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  1. environmental concerns
    New York State May Ban Foam ContainersGovernor Cuomo wants to eighty-six them.
  2. the sports section
    And a Cat Runs Into the End Zone!If you don’t listen to this incredible football play-by-play, you hate fun.
  3. Eli Manning Denies Faking Memorabilia, Won’t Respond to Chris Christie Jab“I can’t get concerned with that,” he said of the N.J. governor baiting him on sports radio.
  4. Giants Cut Kicker Josh Brown, Who Admitted to Abusing His WifeThe team admits it was “misguided” to remain supportive of him in recent days.
  5. domestic violence
    New York Giants Kicker Josh Brown Reportedly Admitted to Abusing His Wife“I viewed myself as a God basically and she was my slave.”
  6. the grub street diet
    New York Giant Rashad Jennings Uses Spicy Food to Take the Edge Off a Hard Day“Spice has a lot of healing antioxidants.”
  7. the sports section
    Jason Pierre-Paul Injures Hand With FireworksThe injuries are either not serious or quite severe.
  8. the sports section
    Giants Score More Points Than Opponent!They won a game!
  9. the sports section
    Giants Still Hoping to Win a Game of Football at Some PointThey lost again last night and are now 0-6. 
  10. the sports section
    The Most Embarrassing GIFs From Yesterday’s Giants and Jets GamesRelive the worst moments!
  11. the sports section
    10 Depressing New York Giants FactsThey lost 38–0 yesterday. That’s one. 
  12. the sports section
    Eli Manning Will Never Beat Peyton at FootballNot football, though. 
  13. style tribes
    Style Tribe: Football FemmesFive-inch heels and sequined jerseys at a Giants tailgate.
  14. The Post’s Spectacular Eli Manning Photomosaic CoverMade from 2,000 small images of Manning.
  15. obummer
    President Obama’s Super Bowl Lies, ExposedWhy won’t he pick a team?
  16. jesus christie
    Chris Christie Congratulates ‘New Jersey Giants’And yet both of them are rooting for the Giants. Riddles!
  17. joetorious
    Turn the ‘Days Without a Biden Gaffe’ Sign Back to ZeroHe gets confused sometimes. 
  18. drunk people
    The Giants Won on Sunday Because Casey Put Sparkles on Her NailsAlso, because she wore her Clay Matthews jersey instead of her Aaron Rodgers jersey.
  19. weather
    Metrodome Collapses As Snowstorm Moves Through Midwest [Updated]Check out the video.