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  1. snl
    The Entire SNL Cast Will Return for Season 46The NBC series returns to TV from 30 Rock on October 3.
  2. snl
    SNL Returns Live From Studio 8H on October 3Season 46 is just a few weeks away.
  3. last night on late night
    Fred Armisen Can Impersonate Everyone in Your Zoom MeetingIncluding “A Guy Who Is Pretending to Listen, But You Can Tell in His Face Expression That He’s Only Concerned With His Look That He’s Listening.”
  4. last night on late night
    Seth Meyers Confirms He’s Returning to the Late Night StudioAfter a hiatus, the late-night show will go back to 30 Rock.
  5. sketch comedy
    Lilly Singh to Star in a (Very Short) NBC Sketch-Comedy SeriesShe’ll film the two-episode Sketchy Times from home.
  6. covid-19
    The Coronavirus Is Headed to This Is Us Season 5This Is 2020.
  7. snl
    Saturday Night Live Apparently Looking to Return to Studio 8H This FallLorne Michaels is reportedly hoping the show can join Jimmy Fallon back at 30 Rock, quarantine permitting.
  8. now streaming
    The 40 Best TV Shows on PeacockCheers, Downton Abbey, Parks and Recreation, and 37 other great TV shows available on the new streaming service.
  9. snl
    Will NBC Finally Do Justice to the SNL Library?Update: Nope.
  10. buffering
    One Thing Peacock Does Well? ‘Live’ ChannelsAn early look at the service’s pluses and minuses.
  11. synergy
    The 30 Rock Reunion Is Advertisements All the Way DownIn the original run of the show, the ads were usually jokes. In NBC’s one-off reunion special, most of the jokes are ads.
  12. good god
    Blerg, Most NBC Stations Won’t Air the 30 Rock ReunionTurns out they aren’t all synergy fans.
  13. last night on late night
    Jimmy Fallon Dons a Mask and Brings The Tonight Show Back to 30 Rock“I’m here to show you that there is a light at the end of the tunnel if we all do our part to keep each other safe.”
  14. kabletown
    Good God, Lemon, It’s the 30 Rock Reunion TrailerStream it on your iPhone 40.
  15. tv
    Joy Reid to Take Over Chris Matthews’s MSNBC SlotThe ReidOut begins July 20 at 7 p.m.
  16. last night on late night
    Bask in John Early and Seth Meyers’s Intense Sexual Chemistry“I mean, even with Zoom, we are — it’s electric.”
  17. 30 rock
    30 Rock Is Returning in the Most 30 Rock Way ImaginableHosting the NBC upfronts.
  18. dun dun
    Details About Christopher Meloni’s New Law & Order Show? In This Climate?Detective Stabler will return after a “devastating personal loss.”
  19. cancellations
    NBC Cancels Indebted, Sunnyside, and Bluff City Law After One SeasonManifest, however, lands itself a third season.
  20. renewals
    Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist Shuffles Into Season TwoMary Steenburgen sings on!
  21. tv
    Gabrielle Union Says Simon Cowell’s On-Set Smoking Gave Her Bronchitis“I ended up staying sick for two months straight.”
  22. snl
    The 13 Best SNL Sketches of Season 45Rounding up the funniest moments from the weirdest season of the NBC series.
  23. roll clip!
    Is Animal Crossing Always This Soul-Crushing to Play?An SNL cut-for-time sketch sure thinks so.
  24. renewals
    Lilly Singh’s Late-Night Show Renewed at NBCA second season is happening.
  25. snl
    SNL Has a Special Message for All the Girls Missing Prom This YearLet Aiden and Kurt shower you in admirances, girl.
  26. snl
    The SNL Finale Will Air (From Home) This WeekendSeason 45 comes to an end remotely.
  27. investigations
    NBC News Under Investigation for Handling of Sexual-Harassment ClaimsThe New York attorney general’s office is reportedly looking into allegations against Chris Matthews, Andy Lack, and more.
  28. exits
    Chairman of NBC News Andy Lack Out at the End of MaySince returning to the organization in 2015, Lack was party to a series of network scandals.
  29. teasers
    Leslie and Ron Talk Social Distancing in Parks and Recreation Reunion EpisodeUnsurprisingly, Ron Swanson has been practicing social distancing since he was 4.
  30. last night on late night
    Let SNL’s Gretchen Whitmer Be Your ‘Smoke-Show Midwestern Governor’Daddy Cuomo has some new competition.
  31. reunions
    Treat Yo Self! Parks And Recreation to Return to NBC for One-Time SpecialThe cast will return in character with an original episode to raise money for Feeding America.
  32. snl
    SNL Will Return to TV With a Second Remote EpisodeGet ready for more Zoomed sketches this weekend.
  33. last night on late night
    John Mulaney Is Very Proud of His Myers–Briggs Test Results“It hit way too many of the marks.”
  34. the streaming wars
    Can NBC Strut Its Stuff With Peacock?A limited launch of the new streaming service starts today.
  35. vulture sports
    NBC Sports to Re-Air the Summer Olympics’ Best HitsIncluding the Magnificent Seven, the Dream Team, and Jesse Owens.
  36. last night on late night
    Jimmy Fallon’s Dog Might Be a Cat in DisguiseDon’t tell Gary what to do.
  37. snl
    SNL to Return This Weekend With Remotely Produced EpisodeLive from New York, it’s Saturday Night Zoom!
  38. last night on late night
    We Have Many Questions About Fallon’s House Slide After Hearing Its Origin Story“It didn’t come out quite as cute as it should’ve.”
  39. last night on late night
    Jimmy Fallon Got Adam Sandler’s Blessing to Impersonate Him on SNL“Good luck, kid!”
  40. late night
    Brad Evans and Nick Ciarelli Join the Tonight Show Writing StaffBut they’re stuck working from Los Angeles during the coronavirus.
  41. that's what they said
    The Office Wanted to Break Up Jim and Pam’s Marriage for One Last TwistJohn Krasinski was an early advocate for the idea.
  42. timelines
    Everything That’s Happened on This Is Us, in Chronological OrderA handy updated timeline of your favorite twisty family drama.
  43. coronavirus
    The Olympics Aren’t Happening Until Next Summer. How Bad Is That for NBC?NBCUniversal had booked $1.25 billion in ads for the Summer Games. Now they’re delayed until 2021.
  44. snl
    SNL to Suspend Production Due to CoronavirusThe show was scheduled to return on March 28 with host John Krasinski.
  45. departures
    America Ferrera Will Check Out of Superstore at the End of This SeasonThe show has been picked up for a sixth season without her.
  46. snl
    John Mulaney Forgot to Bring His Puppet to SNLAt least he remembered David Byrne.
  47. the industry
    Dick Wolf Lands Giant NBCU Deal, 3-Season Renewals for SVU and Chicago ShowsNetwork procedural king stays the king.
  48. chat room
    Mary Steenburgen on Zoey’s Playlist, Songwriting, and Her Good Place CameoPlus, the time she went on strike from her children.
  49. the industry
    Why NBC Blanketed the Internet With Zoey’s Extraordinary PlaylistA month after Zoey’s premiere, NBC hasn’t aired another episode. But a bold streaming bet might turn the show into a hit.
  50. snl
    John Mulaney Is Hosting SNL Again!!! And Also Daniel CraigDavid Byrne and the Weeknd will be musical guests, respectively.
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