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  1. vision 2020
    What Would a Democratic ‘Tsunami’ in November Look Like?A big Biden win would result in a takeover of the Senate and state legislature gains just in time for redistricting.
  2. coronavirus stimulus
    Will We Get a Second Round of Coronavirus Stimulus Checks?Support for a second check has dropped in the Senate, particularly after the May Jobs Report, and the timetable for action has slowed down.
  3. politics
    Republicans Defend Confederate Statues in the CapitolWhile Democrats say that 11 traitors who fought their country to defend and expand slavery don’t need to be commemorated in the Capitol.
  4. george floyd
    What’s in the Democrats’ Policing Reform Bill?It’s a start, but there’s a lot more to do.
  5. coronavirus
    Republicans Are Trying to Force the House to Vote in PersonThe “reopen America” message trumps generations of anti-Washington rhetoric.
  6. coronavirus stimulus
    Republicans Plan to Ignore House Democrats’ Coronavirus Stimulus BillSenate Republicans have decided they aren’t negotiating at the moment, so don’t expect any further relief legislation until June, at the earliest.
  7. coronavirus stimulus
    Dems Nix Anti-Recession Policy After Learning It Would Help Too Many PeoplePelosi cut automatic stabilizers from her party’s messaging bill because a CBO score made the policy look expensive (because it helps so many).
  8. coronavirus
    No Plans in Coronavirus-Infected White House for President PelosiIf they’re going to court disaster by eschewing health precautions, Trump and Pence need to plan for what they’ll do if it strikes.
  9. stimulus legislation
    Trump to Pelosi: I’ll Help GOP Governors If You Cut Taxes on RichThe president is open to providing a little more aid to states (something many Republicans want) in exchange for capital gains tax cuts.
  10. coronavirus stimulus
    Senate Republicans Want to Protect Corporations in Any New Stimulus DealWhile calling for a pause in stimulus legislation, Republicans do hear cries for help from corporate leaders, which may make them cut a deal.
  11. coronavirus stimulus
    House Democrats Open Bidding on the Next Stimulus Round With $3 Trillion BillPelosi’s proposal includes a new round of checks for individuals, and a big new fund for state and local governments.
  12. 2020 elections
    Six Months From the Election, Pelosi’s Gavel Seems SecureWith limited presidential momentum, a deficit in open seats, and a gap in the generic ballot, Republicans won’t take the House until at least 2022.
  13. vision 2020
    I Love Hillary Clinton — But She Should Stay Far, Far Away From Biden’s CampaignClinton should have a role in a Biden administration if she wants one. But proximity to his campaign can only hurt him.
  14. vision 2020
    Congress Should Act Now If It Wants to Make Voting by Mail HappenThe debate over the issue could soon be moot, as time runs out for making the necessary changes in rules and infrastructure.
  15. coronavirus stimulus
    Tense Negotiations Continue Over Next Round of StimulusDemocrats are hoping that Republicans budge on more money for state and local governments.
  16. stimulus legislation
    Dems Must Not Approve Further Stimulus Until These 3 Demands Are MetThe party must seize its last, best chance to protect the integrity of our elections and honor the sacrifices of essential workers.
  17. the national interest
    GOP’s Refusal to Oversee Trump’s Emergency Power Is an Invitation to CorruptionTrump labels any oversight of his power a “witch hunt,” and his party is going along.
  18. coronavirus
    House Passes $2.2 Trillion Coronavirus Stimulus BillPresident Trump is expected to sign the bill Friday afternoon.
  19. coronavirus
    House to Socially Distance While Voting for Coronavirus Stimulus BillThomas Massie is opposing a unanimous consent agreement, and could force a roll-call vote under exceptional health precautions.
  20. coronavirus
    Senate Reaches Deal on $2 Trillion Coronavirus Stimulus BillDemocrats won oversight of corporate loans, beefed-up unemployment insurance, and direct aid to hospitals and state and local governments.
  21. the national interest
    Democrats Should Vote Down Trump’s Corrupt Stimulus Slush FundMitch McConnell wants to give Trump $500 billion to hand out as he pleases.
  22. coronavirus
    McConnell Prefers to Slow Down Slo-Mo Senate Rather Than Voting RemotelyThe already-languorous upper chamber will take even longer to vote as a form of social distancing.
  23. democrats
    Democrats Need to Stop Worrying and Give Everyone Free MoneyIt’s more important for economic relief to be rapid and comprehensive than precisely targeted.
  24. vision 2020
    What If Trump Tried to Cancel the November Election?Trump can’t really cancel a constitutionally mandated general election, but could make voting difficult and trigger a court fight and a fresh crisis.
  25. coronavirus
    Pelosi Gets Deal With Trump on Coronavirus Economic ResponseIt took some Democratic concessions and white-knuckle negotiations, but Pelosi got paid leave, free testing, and other benefits.
  26. coronavirus
    GOP in Disarray As House Nears Vote on Coronavirus Relief BillTrump won’t talk to Pelosi, so negotiations with the administration are indirect.
  27. coronavirus
    Lawmakers Push for Recess Amid Coronavirus Outbreak: ReportCapitol Hill is getting anxious about the arrival of coronavirus.
  28. power
    Who Really Thinks the Future Is Female?Today, AOC endorsed an all-female slate of progressive candidates. Nancy Pelosi chose to back a sitting congressman with anti-choice views.
  29. the national interest
    Now Trump Is Charging Nancy Pelosi With Fake Crimes, TooWhy Trump calls all his opponents criminals.
  30. politics
    Trump Avoids Handshake With Pelosi at State of the UnionThe president appeared to ignore an attempted handshake from Speaker Pelosi, who infamously dressed Trump down at a White House meeting in October.
  31. sotu 2020
    Nancy Pelosi Destroys Trump’s State of the Union Speech (Literally)Enjoy this incredibly satisfying video of her ripping it into pieces.
  32. politics
    Nancy Pelosi Rips Up Trump’s State of the Union SpeechThe Speaker of the House stood up and tore the president’s prepared remarks in half, later calling it “the courteous thing to do.”
  33. trump impeachment
    The Impeachment Process Explained: What Happens to Trump Now?Everything you need to know about the next steps in the Senate, and the consequences Trump might face.
  34. capitol report
    What It’s Like to Manage an Impeachment Trial in the U.S. Senate“This is on live TV with a billion people watching. If I say anything stupid my grandkids are going to be seeing it on the History Channel.”
  35. impeachment
    House Votes to Send Impeachment Articles to SenateNow the impeachment focus really will shift to the Senate.
  36. impeachment
    It’s Time for Pelosi and McConnell to Make Some Big Impeachment Trial DecisionsThe impeachment trial schedule should be set by week’s end, and the initial skirmishing in the Senate over rules will soon begin.
  37. capitol beat
    McConnell’s Senate Trial Rules: ‘No One Is Going to See Until We’re Underway’The GOP leader has said that the blueprint will be the rules used for the Senate trial of Clinton. But he also might be modifying them.
  38. impeachment
    Pelosi Prepares for Presentation of Impeachment Articles As Early As Next WeekLooks like a trial could begin as soon as the week of January 20, unless Pelosi has another trick up her sleeve.
  39. impeachment
    McConnell Says Trump Trial Could Begin Next Week, Pelosi Says Not So FastOnce articles of impeachment are formally presented in the Senate, a trial begins right away.
  40. impeachment
    House Republicans Want to Add Some Crazy to Trump Trial DefenseMcConnell is struggling to keep Trump’s acquittal minimally dignified, but his president and allies in the House have other ideas.
  41. iran
    House Vote Is Unlikely to Curb Trump’s War Powers on IranThanks to many years of Congress ceding war-making powers to the commander-in-chief, Democrats have been left with a very weak hand.
  42. impeachment
    McConnell Has the Votes to Begin Impeachment Trial Without WitnessesNeither Pelosi’s hold on articles of impeachment nor Bolton’s offer to testify shook Republican unity on beginning the trial without a witness deal.
  43. impeachment
    Bolton’s Offer to Testify May Not Be a Game-Changer Just YetNobody really knows what he will say, and the battle over witnesses in an impeachment trial is far from resolved.
  44. iran
    House to Vote to Limit Trump’s Authority to Wage War on IranThe House will vote on a War Powers Resolution to cut off Trump’s authority to engage Iran after 30 days unless he seeks congressional approval.
  45. vision 2020
    My Existential Dread of 2020The long-awaited reckoning with Trumpism is about to arrive.
  46. trump impeachment
    Trump Rips ‘Crazy Nancy’ Hours After His Christmas-Morning Call for UnityThat was fast, even for Trump.
  47. agents of change
    Why New Jersey Rep. Jeff Van Drew Ditched the Democrats and Sided With Trump“I’m sure it made him feel good temporarily, but I don’t think Trump makes friends well, and doesn’t keep them well.”
  48. interesting times
    Andrew Sullivan: What We Know About Trump Going Into 2020He changed American politics in some foundational — even productive — ways. But we can’t let him destroy our political institutions.
  49. impeachment
    Pelosi Hints at Delaying Senate Trial; McConnell Says ‘I’m in No Hurry’This looks like a game of chicken that will probably end in the January trial we’ve expected all along.
  50. the capitol
    The Impeachment Debate Took Place in Two Parallel UniversesThere was a surreal lack of drama – or even human interaction – in the House on Wednesday, despite the historical context.
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