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  1. spring fashion 2017
    What Does Virgil Abloh Know?His haute-streetwear line Off-White has a cultish following, but the clothes aren’t the point.
  2. first person
    Frank Rich on His Friendship With Stephen SondheimA lifetime making sense of the extraordinary songwriter — as young fan; critic and “enemy”; and, by now, old friend.
  3. ban motion smoothing
    How to Turn Motion Smoothing Off on Your TVMake your TV go back and show movies the way they were supposed to be.
  4. podcast review
    S***hole Country Asks Who Likes to Be in America?A new podcast by an anonymous narrator considers a big choice between two lives and two continents.
  5. superlatives
    Lindsey Buckingham on the Most Fulfilling and Dysfunctional of His Career“It was my intention all along to try to remain an artist who kept growing and evolving in the long term.”
  6. holiday gifts 2021
    55 Truly Surprising, Strange and Immensely Pleasing Gifts Over $200Including a vertical turntable, a pavé-ruby ring, and crypto clocks.
  7. pivot
    Super-Apps Are InevitableGet ready for the first $10 trillion tech company.
  8. encounter
    Who’s Afraid of Podcast Provocateur Dasha Nekrasova?She’s on a hit HBO show and made a horror movie about Jeffrey Epstein. Are her days of niche fame over?
  9. rubber ranked
    The Good, the Bad, and the Latex of Hollywood ProstheticsAn assessment of fall’s most prestigious fake cheeks, fat suits, and eyebrows, from House of Gucci to The Eyes of Tammy Faye.
  10. holiday gifts 2021
    49 Truly Surprising, Strange and Immensely Pleasing Gifts Under $200Including sardine effigies, tinned toro, and painted lady butterflies.
  11. media
    The Dave Portnoy PlaybookOn the precipice of sports-gambling riches — and facing sexual-misconduct allegations — Barstool Sports’ founder doubles down on the culture war.
  12. who is that?
    What Do Actors Lose When Prosthetics Become the Star?Hollywood’s obsession with making celebs “unrecognizable” is not helping their performances.
  13. holiday gifts 2021
    52 Truly Surprising, Strange, and Immensely Pleasing Gifts Under $50Including lilac bitters, Hermès nails, and assorted glo-fish.
  14. profile
    Bad Bunny Off CycleBenito Antonio Martínez Ocasio turned 27 this year. It’s been a time for introspection.
  15. vulture picks
    25 Notable New Releases Over the Next Two WeeksHouse of Gucci, a David Bowie album, the best Thanksgiving TV episodes, and more.
  16. letters
    Comments: Week of November 22, 2021Readers sound off on climate reparations, Simon Rex’s new chapter, and more.
  17. kyle rittenhouse trial
    Kyle Rittenhouse’s Defense Was Strong. It’s Also a Threat to the Rule of Law.The shooter’s claims of self-defense are legally plausible. But they also expose the anarchy latent in America’s lax gun laws and vigilante culture.
  18. gallery
    The Faces of Vulture Festival 2021We welcomed Issa Rae, Henry Winkler, John Cho, and dozens of other stars (plus one good dog) to our photo studio.
  19. the approval matrix
    Freed Britney, Teen Cannibals, and a COVID-Conscious BearOur guide to what’s highbrow, lowbrow, brilliant, and despicable.
  20. the city politic
    Kathy Hochul’s Got Seven MonthsTo govern. To campaign. And to tell New Yorkers what, if anything, she believes in.
  21. first person
    How Mel Brooks Fell for Anne Bancroft“We started talking one day, and we never stopped.”
  22. comedy review
    Michael Che Is Better Than ThisFor much of Shame the Devil, he’s offering apologies and taking them back, giving explanations then rolling his eyes.
  23. tv review
    Cowboy Bebop’s New Shine Can’t Replace Its Old SoulWhat Netflix’s adaptation of the cult-classic anime gains in visual thrill, it loses in its understanding of the original’s melancholy center.
  24. biography of a building
    A Particularly Eccentric Upper West Side Apartment BuildingThe Master was built as a shrine to theosophist Nicholas Roerich. It has aged strangely.
  25. going going gone
    The Online-Auction VortexGetting lost in LiveAuctioneers.
  26. urbanism
    Perfecting the New York StreetWe consulted architects and planners to create an achievable, replicable plan — one suited to a city embracing its public spaces as never before.
  27. look book
    The Look Book Goes to Disco TehranAbout 1,000 people showed up for the Iran-inspired club night and fund-raiser’s final party before it heads out on a tour of Europe and South America.
  28. performing arts
    Who Will Give Peter Gelb $2 Billion to Guarantee the Met Opera’s Future?All of Gelb’s big problems running the opera house only got bigger during the pandemic.
  29. chat room
    Pablo Larraín Isn’t Trying to Reinvent the Biopic With SpencerThe filmmaker behind Jackie and the trippy dance movie Ema says he couldn’t care less about helping audiences “understand” a character.
  30. the underground gourmet
    Barbuto Is Back AgainAnd so is the roast chicken and kale salad … but not Jonathan Waxman’s beard.
  31. profile
    Simon Rex Doesn’t Want to Be That Guy AnymoreThe former MTV VJ partied his way through the early aughts, lost his career for a decade, and now, improbably, is being lauded by the Hollywood elite.
  32. restaurant review
    Restaurant Review: Hawksmoor Is a Steakhouse Where You Can Order the FishLike the best modern steak joints, the British import is more proper restaurant than beef specialist.
  33. letters
    Comments: Week of November 8, 2021Readers sound off on Eric Adams’ impending mayorship, Katie Couric’s unflinching memoir, and more.
  34. the approval matrix
    Bing Bong, SantaCon, Pavement’s Back, Dems Get WhackedOur guide to what’s highbrow, lowbrow, brilliant, and despicable.
  35. schools
    New Jersey’s Education Rebellion Was a Long Time ComingBut Democrats didn’t heed the signs.
  36. the money game
    Revolt of the Goldman JuniorsCrushed by pandemic workloads, Wall Street’s youngest want more money and better conditions. But mostly more money.
  37. tv review
    Dexter Is Out for Redemption With New BloodBoth our stabby anti-hero and the “special event series” that catches up with him are looking to make up for past sins.
  38. encounter
    Huma Abedin Is Ready to Tell You Who She IsThroughout a public career and an even more public marriage, the political confidante has remained an enigma, until now.
  39. finale-like
    Blowjobs, Breakups, and Beychella: The Insecure Writers’ Room Says Good-byeIssa Rae & Co. on five years of mirror raps and #LawrenceHive vs. Team Daniel.
  40. comics to watch
    The Comedians You Should and Will Know in 2021These are the 22 comics who industry insiders predict will be the superstars of tomorrow.
  41. tomorrow
    The Case for Climate ReparationsA trillion tons of carbon hangs in the air, put there by the world’s rich, an existential threat to its poor. Can we remove it?
  42. movie review
    Last Night in Soho Is a Mostly Intoxicating AffairStarring Anya Taylor-Joy and Thomasin McKenzie, Edgar Wright’s freewheeling, pop-drenched homage to Swinging London is buoyant and brutal.
  43. encounter
    ‘The Depth Is in the Pictures, Not What I Say About Them’Rosalind Fox Solomon has been making haunting photographs for 50 years. She’s got more stories to tell than she lets on.
  44. treasure!
    Treasure Hunters Doc Will Adapt a New York Mag Piece That Was Pure GoldAnd they’re calling all treasure seekers.
  45. tomorrow
    Weathering the WeatherMental-health professionals are trying to figure out how to talk about the climate.
  46. look book
    The Look Book Goes to a South Slope Open HouseSeventy-plus interested buyers came to check out the $1.7 million three-bedroom, three-bath duplex.
  47. death becomes her
    A Date With the GraveVisiting the unlikely star of Mountain View Cemetery, a fake gravesite reserved exclusively for Hollywood’s funeral scenes.
  48. theater review
    The Time Is Now, Finally, for Caroline, or ChangeTony Kushner and Jeanine Tesori’s musical was ahead of its audience in 2003.
  49. the group portrait
    The Nation’s Best High-School DebatersThe Bronx Science Speech & Debate Team’s varsity captains are helping defend its No. 1 title.
  50. encounter
    Lina Khan Isn’t Worried About Going Too FarThe FTC’s very young new boss thinks corporations such as Facebook are abusing their power. To fight them, she’s consolidating some clout of her own.
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