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  1. little baby jokes
    This Is the No. 1 Name for Women Who Will Become Moms in 2018The most-popular names for women who will turn 28 next year, which is the average age U.S. women become first-time moms.
  2. dear john (boehner)
    John Boehner Finally Made the Obvious Joke About His Own Name“It’s Boner.” Dude! 
  3. name games
    You Can’t Waffle on Taking a Man’s NameIf you do, you risk mass confusion. 
  4. Name Games
    Is A-Rod Grocery Changing Its Name?There’s got to be a way to name it after Jeter.
  5. Name Games
    What Should Cronut Inventor Dominique Ansel Call His New Frozen S’Mores?Grub Street has some ideas.
  6. name games
    More Women Are Taking Their Husbands’ Last Names — Sort Of“Mrs. Carter” and the shape-shifting surname.
  7. pregnant princesses!!
    But Really, What Shall We Nickname the Royal Fetus?Widdleton? Palacenta? Options abound.
  8. name games
    Fiona Apple’s New Album Title Is As Long and Involved As You’d HopeNever change, Fiona.
  9. name games
    Wiz Khalifa’s Album Gets a Weed-Themed Title’Rolling Papers.’ Not to be out done, Waka Flocka Flame has also named his forthcoming LP.