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New Orleans Saints

  1. vulture sports
    Nickelodeon’s NFL Game Ends With Saints Coach Drenched in SlimeOne hundred percent more SpongeBob and Young Sheldon than your average football game.
  2. vulture sports
    Drew Brees Called Out by Teammate and Other Athletes for Comments About the FlagBrees apologized for a second time in an Instagram video: “I just want you to see in my eyes how sorry I am.”
  3. equality
    The NFL Will Have Male Cheerleaders for the First Time EverThis season, three men are joining the squads of the Los Angeles Rams and the New Orleans Saints.
  4. Yelpers Destroy Café After It Announces Boycott ‘Any Time the Saints Kneel’“Who mixes wings with politics.”
  5. giants
    The Giants’ Late-Season Push Must Start This WeekendTime to flip that switch.
  6. new orleans saints
    The Saints Are Out a Coach and MoreIn OTHER NFL news …
  7. 2012 nfl playoffs
    Your NFL Divisional Round PredictionsIt’s the best weekend of the NFL season.
  8. 2012 nfl playoffs
    Your NFL Wild-Card Round PredictionsThe NFL playoffs begin tomorrow.
  9. giants
    Yikes, What Has Happened to the Giants?Last night’s loss to New Orleans was ugly.
  10. giants
    Giants Will Try for Better National TV OutingJust a crazy thought.
  11. nfl
    Brett Favre Probably Shouldn’t Have Come BackBrett Favre did not have a great first game.
  12. nfl season preview
    NFL Season Preview: NFC SouthOur look at the NFC South.
  13. super bowl
    Eli Still Reigns As Champion Manning BrotherRough night for Peyton.
  14. super bowl
    An Entire Nation Screams, ‘Who Dat?’The Saints win their first Super Bowl.
  15. super bowl
    All You Might Possibly Need to Know About the Super BowlYour guide to the Super Bowl story lines.
  16. super bowl
    Your Guide to CBS’s Super Bowl Sunday, the TV Day That Never EndsWhat to watch for on CBS all day, before the Super Bowl.
  17. super bowl
    How Did the Jets Do Against the Two Super Bowl Teams?The Jets played both teams.
  18. super bowl
    Are You Rooting for Jeremy Shockey?The tight end is playing Sunday for a Super Bowl ring he’d actually wear.
  19. eating and drinking and watching football and drinking
    Where to Watch the Game SundayColts fans at Keats, Saints fans at Bar None, and anyone who can order a “Peyton Manhattan” or a “Drew Sea Brees” with a straight face at the Bell House.
  20. kevin spacey
    Taking a Moment to Think About the Jets’ MoodThey still have a long way to go — right, Kevin Spacey?
  21. super bowl
    There’s Entirely Too Much Time Before the Super BowlWe’ve reached the comparing-backup-quarterbacks portion of Super Bowl week.
  22. a grown man watching a video game play itself
    Our PS3 Commences Super Bowl CoverageSuper Bowl simulations, or something.
  23. Foodievents
    Cocktail Dens Gone Wild: Fort Defiance Becomes a New Orleans Sports BarFrozen hurricanes all around!
  24. playoffs!
    Welcome to the Best NFL Weekend of the YearPredictions on the OTHER playoff games this weekend.
  25. uh-oh
    The Saints Answer the Question of Which NFC Team Is BestBy the end of yesterday’s game, you were made to feel silly for asking the question in the first place.
  26. this week’s game
    Epic Giants-Saints Matchup Too Early in Season to Achieve Total Epic-nessThis should be fun. But it would be more fun if it weren’t game six.
  27. the other team must suffer
    A Reminder of Which New Orleans Saints Are EvilThe Saints must be destroyed, vanquished, evaporated.
  28. yipes
    Mark Sanchez, Actual Human Being With Thoughts and FearsMark Sanchez finally goes poof.
  29. the other team must suffer
    The Evil People Who Are Attempting to Take What Is Rightfully Ours: New Orleans Saints EditionThe Saints must be destroyed, vanquished, evaporated.
  30. game of the week
    Jets-Saints Is Required Viewing for Jets and Giants Fans AlikeThe Jets can prove themselves (again), and the Giants can find out what they’re in for.