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New York City Marathon

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    Mary Keitany Won Her Fourth New York City Marathon in Five YearsShe came first in the women’s race, and now is tied as world record holder for winning the event.
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    Here’s How Chefs Fared in the 2017 New York City MarathonDaniel Humm is a machine.
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    U.S. Woman Wins New York City Marathon for First Time in 40 YearsShalane Flanagan won the race in two hours and 26 minutes.
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    A Cool, Mindful Pop-Up Shop for RunnersFeaturing meditation sessions, stylish sunglasses, and more.
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    18 Great Marathon-Related Restaurant Specials and DealsLimited-edition sandwiches, double portions of pasta, and plenty of complimentary drinks.
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    How to Fake Running a MarathonBecause I haven’t, and I definitely never will.
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    Check Out Sara Jenkins’s Marathon Weekend Prix-fixe Pastavore MenuYou don’t have to be willing to run 26.2 miles in short shorts to get it.
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    Here Are This Year’s New York City Marathon WinnersWilson Kipsang and Mary Keitany.
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    The Worst Way to Cheer On a MarathonerSeriously, just never say this. 
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    12 Great Marathon-Related Food and Drink DealsA dozen offers you can take advantage of, whether you’re running or just watching.
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    What Kind of Mind Games Will It Take to Run a 2-Hour Marathon?A tempting cash prize wouldn’t exactly hurt motivation. 
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    The Real Winners of the New York City Marathon Are These Insane PeopleLook at what these people wore for a marathon. 
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    Geoffrey Mutai and Priscah Jeptoo Won the New York City Marathon They are both in better shape than you are.
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    35 Ways to Get Inspired to Work Out in the ColdBecause “It’s freezing” is not a good excuse.
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    New York City Marathon Still Recovering From Hurricane SandyThe group announced its plan to give refunds today.
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    Why Bloomberg Fought for — and Then Caved on — the MarathonFor starters, ING pulled out.
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    NYC Marathon Canceled in Big Bloomberg ReversalThe race will not go on.
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    NYC Marathon Organizer Backpedals on No-Bag PolicyA victory for runners who enjoy clean clothing.
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    New York City Marathon Significantly Raises Entry FeeThe rates spiked about $60.
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    Christy Turlington Ran the New York MarathonIn four hours and twenty minutes.
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    Mark Messier Finished the New York City MarathonSo did a bunch of other celebrities!
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    Watch a Pair of Runners Get Married During NYC MarathonThe ceremony was at mile 22.
  23. New Men’s Record Set in Today’s NYC MarathonGeoffrey Mutai, 30, of Kenya.
  24. Mapping Gentrification Along the Marathon RouteMedian income is up, as is ethnic diversity.
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    See Marathon Runners Rapidly Streaming Out of Staten IslandA cool time-lapse video of the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge.
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    Chilean Miner Edison Peña Ran Faster Than Al Roker, and Other Notable Times From Yesterday’s MarathonBobby Flay beat Yannick Noah by one second.
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    Ethiopian Gebre Gebremariam Finishes NYC Marathon First, While Chilean Miner Finishes in a Reported Four HoursShalane Flanagan became the first American woman in two decades to finish second.
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    Where to Watch the Marathon on SundayA roundup of the best places to stand.
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    Beware, Chilean Marathon Miner Edison Peña: You May Have Set Our Expectations Too HighAt this point he pretty much has to win the marathon.
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    Chilean Miner Wants to Run in New York City MarathonNot Yonni, sadly.
  31. Marathoners Engage in Completely Justified GluttonyIt’s a reasonable self-reward.
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    Images of Glory: The New York City Marathon 2009A slideshow of some of our favorite images from yesterday’s epic race.
  33. American Wins NYC Marathon for the First Time in 27 YearsU.S.A! U.S.A.!
  34. People Who Cheat at Marathons Are HilariousAbout forty people will take a marathon shortcut today.
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    Marathon Menus: Carmellini’s All-You-Can-Eat Pasta and DB Bistro’sAndrew Carmellini has a new plan for the private dining room at Locanda Verde.
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    Go Hom or Go HomeCongrats to Grub Street’s own Melissa Hom for beating Bastianich.
  37. Joe the Runner
    Go Joe!Joe Bastianich finished this weekend’s marathon in three hours, 45 minutes.
  38. Joe the Runner
    Daniel Humm Cracks the Top 500 in the New York City MarathonAnd he wasn’t the only chef that made a respectable showing.
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    Katie Holmes Will Kick Your Ass in the Marathon This WeekendHide your antidepressants and your carbs! The New York Marathon is this weekend, and according to OK, none other than Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes jumped on a plane last night so that Katie could live out her life’s dream, which apparently consists of running in the cold, amid a big mob of sweaty, ropy-limbed people, while strangers yell at her from the sidelines. Hm. Actually, that’s probably not so different from her everyday life. Katie’s family is flying in from Ohio to “watch” her run through the five boroughs, we’re told. Frankly, we would have told them to stay home, you can probably see it better on TV and in magazines next week, and speaking of that, does the world really need more pictures of Tom trying to bond with Katie’s Catholic parents, flashing his giant white teeth and leaping at their legs like a little Jack Russell while they scowl and think about how he’s going to hell? Honestly. Those give us total secondhand embarrassment. TomKat Hits NYC for Marathon [OK]
  40. In the Magazine
    Carbo-Loading Alla ItalianaNot that we would know, but apparently major exertions like Sunday’s New York Marathon require vast expenditures of energy. The experienced athlete prepares for these with a carbohydrate-heavy meal. In this week’s Short List, Rob and Robin give four places to indulge in mass quantities of pasta. Short List: Carbo Loads
  41. NewsFeed
    French Chefs Prepare for New York Marathon With Eating Marathon It was an impossible-to-refuse invitation: Come to Nougatine to eat lunch with a group of French chefs here to run the New York marathon. The team, which was sponsored by the French tripe council (and whose members had all been given shirts featuring the slogan “Trip for the Tripe”), was clearly taking its preparation for the race with the utmost seriousness. Yesterday’s lunch was a multicourse affair, to be followed by a blowout dinner at Daniel. Today the plan is to lunch at Per Se and then dim sum at Chinatown Brasserie for supper. And on Saturday, the chefs plan to carb up for the race by going on a Chinatown eating tour, followed by a big dinner party Saturday night. A few highlights from the lunch at Nougatine.