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Mystery Solved

  1. mystery solved
    Nancy Meyers Reveals What the Second Kitchen Island Is ForShe’s also learning to iron.
  2. mystery solved
    Why Blake Lively Deleted All Her Instagram PhotosAnd unfollowed Ryan Reynolds!
  3. mystery solved
    Neighbor’s Assault on Rand Paul Was All About Yard MaintenancePaul apparently stacked some brush too close to his neighbor’s property, enraging him.
  4. trump's america
    Military Plane Flying Around Midtown Was Reportedly a Test Run to Save TrumpIn case of a major attack or emergency.
  5. mystery solved
    Frank Ocean Reveals Where He’s Been All This Time“If your house is on fire, you need to get out of the house.”
  6. mysteries of our time
    Is This the Real Identity of Elena Ferrante?Will this finally put to rest the rumor that the author is really a man?
  7. mystery solved
    Eating Turmeric Has Some Huge Benefits, According to a New StudyIt may help reduce depression, eczema and allergies, and cancer.
  8. mystery solved
    Now We Might Know the Woman Who Inspired Pulp’s ‘Common People’ [Updated]She came from Greece, she had a thirst for knowledge.
  9. mystery solved
    No Sign of Terrorism Aboard AirAsia FlightAccording to the plane’s black boxes.
  10. Leventhal Called It
    Josh Friedland Revealed As the Person Behind Ruth Bourdain“I never thought the joke would go on so long,” he says. Neither did we.
  11. mystery solved
    Mitt Romney Makeup Culprit IdentifiedMAC powder foundation + campaign trail tan = national controversy.
  12. mystery solved
    Why Fox News Anchors Wear So Much MakeupIt’s like a Broadway show for people with cataracts.
  13. mystery solved
    Here’s the Woman Who Voices the Loudspeaker Announcements on the SubwayWe always kinda thought it was a computer.
  14. mystery solved
    Relax, Everyone: Jeremy Piven Walked His Awards for an Emmy BitFor the Emmys.
  15. Mystery Solved
    Wherein We Finally Learn What’s Going Down at the CrownJohn DeLucie’s new one will debut next Friday.
  16. Openings
    Ugly Kitchen Slated to Open in the Veloce Pizzeria Space Next WeekPizza gives way to Asian-Latin fusion.