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    Last Year’s NFL Draft Was a Charming Oasis. Now the Circus Is Back.This year’s big event is set to bring back the hype nobody missed.
  2. hold on
    Oprah Realizes That Now Isn’t the Best Time for a Michael Sam Docu-seriesThe network is putting the show on hold so he can focus on joining the Rams.
  3. equal rites
    Watch Michael Sam’s Emotional Reaction to Being Drafted by the RamsHe’s the first openly gay player to be drafted into the NFL.
  4. the sports section
    The NFL Seems to Be Coming Around on Michael SamThe NFL is hierarchical and the top of the organization seems increasingly supportive.
  5. super bowl xlvi
    Eli Manning, Destroyer of WorldsWhere does Eli fit now?
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    Meet the New Jets, Part TwoThe rest of the Jets’ draft picks.
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    Congratulations to John Skelton, The Sports Section’s New Favorite AthleteThe Arizona Cardinals draft the Fordham quarterback.
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    Meet the New Giants, Part TwoA look at picks two through seven.
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    Meet Kyle Wilson, Your Newest New York JetThe Jets’ first-round pick is a fun guy.
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    Meet Jason Pierre-Paul, Your Newest New York GiantThis wasn’t Plan A.
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    The NFL Draft: Where You Don’t Need to Play to Be a Winner, or a LoserThe NFL Draft eats itself.
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    For the First Time, It’s NFL Draft NightThe NFL Draft’s first round is tonight.
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    So, What Do NFL Rookies Spend All Their Money On?How’d the NFL Draft picks of the past spend their cash?
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    Giants Draft Preview: Where to Begin?Linebacker? Running back, maybe? Perhaps defensive end?
  15. nfl draft
    Jets Draft Preview: What Do You Get for the Team That Has Everything?The Jets prepare for Draft Day.
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    The NFL Draft, in Prime Time, Is Three Days AwayThere’s a red carpet, too.
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    Who Does Everybody Think the Giants Are Going to Draft?A look at some mock drafts, two weeks before the real thing.
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    Who Does Everybody Think the Jets Are Going to Draft?The NFL Draft is two weeks away.
  19. the sports section
    Draft Day 2009: What the Jets and Giants Might DoIncluding one scenario in which Brady Quinn becomes the new Jets quarterback.