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  1. games
    LSU v Iowa
    Who You Should Root for in the Final Four (Not UConn)As women’s college basketball takes center stage, a guide to the last stages of both tournaments.
  2. games
    They’re Still Trying to Ruin March MadnessSports execs’ latest brilliant idea: Get rid of the Cinderella teams that make the tournament so great.
  3. games
    The Year March Madness Went Too MadWith a surfeit of Cinderella stories in the men’s tournament, look to the women’s Final Four for excitement.
  4. games
    Who You Should Root for in March Madness (Not Alabama)This year’s tournament has been characteristically exhilarating so far. Let’s just hope a certain team doesn’t win it all.
  5. games
    The Brandon Miller Situation Is Completely GrotesqueAlabama’s star basketball player allegedly provided his friend a murder weapon, and the school is doing nothing about it.
  6. games
    Who You Should Root For in March Madness (Not Oral Roberts)A totally harmless guide for the extremely casual fan.
  7. coronavirus
    March Madness Is Canceled After AllThe NCAA had previously floated playing games without fans, but Duke and Kentucky dropping out likely made than plan untenable.
  8. march madness
    Which First-Round NCAA Games Should You Watch This Week?If the tournament is sports’ version of prestige TV, think of these as the Battle of the Blackwater.
  9. Why the NCAA Tournament Is Great TVLike the current TV landscape, the first rounds of March Madness are overwhelming and full of twist endings.
  10. Adios, Productivity: Here’s the TV Schedule for the NCAA Tourney’s First RoundYour bracket will never be as perfect as it is on Thursday at noon.
  11. How to Watch Every NCAA Tournament Game (Not That You Care, Since You Have Work)It’s a full March Madness schedule, with details on how to stream each matchup.
  12. Joe Nocera on Why the NCAA Is Like EnronHis book Indentured: The Inside Story of the Rebellion Against the NCAA came out last month.
  13. photo op
    Presidential Pals Bill Clinton and George W. Bush Watch NCAA FinalWith Tony Romo.
  14. the sports section
    FGCU: Spring Breakers’ Alien in Basketball FormFaaaaaast breaaaaaaaak, faaaaaast breaaaaaaaak.
  15. the sports section
    Hey, Let Harvard Alumni Have Their Fun This MorningHarvard wins!
  16. President Obama’s Bracket Is Already CrapIt’s in the 26.9th percentile.
  17. the sports section
    Ranking the NCAA Teams by Victory Thrill FactorWho do you want to win? Here’s a guide.
  18. the sports section
    Better Know Your LIU Brooklyn BlackbirdsLIU Brooklyn plays tonight.
  19. the sports section
    5 Tips for Filling Out Your NCAA Hoops BracketIt’s tourney time.
  20. college world series
    All Hail the Great Stony BrookGo Seawolves!
  21. 2012 ncaa tournament
    There Are Only Twelve NCAA Teams LeftIt’s like half the Hunger Games!
  22. 2012 ncaa tournament
    Last Chance to Join the NCAA Pool, FolksSeriously, you have an hour.
  23. president obama
    Obama and Cameron Saw a Great Game Last NightIf this is the only basketball game David Cameron ever sees, it wasn’t a bad one.
  24. 2012 ncaa tournament
    Don’t Forget to Join Our NCAA PoolCome on in!
  25. 2012 ncaa tournament
    Better Know Your Long Island BlackbirdsLIU plays Michigan State on Friday night. You should cheer for them.
  26. 2012 ncaa tournament
    Join New York’s NCAA Pool!Winner gets a free post!
  27. long island blackbirds
    Long Island Is BACK in the NCAA TournamentLIU makes the tourney again.
  28. gus johnson
    Sorry, But Gus Johnson Has Become a Terrible BroadcasterThe subject of the infamous Gus Johnson soundboard has lost his charm.
  29. sports media
    Gus Johnson Is Officially Out at CBSIt appears that he’s headed to Fox.
  30. media
    Gus Johnson Might Be Back After All, Which Is Mostly GoodGus Johnson might end up back on NCAA Tournament games.
  31. your winner
    Presenting Our Pool Winner’s Free PostThe winner of our tourney pool, Jonathan Thrope, sounds off.
  32. ncaa tournament
    The NCAA Title Game That Made You Very Excited for the NBA PlayoffsConnecticut wins the national championship in a game most would like to forget.
  33. ncaa tournament
    Hey, How’s Your Bracket Doing? Oh … Oh MyA look at The Sports Section’s NCAA Tournament Pool leaderboard!
  34. ncaa tournament
    The NCAA Tournament Is Gonna Be Just One PATH Stop Away This WeekendThe NCAA Tournament is just around the corner this weekend.
  35. ncaa tournament
    The Brackets in Our Pool Are As Broken As Everybody Else’sWay to go, “HEY HEY WHATTYA SA.”
  36. ncaa tournament
    It Was a Bad Weekend for Big East ExceptionalismThe Big East has only two teams in the Sweet Sixteen, of its original eleven.
  37. ncaa tournament
    Only George Mason Keeps the NCAA Tournament Exciting In Day 2Not much happening today.
  38. ncaa tournament
    Today’s Early Games Aren’t Nearly As Much Fun As Yesterday’sNot nearly as much fun today.
  39. ncaa tournament
    Sorry, Nerds! Princeton Falls Just ShortPrinceton loses to Kentucky.
  40. ncaa tournament
    Louisville About to Suffer Several Decades of MoreHead JokesLouisville loses to Morehead State.
  41. ncaa tournament
    The NCAA Tournament Field of 64 Has Its First FinalWe’re two and a half hours into the NCAA Tournament.
  42. ncaa tournament
    Get to Know the Long Island BlackbirdsBrooklyn’s Long Island Blackbirds play late Friday night against North Carolina.
  43. ncaa tournament
    It’s a Merry Selection Sunday for NYC, FinallySt. John’s and Long Island make the tournament.
  44. st. john’s red storm
    St. John’s’ Totally Bad, 100 Percent Ungood DaySt. John’s’ Thursday was terrible.
  45. euphoria
    Long Island Wins the NEC, Gets Its Storm-the-Court MomentLIU beats Robert Morris to advance to the NCAA Tournament, and Quickish’s Dan Shanoff was there.
  46. ncaa tournament
    Let’s Take One Last Look at St. John’s’ Tournament Projections, Shall We?One projection has them playing LIU.
  47. ncaa tournament
    Bracketologists, Too, Show St. John’s Some LoveDid the Red Storm rise in the bracket predictions as quickly as they rose in the polls? They sure did.
  48. newark
    Newark Mayor Cory Booker Talks About the NCAA East RegionalThe NCAAs are in Newark this year, and Cory Booker is very excited.
  49. ncaa tournament
    So Where Do the Bracketologists Have No. 23 St. John’s This Week?One has them as high as a No. 4.
  50. ncaa tournament
    A Look at Where the Bracketologists Have St. John’s (and Long Island!)The Red Storm, looking so good, tourney-wise.
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