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  1. vulture lists
    The Stoner Canon: Over 100 Trippy Movies, Albums, Books, TV Shows, and MoreThe ultimate guide to experiencing the high.
  2. the approval matrix
    The Approval Matrix: The Smallest Matrix Who Ever LivedOur guide to what’s highbrow, lowbrow, brilliant, and despicable.
  3. timelines
    Who’s In? Who’s Out? An Exhaustive Timeline of Taylor Swift’s Squad.Her boyfriend, besties, and business partners.
  4. restaurant review
    Restaurant Review: A Bistro With Shish BarakHuda, in Williamsburg, impressively balances its many influences.
  5. master class
    How Taylor Swift Won Back the PublicThe reputation era was the last time the pop star let someone else define her. Here’s how she rebuilt her image.
  6. legacy
    Diddy’s Open SecretsThe rap mogul shook off decades of rumored bad behavior with wholesome PR revamps.
  7. bathroom
    The 18 Very Best Bath TowelsFrom waffle towels to flat-weave Turkish sets, a towel for every kind of obsessive.
  8. daddy issues
    Why Is Elon Musk Dragging His 3-Year-Old Around the World?His son X has become both prop and ‘emotional support human.’
  9. book review
    Salman Rushdie Did Not Want to Write This BookIn Knife: Meditations After an Attempted Murder, the many incarnations of Rushdie are at war with one another.
  10. tv
    How Bluey Became the Best Kids’ Show of Our TimeNo other series gets the strange, hilarious magic of play.
  11. tv review
    Grad School Was Never This FunPark Chan-wook’s HBO adaptation of The Sympathizer is a captivating senior seminar on postcolonial theory.
  12. movie review
    Civil War Isn’t the Movie You Think It IsAlex Garland’s war epic is more about how we respond to images of conflict than it is about the conflict itself.
  13. best of new york
    The Best Art Hangers in New YorkArt hangers who make mounting multi-panels look easy.
  14. the strategist hunt
    My Relentless Journey to Find the Perfect White TeeWhen my favorite was discontinued, I was a woman on a mission.
  15. from the archives
    O.J. and the Untouchables: Getting Away With ItWhite or Black, if you’ve got the bucks, you can duck the heat. Notes on a modern-day rite of passage.
  16. look book
    The Look Book Goes to the Best Baguette in New York CompetitionBread lovers turned out to vote for bakeries like Frenchette and Mille-Feuille in the final round of the contest hosted by French Morning.
  17. encounter
    The Brooklyn Power Throuple Making Space for a BabyLiterary couple Daniel and Grace Lavery and their partner, Lily Woodruff, are all living and working full time in their Brooklyn apartment.
  18. the law
    A Handgun for ChristmasWhy were James and Jennifer Crumbley found guilty for their son’s mass shooting?
  19. the power trip
    Arizona’s Senate Race Is a Battle Over the Nature of RealityGround zero for the rigged-election conspiracy, the border state could decide both the fate of the Senate and the presidency.
  20. what’d i miss?
    Hybrid House Shoes, the Perfect Work Tote, and Other Recent Strategist FindsAs seen in the “Strategist” section.
  21. letters
    Comments: Week of April 8, 2024Readers sound off on Andrew Huberman’s private and public seductions and the mayor’s aide turned lobbyist Frank Carone.
  22. the yesteryear issue
    Who Ate Where: The Restaurants That Defined New YorkA social history of New York City, told entirely through its regulars.
  23. vision 2024
    Former U.S. president and current Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump's rally in Sioux City
    Can Biden Keep the Black Vote?Why Democrats may be losing their grip on a once-loyal constituency.
  24. from the archives
    Waiting for the Big OneMaybe not today, maybe not tomorrow. But many scientists agree: A quake is coming. And New York isn’t ready for it.
  25. the approval matrix
    The Approval Matrix: The Fault Is in Our LinesOur guide to what’s highbrow, lowbrow, brilliant, and despicable.
  26. scene report
    In the Belly of the BarbzFear them. Cheer them. Nicki Minaj fans are sticking by their queen.
  27. restaurant review
    Restaurant Review: At the Altar of Korean Fried ChickenCoqodaq’s owner calls it a cathedral. It feels more like a club.
  28. the work of art
    How’d You Make That?Three masterpieces from glimmer through struggle to breakthrough.
  29. album review
    Our Sweetheart of the RodeoBeyoncé’s Cowboy Carter chronicles an artist with a voice pliable enough (and a following large enough) to crash whatever scene she pleases.
  30. movie review
    A Sad-Eyed Josh O’Connor Goes Tomb-Raiding in the Lovely, Mysterious La ChimeraAlice Rohrwacher’s playful, rambling new film follows a man who robs graves to find his way into the next world.
  31. movies
    How The Matrix Got MadeWith the 25th anniversary of The Matrix, here’s a timeline of how the franchise and pop-culture phenomenon came to be, and what happened next.
  32. look book
    The Look Book Goes to a New York Rangers GameDuring a recent winning game against the New Jersey Devils, we talked to Blueshirts fans about their favorite team.
  33. power
    The Women Who Run HarlemMajor cultural institutions in the neighborhood are changing and more relevant than ever.
  34. letters
    Comments: Week of March 25, 2024Readers sound off on Andrea Long Chu’s moral case for letting trans kids change their ­bodies and a group of squatters in a Beverly Hills mansion.
  35. comedy review
    Jerrod Carmichael Makes the Camera His GodIn his HBO series, the comedian needles at whether the spectacle of his own personality and pain eclipses his ability to care about others.
  36. great rooms
    A Tree House for Two Architects in Carroll GardensPhu Hoang and Rachely Rotem built the indoor-outdoor “Mini Tower One” extension to their Brooklyn home.
  37. dream date
    Nicholas Galitzine Is Not Your Average HeartthrobThe actor can play himbo, Prince Charming, and Gen-Z queer icon — sometimes all at once. Now, he’s coming for moms.
  38. openings
    At Lola’s, a Chef’s Chef Strikes Out on Her OwnSuzanne Cupps’s new restaurant isn’t following trends.
  39. compulsive shopping
    I Can’t Stop Buying Decks of CardsInterior stylist Sydney Colburn shares her favorite decks from her 70-plus-piece collection.
  40. cityscape
    Baruch Herzfeld is the founder and owner of the startup, Popwheel - a network of kiosks that charge e-bike batteries allowing delivery drivers to swap depleted batteries for fully charged ones.
    Can I Interest You in a Fresh Charge?Baruch Herzfeld wants to end the rash of e-bike-battery fires.
  41. what’d i miss?
    John Gourley’s Hot-Dog Roller and Other Recent Strategist FindsAs seen in the Strategist section.
  42. underground gourmet
    Where to Slurp Shurpa at 1 A.M.Plus dumplings and kebabs in Brooklyn’s Little Uzbekistan.
  43. the media
    Andrew Huberman’s Mechanisms of ControlThe private and public seductions of the world’s biggest pop neuroscientist.
  44. the national interest
    Donald Trump
    The Paramilitary CandidateTrump has made justice for insurrectionists the center of his campaign.
  45. the approval matrix
    The Approval Matrix: The Enemy of My People Is My FriendOur guide to what’s highbrow, lowbrow, brilliant, and despicable.
  46. the shipping news
    Staten Island Ferry - John F. Kennedy
    Pete Davidson and Colin Jost’s Ferry Is Very Much HappeningWe talked to the architect working behind the scenes on getting the rusty Staten Island Ferry up and running.
  47. encounter
    The Mr. Rogers of Columbus, OhioThe poet Hanif Abdurraqib is as idiosyncratic as his unclassifiable new book.
  48. restaurant review
    Corima Has Potential — and Excellent TortillasIt’s Northern Mexico, just below Canal.
  49. the media
    Jeff Zucker’s Fleet Street MisadventureThe former CNN and NBC boss wants a new media empire. Is that even possible in 2024?
  50. good one
    Ramy Youssef on the First Israel-Palestine Joke He Wrote After 10/7“You know me. You think I’m Hamas? Bro, I’m a Taliban guy.”
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