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  1. Martin O’Malley Is Campaigning For …The Maryland governor is rallying the vote, for 2014 and beyond. 
  2. midterm madness
    Scott Brown Tries to Win Over Female Voters by Giving Them PlaquesWho wants equal pay when you can have a “Hero Award”?
  3. horrible racists
    N.H. Man Who Proudly Called Obama N-Word ResignsThe New Hampshire man finally resigned after no less than Mitt Romney chimed in to say he should.
  4. horrible racists
    NH Racist Not Sorry for Calling Obama N Word“For this I do not apologize — he meets and exceeds my criteria for such.”
  5. bqhatever
    Scott Brown Launches Senate Bid in His Second-Favorite StateAfter Massachusetts rejected him.
  6. Whoppers
    Burger King Tows Cars Belonging to ‘Little Old Ladies’ From ParkingSo much for “have it your way.”
  7. legal weed
    New Hampshire House Votes to Get GroovyBut governor promises to veto recreational pot.
  8. make way for ducklings
    Sometimes a State Representative Just Has to Mow Down Half a Dozen Ducks Just ask New Hampshire Democrat David Campbell.
  9. Food Politics
    Maine Lawmakers Push Hard for GMO Food LabelsThe bill has bipartisan support.
  10. ‘Live Free or Die’ State Tells Dead to Live FreeIt “posthumously emancipated” a group of fourteen slaves.
  11. gun control
    Kelly Ayotte Can’t Escape the Gun DebateThe national battle comes to New Hampshire.
  12. vagina monologues
    N.H. Lawmaker Defends Vaginas’ Right to Bear ArmsWhat, your vagina can’t operate a firearm?
  13. bqhatever
    Scott Brown Might Be Addicted to Running for SenateHe tried to quit, but now he’s eyeing a New Hampshire bid.
  14. idiot politicians
    New Hampshire Legislator: ‘A Lot of People Like Being in Abusive Relationships’New Hampshire Republican holds minority opinion.
  15. having it all
    How Did New Hampshire Become America’s First Matriarchy?By having a big, inclusive, quasi-volunteer government.
  16. binders full of women
    Forget Canada — Let’s Move to New Hampshire, Feminist UtopiaA surprising new contingency plan for melodramatic liberals. 
  17. Controversies
    New Hampshire’s Only Chick-fil-A Will Sponsor a Gay Pride ParadeLive free or die.
  18. other states’ embarrassments
    Mysterious Fire Alarm Nearly Derails Jew Pond VoteIn the end, the enemies of Jew Pond were victorious.
  19. other states’ embarrassments
    New Hampshire Town to Vote on ‘Jew Pond’Some insist that the name Jew Pond isn’t anti-Jew. 
  20. stunt bubbles
    James O’Keefe’s Weak New Hampshire Exposé Could Get Him ArrestedHis undercover New Hampshire video might have broken some laws.
  21. dead man voting
    Man Attempted to Use Dead Man’s Name to Vote in ManchesterNew Hampshire does not accept votes from a grave.
  22. early and often
    Romney Wins New Hampshire, Paul Second, Huntsman Third [Updated]Mitt is projected to finish with a double-digit victory.
  23. Romney’s Bruises From GOP Won’t Heal by November“Electable” doesn’t mean “strongest,” apparently.
  24. impolitic
    How to Keep Score in New Hampshire: Will Romney’s Win Really Be a Victory?Setting the over-under at 36 percent.
  25. early and often
    First 9 N.H. Primary Votes Cast in Tiny VillageThey’re off.
  26. impolitic
    Jon Huntsman Is Smart, Surging, and in Need of More Campaign Cash Winning support in New Hampshire, but in need of a fat check from his dad to really hurt Romney.
  27. master debaters
    What You Missed in the 15th GOP DebateThe bests and worst, highs and lows, of very early debate.
  28. the hunt for red november
    The Problem With Jon Huntsman’s ‘Market Expectations’The market decided long ago that he needed to win New Hampshire.
  29. early and often
    Grandpa the Monkey to Predict New HampshireHis record is … meh.
  30. other states’ embarrassments
    America Could Use Some More Magna Carta, Say New Hampshire LawmakersNeat idea!
  31. eye of newt
    Gingrich Gets Big Endorsement in New Hampshire From Union LeaderThe editorial board of the state’s largest newspaper gives Newt thumbs-up.
  32. eye of newt
    The Newtening Proceeds Newt Gingrich nearly ties Mitt Romney in New Hampshire.
  33. Foodievents
    Portsmouth Restaurant Week Kicks off TodayGo north, hungry diner.
  34. the primary dance
    Nevada Pushes Primary Back to February 4Hopefully will keep New Hampshire from jumping to December.
  35. early and awkward
    GOP Primary Voting to Begin Any Second NowNew Hampshire mulls a December 6 primary.
  36. Christie Aides Study Challenges in Rolling Out Last-Minute CampaignStill possible to mount Iowa, New Hampshire campaigns this late?
  37. Jon Huntsman’s Campaign Moving to New HampshirePerfect place to launch VP bid.
  38. early and often
    In Defense of FloridaWhy they SHOULD be pissed about the primary calendar.
  39. rick rolling
    Evolution Is Just a ‘Theory That’s Out There,’ According to Rick PerryPerry is making Romney look saner by the day.
  40. no he cain’t
    Herman Cain Hopes for Another Fifth-Place FinishSetting a high bar.
  41. the hunt for red november
    Jon Huntsman Puts His Wizard Skills to Good Use on the Campaign TrailHe bangs out the ‘Peanuts’ theme at a music shop in New Hampshire.
  42. the hunt for red november
    Most of New Hampshire’s Population Is Now Composed of Jon Huntsman StaffersHe has almost triple the paid staff of any other candidate.
  43. the donald
    There’s Something Else Republican Voters Like About Donald Trump Besides the BirtherismHe’s doing really, shockingly well in New Hampshire.
  44. early and awkward
    Eugenics-Loving New Hampshire Lawmaker ResignsMartin Harty was “just getting the hang of it some.”
  45. early and awkward
    Very Old New Hampshire Legislator Wants to Send the Defectives to SiberiaHe admits that he is kind of acting like Hitler.
  46. early and often
    Rick Santorum Still Making the Pre-Primary RoundsSarah Palin, you’ve got company.
  47. the shire
    Clinton Campaign-Office Hostage-Taker on the LamThe deranged man who captured the nation’s attention in 2007 cut off his monitoring bracelet and hasn’t been seen since.
  48. Lawsuits
    Today in Restaurant MaimingTwo restaurant patrons receive cash for being injured by food.
  49. Mediavore
    222 Pound Meatball Breaks World Record; Luxe Hotels Plans City Center RenovationA New Hampshire Italian restaurant makes the world’s largest meatball while Luxe Hotels has designs on the City Center Holiday Inn.
  50. Mediavore
    An Official Nod for Apple Cider; Salman Still LovePlus: the Swiss Army Knife of pizza boxes, and fifteen Guy Fieris, all in our morning news roundup.
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