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    Why Is Everyone on Twitter Suddenly Talking About Corncobs?Mix Hillary versus Bernie tensions with a sorta-famous internet joke, and you get … whatever this is.
  2. the national interest
    Hacked Emails Actually Prove Campaign Adviser Neera Tanden Is a HeroWhen think-tank presidents stop being polite and start getting real.
  3. Clinton Considered Releasing Her Wall Street Speeches on ‘Transparency Day’After Clinton’s top aides found out about her private email server, some advised her to lay all of her cards before the public in a one-day news dump.
  4. If You’re Ever Dissed in a Hacked Email, Try to Respond Like Larry LessigWikiLeaks revealed that some Clinton aides hate Larry Lessig. Lessig is outraged – that those aides had their privacy violated.
  5. early and awkard
    Barack Obama Doesn’t Hate YouFormer adviser Neera Tanden would like to clarify her comments to this magazine.