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  1. international affairs
    Why Was There a Wave of Violence in India While Trump Was Visiting?In a sense it was a coincidence. And in a sense not.
  2. 2020 elections
    New York’s Peter King Is 20th House Republican to Announce RetirementThe Long Island representative had a reputation as a GOP moderate, but there was nothing moderate about his bouts of Trump-style xenophobia.
  3. sri lanka attacks
    Outside the U.S., Persecution of Christians Is Real, As Sri Lanka Bombings ShowIn an increasing number of countries, particularly in Asia, Christians face challenges a lot more stressful than “Happy Holidays” greetings.
  4. ilhan omar
    Ilhan Omar Is a Convenient Republican TargetThe party is hoping to distract attention from their own and their president’s extremism.
  5. ilhan omar
    4 Reasons Republicans Are Keeping the Heat on Ilhan OmarOmar is a convenient target for Republicans hoping to distract attention from their own and their president’s extremism.
  6. Trump Cites Brutal, Bigoted Myth of Gen. Pershing Murdering MuslimsTrump’s response to breaking news of a possible terrorist attack in Spain is to endorse a false tale of U.S. torture and religious insults.
  7. Judge in Hawaii Stops Revised Travel Ban on Grounds It’s Really a Muslim BanThe one legal problem the administration could not “revise” away was the claim it was really a Muslim ban. That’s what led to its suspension tonight.
  8. Muhammad Ali Jr. Says He Was Detained at Airport AgainHe was on the way home from speaking to U.S. lawmakers about his first detention in which he was allegedly asked about his name and religion.
  9. Trump Signs New Travel Ban, Addressing But Not Eliminating Legal QuestionsThe new ban “cures” the more obvious legal problems of the original, but is still vulnerable to the charge that its intent is a “Muslim ban.”
  10. Appeals Court Hears Arguments on Trump Travel BanIt’s all very preliminary and technical, and just a stage in a longer battle, but Trump may lose another round before the week is out.
  11. Most Americans Disapprove of Trump — and His Executive OrdersNew polls show broad opposition to Trump’s immigration orders, and 40 percent support for the president’s impeachment.
  12. xenophobia
    Many People Are Overestimating How Many Muslims There Are in Their CountryMix fear-mongering with a certain cognitive quirk, and this is the sort of thing that happens.
  13. precedents
    France’s Burkini Bans Are Officially IllegalIt’s a legal precedent for all women in the country.
  14. controversies
    Police Forced a Woman to Remove Her Clothing on the Beach Due to Burkini BanFifteen towns have now banned the full-body swimsuit.
  15. controversies
    France Burkini Bans Get Prime Minister’s SupportHe’s backing mayors who recently outlawed the full-body swimsuit. 
  16. ya burnt
    Muslim Women Slam Trump for Khan Comments“Hey, Donald Trump, can you hear us now?”
  17. Obama Blasts Trump: ‘There Is No Magic to the Phrase Radical Islam.’“It is a political talking point. It is not a strategy.” 
  18. today in donald trump
    Donald Trump Would Make Gracious Exception to Muslim Ban for London’s New MayorThe rest of the world’s 1.6 billion Muslims are still out of luck.
  19. dating apps
    What It Means to Date Online When You’re MuslimA host of new dating apps have changed the game.
  20. today in donald trump
    Donald Trump Rules Out Internment Camps for American MuslimsWhat’s also newsworthy is that a likely candidate for president had to clarify such a position in the first place.
  21. U.K. Parliament Debates Ban on Future U.S. President Donald TrumpThe House of Commons debates whether banishing Trump is worth risking a diplomatic crisis.
  22. today in donald trump
    Muslim Woman Kicked Out of Trump Rally After Standing in Silent ProtestShe was wearing a T-shirt that said “Salam, I come in peace.”
  23. NYPD Gets Civilian Oversight to Ensure No SpyingNow a Muslim actually has to do something wrong to be investigated. 
  24. donald trump
    Survey Company: Trump Is Misusing Our SurveyThis was a very non-rigorous poll that blew up big time.
  25. Donald Trump Mocks a Reporter’s Disability, Says That He Didn’tWhile defending his discredited claims about traitorous Muslims, Trump appeared to make fun of a reporter’s crippled arm.
  26. donald trump
    Does Donald Trump Actually Want to Register American Muslims?It’s still not clear whether a major U.S. presidential candidate supports an extraordinarily unconstitutional idea.
  27. early and often
    Carson Okay With Non-Practicing Muslim on CourtAnd he’d like to investigate Muslim federal judge Abdul Kallon.
  28. politics
    Donald Trump Responds to Muslim Question Controversy [Updated]He says he loves “the Muslims,” but he’s not morally obligated to defend President Obama because Obama would never defend him.
  29. crimes and misdemeanors
    Was the Killing of 3 Muslim Students in North Carolina a Hate Crime?Some say they were slain over a parking dispute, not their religion.
  30. haters
    Bad Neighbors Distributed Islamophobic Fliers in a Bensonhurst Apartment ComplexThat’s not very neighborly. 
  31. spy games
    FBI and NSA Spied on Prominent Muslim-Americans, Snowden Leak RevealsIncluding civil rights activists, academics, and a Republican political candidate.
  32. nypd
    The NYPD Pressures Jailed Muslims to Become Police InformantsMeet the Citywide Debriefing Team.
  33. A Muslim Sexologist Answers Some QuestionsBringing the history of Islam and sexuality to contemporary Muslims.
  34. terrorble
    NYPD Just Calls Mosques Terrorist Organizations to Make Things EasierThe designation, even without charges, helps with surveillance.
  35. spy games
    The NYPD’s Spy Cab Looks Just Like a Regular CabLook for it outside your local mosque.
  36. stand clear of the offensive ads
    New Anti-Muslim Subway Ads Aim to Win Over New Yorkers With 9/11 ImagesPlaced next to every clock in the system.
  37. nypd spying
    John Jay College President Calls Out NYPD for Spying on Muslim Students Jeremy Travis said he was “deeply troubled” to learn of a paid informant on his campus. 
  38. stand clear of the offensive ads
    Decent Human Beings Spreading Subway Love for MuslimsThe anti-Muslim ads are getting some competition.
  39. spy games
    NYPD Promises It’s Done Spying on Muslims in New JerseySee? All better.
  40. jesus christie
    Christie Responds to Being Called an ‘Islamist’He correctly pointed out that his conservative critics are “bigots.”
  41. discrimination
    Aspiring Cop Says NYPD Can’t Reject Him for Hating GaysHe says wanting to lock up homosexuals shouldn’t have kept him off the force.
  42. spy games
    NYPD Sued for Spying on Muslims in New JerseyIt’s the first lawsuit to directly target the police program.
  43. stand clear of the closing doors
    MTA Allows Muslim Employees to Wear Head CoveringsThe agency insists it was “never animated by religious or ethnic bias.”
  44. the muslims are coming
    Watch the Trailer for The Muslims Are ComingFeaturing: f’ing everyone!
  45. The Muslims Are Coming! With Your Help The Muslims Are Coming! is a documentary about comedians Negin Farsad and Dean Obeidallah, hitting the road and looking at Islamophobia. The […]
  46. NYPD Pretty Sloppy With List of Syrian Muslim Shops ‘of Concern’Quite a few were neither Syrian- nor Muslim-owned.
  47. spy games
    Yep, the NYPD Was Definitely Profiling MuslimsReligion, despite Mayor Bloomberg’s claims, was noted specifically in newly obtained reports from 2007.
  48. spy games
    NYPD Doing Some Damage Control Among MuslimsRay Kelly met with a few community leaders, while others rejected the get-together.
  49. spy games
    Bloomberg Rolls Out ‘Muslim Friends’ Defense of NYPD SpyingThe mayor and his police chief are holding strong, while potential successors tread carefully.
  50. spy games
    Columbia Not As Mad As Yale at NYPDThe local Ivy is being cautious in responding to reports about surveillance of Muslim students.
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