ban’“That’s not the America I believe in. That’s not who we are.”
  21. muslim ban
    Bandcamp Will Donate All Proceeds From Sales Made This Friday to ACLUThe decision was made after President Trump’s immigration ban.
  22. immigration
    24 Hours at JFK: The Hour-by-Hour Account of Two Iraqis’ Detainment and ReleaseThanks to a team of lawyers operating on no sleep, two persistent New York representatives, and a huge mass of spontaneous protesters.
  23. Coca-Cola and Chobani Join Companies Publicly Denouncing Trump’s Travel BanCoke calls it “contrary to our core values,” while Chobani’s CEO says he’s “very concerned.”
  24. James Corden Condemns Trump’s Anti-Muslim BanA rare political statement from The Late Late Show host.
  25. getting apolitical
    Ellen Uses Finding Dory to Explain Muslim BanRemember the part about the wall?
  26. the national interest
    Trump Has Made Up At Least 4 Lies About His Refugee BanThe only purpose of this policy is to retroactively justify Trump’s campaign fearmongering.
  27. muslim ban
    Bruce Springsteen Speaks Out Against Muslim BanHe also dedicated “American Land” to immigrants.
  28. food politics
    Starbucks Promises to Hire 10,000 Refugees in Response to Trump’s Muslim BanThe company also says it will donate 4 million trees to Mexican coffee farmers.
  29. sag awards
    Julia Louis-Dreyfus Wins SAG Award“I’m the winner. The winner is me. Landslide!”
  30. international relations
    White Helmets: Syrian Heroes Won’t Be at OscarsThe documentary’s subjects are Nobel Peace Prize–nominated humanitarian rescuers.
  31. deep pockets for good causes
    Sia, Judd Apatow Match Donations to ACLUWell done.
  32. the national interest
    Obama’s America Rises AgainIt turns out to be Trump who does not understand this country.
  33. islamophobia
    Giuliani Says Travel Ban Was Legal Way to Enact Trump’s Muslim BanTrump apparently asked Giuliani to come up with the “right way” to implement an illegal Muslim ban, and the travel ban was the proposed solution.
  34. trainwrecks
    Priebus Says Green-Card Holders Exempt From Entry Ban, Contradicting White HouseCount the Trump administration among those who don’t seem to understand the president’s new executive order.
  35. muslim ban
    Celebrities Condemn Trump’s Muslim BanFrom fundraising to boycotting the Oscars, celebs are taking action.
  36. muslim ban
    John Legend Decries Trump’s Muslim Ban“Our America is big, it is free, and it is open to dreamers of all races, all countries, all religions.”
  37. trolling the trolls
    Kal Penn Turns Racist Trolling Into FundraiserPutting the fun back in fundraising.
  38. scary things
    Judge Blocks Part of Trump’s Ban on Citizens From 7 Muslim Nations and RefugeesThe hastily planned executive order, which has upended the lives of countless U.S. visa holders, has failed its first legal hurdle.
  39. Hate Crimes Against Muslims Increased by 67 Percent Last YearIn 2015, hate crimes against Muslims reached their highest levels since the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks, according to new FBI data.