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    Valkyrie: It’s a Hit!How long until they announce a sequel?
  2. nazi tom cruise
    Tom Cruise Possibly Being Sued by Rice-a-Roni Jingle Writer Over Hitler GlobeWha?
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    Tom Cruise Talks Valkyrie, Dodges Eye-Patch QuestionsLast night, Tom Cruise was asked no fewer than three times about how his eye patch affected his performance as Colonel Claus von Stauffenberg.
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    Ask Vulture: Which of This Fall’s Oscar-Baiting Holocaust Movies Is Right for You?This fall presents a veritable smorgasbord of awards-baiting Nazi-related cinematic entertainment choices — but which to see?
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    Is ‘Valkyrie’ Giving Up on Awards Season?’When did a December release date mean that a film exists first and foremost for award consideration?’ says MGM.
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    Will ‘Valkyrie’ Be Funny After All?’This is not [Tom Cruise’s] Oscar moment,’ says someone who’s seen it.
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    ‘Valkyrie’ Marketers in Desperate Push to Downplay Eye Patch, Tom Cruise’s InvolvementBillboards for the movie surround ‘a barely recognizable figure of Mr. Cruise’ with five other actors.
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    ‘Valkyrie’ Trailer: Tom Cruise Saves HalloweenConventional wisdom holds that this will be the year’s most hilarious disaster, but can it possibly live up to such high expectations?
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    ‘Valkyrie’ Poster Plays Down Film’s Nazi Angle, Eye PatchWhat is this movie about? The poster doesn’t say!
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    Up for Grabs: Bleacher Seats at the Oscars!See a certain ‘Valkyrie’ actor before he becomes an Oscar winner.
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    Tom Cruise to Play a Successful Murderer for Once?United Artists picked up the rights today to Douglas Preston’s serial-killer novel ‘The Monster of Florence,’ with Cruise attached to star.
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    ‘Valkyrie’ Invades Nevada!Tom Cruise’s Nazi adventure was recently screened for the nondiscriminating citizens of small-town Nevada.
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    ‘Valkyrie’ Nazi Extras Suing United Artists Over Nazi Truck AccidentUA is being sued over an apparent botched assassination plot on some of the movie’s extras.
  14. the take
    Which Will Germans Find More Offensive: ‘Valkyrie’ or ‘Inglorious Bastards’?Will ordinary Germans be more upset about the scalpings or about the eye patch?
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    ‘Valkyrie’ Officially Back in the Oscar Race!Merry Christmas — Tom Cruise’s Nazi movie is coming two months early!
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    Paula Wagner’s Departure Endangers United Artists’ Status As World’s Best Movie StudioAs part of her punishment, Wagner will retain an ownership interest in the company.
  17. the take
    Tom Cruise’s ‘Tropic Thunder’ Cameo Is Not Actually All That FunnyIt’s not like seeing Tom Cruise acting crazy is such a huge surprise.
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    Tarantino to DiCaprio: ‘Don’t Be Stupid, Be a Smarty, Come and Join the Nazi Party!’Quentin Tarantino’s European campaign continues! Who will he cast in ‘Inglorious Bastards’ next?
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    Peter Bart the First and Possibly Last Person to Say Something Nice About Tom Cruise’s ‘Valkyrie’Bart was clearly invited to Tom Cruise’s homecoming barbecue.
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    So, How Did United Artists Spend That $100 Million on ‘Valkyrie’?Well, how did they?
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    ‘Valkyrie’ Trailer: Our First Look at Nazi Tom CruiseThis new trailer for Cruise’s first film as head of UA wastes no time getting to its point: Even though he plays a Nazi, we’re still supposed to root for him.