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Nelson Mandela

  1. in memoriam
    Anti-Apartheid Activist Winnie Madikizela-Mandela Has DiedThe South African icon passed away at age 81.
  2. you better work
    You Can Thank Naomi Campbell’s Mom for Her Runway WalkAnd more things we learned at her Hearst Master Class talk.
  3. appropriation
    Did Madonna Just Compare Herself to Martin Luther King Jr.? Maybe.
  4. r.i.p.
    Nelson Mandela Buried in HometownA village called Qunu.
  5. huge mistakes
    Mandela Memorial’s Fake-Sign-Language Guy Has a Violent, Criminal Past Thamsanqa Jantjie has been accused of rape and murder, among other things.
  6. Fake-Sign-Language Guy: I Was Hallucinating“I was in a very difficult position.”
  7. south africa
    Man Does Fake Sign Language at Mandela MemorialDeaf people notice these things. 
  8. selfies
    Michelle Not Actually Mad at Obama Selfie, Says Photographer“I guess it’s a sign of our times that somehow this image seemed to get more attention than the event itself.”
  9. photo op
    Obama Takes Funeral Selfie With Danish PMA magical moment from the celebration of Nelson Mandela’s life.
  10. international intrigue
    Obama and Castro Shake Hands at Mandela Memorial, End of Cold War in SightWatch it. 
  11. clearing it up once and for all
    Weinstein Won’t Use Mandela’s Death for SalesIt’ll happen on its own.
  12. the national interest
    Why Conservatives Got Segregation Wrong a Second Time in South AfricaThey’re not good at this race stuff.
  13. photo op
    Rob Ford Mourns Nelson Mandela in His Own WayWith an exclamation mark.
  14. things that happened a while ago
    The Time Nelson Mandela Visited Bed-StuyThe school is being renamed in Mandela’s honor. 
  15. Detroit Newscast Uses Photo of Alex Rodriguez for Nelson MandelaAnd yes, it looked ridiculous. 
  16. nelson mandela
    How Newspapers Around the World Remembered Nelson MandelaA diverse collection of covers from across the globe.
  17. obits
    World Leaders, Celebrities Share Memories of Nelson MandelaFrom Joe Biden on witnessing apartheid to Ian McKellen lobbying Madiba on gay rights.
  18. nelson mandela
    From Prison to the Presidency: A Nelson Mandela SlideshowRemembering the icon’s calm elegance and unforgettable smile.
  19. obits
    17 Awesome and Inspiring Facts About Nelson MandelaSafe to say, he led a full life.
  20. nelson mandela
    Nelson Mandela Dead at 95The anti-Apartheid South African leader had been sick for months.
  21. international affairs
    Nelson Mandela Is Alive and Out of the HospitalGeorge Bush mistakenly released a statement mourning his death.
  22. international affairs
    On His 95th Birthday, Mandela’s Health Is ‘Steadily Improving’He’s still hospitalized with a lung infection.
  23. international affairs
    President Obama Visited Nelson Mandela’s FamilyHe will not see Mandela himself, who remains in critical condition.
  24. international news
    Nelson Mandela Is in Critical ConditionJust when his health was said to be improving.
  25. get well soon
    Nelson Mandela Is Back in the HospitalAnother health scare for the former South African president.
  26. get well soon
    Nelson Mandela Is Out of the Hospital After the latest in a string of health scares.
  27. not slash jobs
    Mandela Has Nothing to Do With That Fashion Line466/64, to be precise.
  28. slash jobs
    Nelson Mandela’s Fashion Label Held a PreviewIt’s called 466/64.
  29. movies
    Idris Elba on Prometheus, Playing Nelson MandelaFor almost a year, his home has been his suitcase.
  30. movies
    Idris Elba to Play Nelson MandelaThe movie is based on Mandela’s own autobiography.
  31. Nelson Mandela’s Grandchildren Are Getting a Reality-TV Show“We’re definitely not the African Kardashians.”
  32. was that wrong should i not have done that?
    Mandela Charity Official ‘Regrets’ Hoarding Uncut Blood Diamonds for 13 YearsWas that wrong? Should he not have done that?
  33. Mediavore
    Mandela Family Enters The Wine World; Malibu Canyon Remains Might Break MatriceMissing for nearly a year following an arrest at Geoffrey’s restaurant, a grim new discovery might bring answers.
  34. Mediavore
    Chicago Food Deserts Getting Less Deserted; Food Magazines At Least Doing BetterMediavore, Wal-Mart, Jamba Juice, Poggled
  35. Mediavore
    Caterer Charged In Extortion of Campbell Soup Heiress; SEPTA Bus Crashes ThroughPlus McDonald’s smoothies anger Jamba Juice, and ethnic barbecue is on the rise at chain restaurants, all in our morning news roundup.
  36. testify
    Naomi Campbell Disappointed That Blood Diamonds Weren’t Shinier“She was disappointed because she thought she was going to get a big, shiny diamond.”
  37. testify
    Naomi Campell Tells War Tribunal She’s Unsure About the Origins of ‘Dirty Looking Stones’Mia Farrow is also involved somehow.
  38. party chat
    Oprah: Hardest Part About Setting Up Network Is ‘Getting the Right People on the Right Seats on the Bus’“And getting the people off of the bus that shouldn’t be on the bus!”
  39. gossipmonger
    If It Were 1999, We’d Be Really Jealous of Cameron Diaz Right NowThe actress is dating heartthrobs of yore Jude Law AND Leonardo DiCaprio.
  40. party lines
    Nelson Mandela Can Make People Feel Like They’re LevitatingHe made Alfre Woodard feel like she “came undone.”
  41. gossipmonger
    ‘Page Six’ to Anne Hathaway: You’re a Bad Dog Mom!That, plus gossip on Bill Clinton, Amy Winehouse, and Naomi Campbell, in our daily column roundup.
  42. loose threads
    Mamie Gummer Lands a Campaign; Gianfranco Ferré Dives Into Real EstateGummer replaces Charlotte Gainsbourg for Gérard Darel, get a peek at Richard Chai’s Target collection, and Fendi showed wedges for men for spring.
  43. the take
    Nelson Mandela Musical in the Works; Morgan Freeman, Clear Your Calendar!On the other hand, if he’s sick of playing Mr. Gravitas, maybe this isn’t the best move.
  44. the industry
    Morgan Freeman Plays Mandela, Locks Up 2009 Best Actor Oscar