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  1. 2020 elections
    Another Deep-Red State Votes to Expand MedicaidIn a fairly close vote, Missouri became the 38th state to sign on, even as Republicans try to cripple the Affordable Care Act.
  2. zoo story
    The Heartland Zoo Tragedy Everyone ForgotEveryone but Carson Vaughan, whose Zoo Nebraska chronicles a misbegotten zoo’s decline and its fatal consequences.
  3. Virginia Is Giving Obamacare a Huge — If Belated — WinDemocrats were able to wrangle a few GOP votes to expand Medicaid coverage to hundreds of thousands of needy Virginians.
  4. Primary Roundup: Victories for Women and ProgressivesPennsylvania’s all-male congressional delegation will be a thing of the past. And Nebraskans made a surprise choice.
  5. Today’s Primary Preview: 3 Quiet States and Some Pennsylvania NoiseThe aftermath of re-redistricting in Pennsylvania’s House delegation is the highlight of four states’ primaries.
  6. reproductive rights
    Nebraska Lawmakers Pass Bill to Defund Planned ParenthoodNow all the controversial bill needs is a signature from the anti-abortion governor.
  7. news you can booze
    Restaurateur Could Go to Jail for Ruining Cops’ Underage Beer StingNebraska police say he compromised two 17-year-olds’ identities by tweeting their photos.
  8. hairy situations
    Braiding Hair Is No Longer a State CrimeAt least in Nebraska.
  9. Innovations
    College Hockey Team Prepares to Blow Fans’ Minds With a Frickin’“Someone will take a taco to the face.”
  10. crime and punishment
    Will Republicans Follow Nebraska and Give Up the Death Penalty?Nebraska just became the first red state in 40 years to ban capital punishment, a sign that conservative rationale against the practice may be taking hold.
  11. 66-Year-Old Nebraska Woman Sues All Gay PeopleThe seven-page handwritten lawsuit is titled Driskell v. Homosexuals.
  12. weed
    Lawsuit Filed by Nebraska and Oklahoma Seeks to Harsh Colorado’s Mellow Not cool, guys.
  13. ebola
    Another Ebola-Infected Doctor Arrives in Nebraska Dr. Martin Salia, a permanent resident of the United States, contracted the virus in Sierra Leone.
  14. The Grub Street Diet
    Josh Lucas Starts Each Day With Café Grumpy’s Biscuits, Feasts at Hometown“I topped of a day of burgers with a Black Angus burger.”
  15. talking about the weather
    Rare Twin Tornadoes Touch Down in NebraskaLeaving one person dead and 16 injured.
  16. stupid things
    Television Station Promotes Flight 370 News With Doctored Lost Poster Thanks, Don Lemon.
  17. Back to Nebraska with Johnny CarsonThe Paley Center for Media, which has locations in both New York and LA, dedicates itself to the preservation of television and radio history. […]
  18. oscars 2014
    How to Explain Each of the Nominees Winning Best PictureWe have your talking points to sound smart no matter who wins the big race, be it 12 Years a Slave or Philomena.
  19. oscars 2014
    The Oscar Best Picture Nominees As Pie ChartsHow much of Her was Spike Jonze–Sofia Coppola breakup fan fiction? What percentage of The Wolf of Wall Street was Mrs. Doubtfire? Was American Hustle mostly briefcase-pushing?
  20. wocka wocka
    Vulture’s Oscar Knock-Knock JokesMcConaughey who?
  21. white people
    Which Oscar-Season Sad White Guy Is Saddest and Whitest?Walter Mitty, Llewyn Davis, Captain Phillips?
  22. screenwriting
    Toughest Scene I Wrote: Nebraska’s Bob NelsonHow slicing down one line made all the difference.
  23. awards season
    12 Years, Her, Gravity Get PGA NominationsThese awards often mimic the Oscars.
  24. Talking to Will Forte About ‘Nebraska’, ‘MacGruber 2’, and Never-Aired […]Will Forte is a busy man. Upon leaving SNL in 2010, he starred in MacGruber, a film that received mixed reviews but is nonetheless considered a […]
  25. awards season
    12 Years a Slave, Nebraska Lead Independent Spirit NominationsAll Is Lost, Frances Ha, and Inside Llewyn Davis round out Best Feature nominees.
  26. 9 Lessons Learned From the Best and Worst Movie Posters of 2013Featuring Gravity, Nymphomaniac, and This Is the End.
  27. oscar futures
    Oscar Futures: The State of NebraskaIs Alexander Payne’s latest film a dark horse in several categories?
  28. movie review
    Edelstein: There’s a Gnarled Grace to Alexander Payne’s NebraskaStarring Bruce Dern as a man who believes he’s won a million dollars.
  29. aaaaaaaaaaaaargh
    Watch This Supercut of Will Forte Screaming for Dear LifeSee just how red the SNL alum has made his face over the years.
  30. party chat
    Bruce Dern Avoids Eating Anything With ‘Tear Ducts’“I’m not cool with that.”
  31. Joel McHale Will Star in a Softball Dramedy From the Writer of ‘Nebraska’Joel McHale is set to star in The Tribe, an upcoming film “about a Native American high-school girls softball team and the new coach who […]
  32. Alexander Payne Likes That Comedians Don’t ‘Wallow in Heavy-osity’“”I’ve found that in the past I’m often drawn to people with good comic timing to perform in dramatic parts,” the director said. “Because […]
  33. chat rooms
    Laura Dern on Growing Up With Bruce Dern, the Only Actor to Kill John Wayne“I saw his detached head roll down a staircase. I was 5!”
  34. profile
    Bruce Dern on Nebraska, the Part He’s Waited 77 Years ForThe perpetual supporting man gets his star turn.
  35. trailer mix
    Nebraska Trailer: Will Forte’s Driving Mr. DernIt’s in black and/or white.
  36. Watch the Trailer for Will Forte’s Dramatic Debut in Alexander Payne’s […] Here’s the brand new trailer for Nebraska, director Alexander Payne’s upcoming movie that stars Will Forte in his dramatic debut. Forte stars […]
  37. cannes 2013
    Cannes: Why Alexander Payne Shot Nebraska in B&WThe film stars Bruce Dern and Will Forte.
  38. cannes 2013
    Vulture’s 10 Most Anticipated Films at CannesGosling! Swinton! Timberlake!
  39. Watch Will Forte Get Dramatic in a Clip from Alexander Payne’s ‘Nebraska’ Saturday Night Live alum Will Forte is set to take a rare dramatic turn in Nebraska, a new movie directed by Oscar-winner Alexander Payne […]
  40. cannes film festival 2013
    Coen Brothers, Alexander Payne, Steven Soderbergh Among Cannes CompetitorsSofia Coppola and James Franco face off in the undercard competition.
  41. regional theater
    Have We Found the Real Waiting for Guffman?Community theater can be a very dark thing.
  42. Steve Martin Gives Nontraditional Endorsement to Bob KerreyWhile constructing a wad of paper.
  43. See a Young Stephen Colbert’s FirsTier Bank CommercialBecause Nebraska needs bank commercials too!
  44. exclusive
    Paramount Demands a Budget Cut and a Big Star for Alexander Payne’s Black-and-White MovieTo win the right to block color from ‘Nebraska,’ he slices his $20 million budget nearly in half.
  45. nuclear power
    Natural Disasters Affect Nuclear Plants in America, TooBecause Nebraska wasn’t busy enough dealing with flood waters.
  46. the industry
    Alexander Payne Is Making Another Road-Trip MovieIt’s called ‘Nebraska.’
  47. Mediavore
    Big Easy Seafood Untarnished by Oil Slick; Gwyneth Paltrow Might Have Been aNew Orleans manages a fresh catch despite ocean disaster and a famous actress thinks she could have been a restaurateur.
  48. Health Concerns
    33,000 Pounds of Tongue is RecalledA recall has gone into effect for beef tongue in California and Nebraska.
  49. the downturnaround
    The Downturnaround Is Long NebraskaHugo Lindgren ponders heartland values, in his semi-regular digest of non-depressing economic news.