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  1. a long talk
    What’s in a Name?Just call 6LACK the hood therapist.
  2. vulture lists
    The 50 Most Game of Thrones-y Names on Game of ThronesFrom Lommy Greenhands to Joffrey Baratheon, we rank the most insane names to ever be uttered aloud.
  3. bad news
    Bad News: Kate Winslet’s Husband, Ned Rocknroll, Changed His Name Back to SmithNed Rocknroll … were we ever so young?
  4. what's in a name
    Did You Know His Name Is Whiskey Cavalier?A fun fact about ABC’s Whiskey Cavalier.
  5. dogs
    At Last, the Top Dog Names of 2018Unfortunately, use of the name Pennywise has gone up 500 percent.
  6. science of us
    When Your Name Doesn’t Feel Like YouBelieving that your name doesn’t fit your personality can cause its own kind of constant impostor syndrome.
  7. wedding season
    3 Married Men Talk About Taking Their Wife’s Last NameWhen it just makes more sense.
  8. names
    The Han Solo Star Wars Movie Has a Pretty Obvious TitleIt’s…
  9. Yes, You Really Do Look Like Your Name“Our given name is our very first social tagging.”
  10. A Neuroscientist Explains Why You’re Terrible With NamesIn a purely objective sense, a person’s face and name are, by and large, unrelated.
  11. names
    Michael Caine’s Name Is Now Michael CaineMy name is …
  12. Girls’ and Boys’ Names Literally Sound DifferentDoes yours vibrate the vocal cords?
  13. Why You Sometimes Mix Up Your Friend’s Name With Your Dog’s NameA new study on a strange little brain tic.
  14. love and war
    Would You Pay Someone to Help Name Your Baby?Consultants are standing by to do market research on the name of your choice!
  15. dong watch
    Is Gilbert Really a Good Name for a Penis? Channing Tatum, let’s talk about this.
  16. Charlotte: A Name Fit for a Princess or a MonkeyIt’s very popular.
  17. yes we said shamus beaglehole
    Who Will Win the 2015 Name of the Year Award?The loves and adventures of March Madness’s most joyful bracket.
  18. endangered species
    Your Next Boyfriend Probably Won’t Be Named Gary Garys face extinction.
  19. motherhood
    Don’t Even Try to Pick the Perfect Baby NameGive up now: The game is rigged.
  20. names
    What Do Real-Life Ray Donovans Think of Showtime’s Ray Donovan?“I now tend to say ‘I’m Ray f**king Donovan’ an awful lot.”
  21. Will Dave Brat’s Weird Name Cost Him at the Ballot Box?Research suggests it might, but mostly among voters with the least information.
  22. brooklyn
    Brooklyn Is a Very Popular Baby Name Pretty Much Everywhere Except for New YorkNew York won’t feel the effect of the trend until they all grow up and move here.
  23. baby names
    Name Your Child As If You Were a Celebrity in the 1880sTrot on over, Texie.
  24. name game
    Girls Are Named in AmericaAn animated map shows the most popular girls names, state by state, since 1960. 
  25. babies
    New York Is Home to Many Michaels It’s been the state’s most popular name for 48 years.
  26. CW’s Musical Chairs Show Now Titled Oh Sit!Giggle giggle.
  27. Name of Dido’s Son Recalls Name of Dido’s SongIt’s Stan. Sound familiar?
  28. Sketch Etymology: How Your Favorite Sketch Groups Got Their NamesLike McSweeney’s articles and Non-Governmental Organizations, the names of sketch groups often run the gamut from hyper-literal to the […]
  29. babies
    It’s Official: All of Our Babies Are Named After Reality StarsExcept for the ones named Jacob and Isabella, which were 2010’s most popular.
  30. La’Peaches Pitts or Joe Shortsleeve: Who Has 2011’s Name of the Year?As a child, I hated my last name because it rhymed with “burp.” But I had it easy compared to Taco B.M. Monster and Yolanda Supersad, just two […]
  31. george washington
    Washington the ‘Blackest’ Name in AmericaThe surname Washington now belongs predominantly to African-Americans — in fact, the name is 90 percent black according to the most recent U.S. Census data.
  32. blobs and the people who own them
    Naming a Human Is a Very Big Deal and You Should Not Blow ItBut let’s face it, you probably will.
  33. names
    Name the New Wu-Tang OffshootGhostface, Raekwon, and Method Man need your help.
  34. Lawsuits
    Tavern on the Court DocketAnother lawsuit involving Tavern on the Green.
  35. unexpectedness
    Not a Lot of People Are Naming Their Babies ‘Barack’This is actually surprising.