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New York Aquarium

  1. behind the scenes
    What to Know About the New York Aquarium’s New Shark BuildingOn June 30, after 14 years of planning, “Ocean Wonders: Sharks!” will open with 57,500-square feet housing around 60 sharks and rays.
  2. hurricane sandy
    Amazingly, All That Sea Water Didn’t Kill the Aquarium’s FishThey don’t do well in regular old sea water.
  3. aquatic puppies!!
    As You Can See, Mitik the Baby Walrus Is Doing Just FineHe’s especially cute when playing with his bucket toy. 
  4. in other news
    Ayveq the Masturbating Walrus: Dead at FourteenThe Coney Island legend has passed on to the great walrus playground in the sky.