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  1. sports
    The Decline and Fall of the All-Star GameWhy has a once-hallowed staple of the pro sports world become so irrelevant?
  2. games
    A Super Bowl That Went From Dud to DynamiteOn football’s biggest stage, a terrific ending mostly made up for hours of mediocrity.
  3. career
    How the President of the Las Vegas Raiders Gets It DoneSandra Douglass Morgan hosted thousands of football fans (and Taylor Swift!) for the 2024 Super Bowl.
  4. the swift syllabus
    A Swiftie’s Guide to the 2024 Super BowlIt will, of course, be her 13th Chiefs game.
  5. sports
    Everything You Need to Know About the Super BowlWho is playing? How do you watch? Will Taylor Swift be there? We’ve got you.
  6. games
    The Deep Blandness of Las Vegas Before the Super BowlA city that has sanded off its rough edges is a perfect fit for the NFL’s biggest day.
  7. super bowl 2024
    I’m Only Watching the Super Bowl for Jason KelceWith all due respect to Travis and Taylor, I’d rather watch the other Kelce in the box.
  8. games
    Dan Campbell and the Detroit Lions Were Right to Trust MathSome football Luddites are embracing the same dumb mind-set that baseball overcame decades ago.
  9. the swift syllabus
    A Swiftie’s Guide to Travis Kelce and Football in GeneralBoth the Chiefs and this relationship have lasted all the way to the Super Bowl.
  10. vulture sports!
    Wait, the Super Bowl Has a DJ?Not anymore, after Tiësto bowed out for a “family emergency.”
  11. recommendations
    An Ode to Hard KnocksI love watching my football boys … as long as they’re not actually playing football.
  12. games
    6 Things We Learned From the NFL’s Season of SwiftDon’t like all those luxury-box cutaways? Get used to them.
  13. games
    Who You Should Root for in the NFL Playoffs (Not the Bucs)There are multiple tortured franchises to choose from this year.
  14. infinite jets
    Why Are We Still Watching the Jets in Week 15?Two miserable fans return to commiserate about a lost season.
  15. games
    Bill Belichick Is About to Get Fired, and Nobody CaresOnce considered the greatest NFL coach of all time, after a string of losing seasons, Bill Belichick is a legend without a constituency.
  16. scene report
    31 Days of Taylor Swift–Travis Kelce Mania in Kansas CityMy hometown is enjoying its time at the center of the universe.
  17. vulture investigates
    Does Travis Kelce Play Better When Taylor Swift Is Watching?Let’s make like the Swifties and crunch some numbers.
  18. games
    Travis Kelce Is the NFL’s Taylor SwiftUnlike a lot of athlete-celebrity couplings, this one makes sense.
  19. clairvoyance
    Prediction: Taylor Swift Will Perform at the Super Bowl in 2025With help along the way from Travis Kelce, Pete Buttigieg, and Shamrock Capital.
  20. culture
    Donna Kelce Doesn’t Give Dating Advice“When it comes to love life, let me tell you right now, they’re not coming to me.”
  21. vulture sports
    The NFL Shakes Off the Traylor Haters“We’ve seen an incredible amount of positivity around the sport,” the league said in a statement.
  22. sports!
    Taylor Swift Takes a Sudden Interest in FootballWho doesn’t love a tight end?
  23. athletes
    Michael Oher Claims The Blind Side Was a LieA judge terminated the NFL player’s conservatorship, but did not dismiss his lawsuit.
  24. covers
    Chris Stapleton and Snoop Dogg Feel It Comin’ in the Air Monday NightsThat’s the power of football. And Phil Collins.
  25. infinite jets
    Why Are We Still Watching the Jets?Two miserable fans recap week two and try to process their grief.
  26. games
    This Might Be the End of Aaron RodgersAfter injuring himself four plays in, the aging star rendered the Jets — and possibly himself — irrelevant.
  27. games
    A Death on the Field Couldn’t Stop the NFL NowThe league is at a point where it can weather any problem, no matter how grotesque.
  28. conservatorship
    The Battle Over The Blind Side Is Getting MessyMichael Oher claimed the Tuohys took his share of the profits from movie, while the wealthy family says there wasn’t much money to begin with.
  29. games
    Aaron Rodgers Really Wants to Be Liked AgainEver since he joined the Jets, the anti-COVID-vaxx conspiracy theorist has dialed down the nuttiness.
  30. fight for your right (to party)
    Lorne Michaels Was Rooting for Travis Kelce in the Super BowlSo he could host SNL, of course.
  31. games
    The Big Sports-Gambling Scandal Might Have Already HappenedIncoherent rules around betting on games have created an atmosphere ripe for misbehavior.
  32. games
    Daniel Snyder Deserves Far Worse Than ThisThe worst owner in sports is finally selling his team and profiting enormously from his abhorrent behavior.
  33. games
    A C-Minus Version of Aaron Rodgers Is Still a Win for the JetsConsiderable baggage aside, he’s an improvement on the status quo.
  34. games
    Remember When Sports Never Canceled Games?Calling off events used to be reserved for weather disasters or 9/11, but we live in a new world now.
  35. vulture sports
    The Music Fan’s Guide to Super Bowl LVIIPlan your chip breaks wisely.
  36. games
    Why You Should Root for the Eagles This SundayIt’s not only because I don’t want their fans to come after me.
  37. ‘wellness’
    Of Course Aaron Rodgers Is Going on a ‘Darkness Retreat’It’s all part of his “era of contemplation.”
  38. please clap
    Gisele Stays WinningShe wishes her newly retired ex the best of luck in all his future endeavors [prayer-hands emoji].
  39. finally
    Do I Feel Sad for Tom Brady Now?Having lost everything to football, the quarterback is finally retiring for real.
  40. sports
    The Empire State Building Should Stop Doing ThisCommemorating a sports rival’s victory is uncouth and unnecessary.
  41. games
    Tom Brady Is a Rickety Old Man Still Chasing the DragonHe’s still solid at 45, but Monday night’s debacle in Dallas was hard to watch — and a sign of things to come.
  42. games
    The Week We Pretended That This Time Might be DifferentDamar Hamlin almost died, but angst about the evils of football feels perfunctory at this point.
  43. the sports section
    Bills Score Touchdown on First Play After Tribute to Damar HamlinThe still-hospitalized player tweeted “OMFG” in response.
  44. nfl
    Doctors Say Damar Hamlin Is ‘Neurologically Intact’The Buffalo Bills announced that Hamlin, who collapsed Monday night, has shown “remarkable improvement” over the past 24 hours.
  45. games
    Are We Willing to Prevent Another Damar Hamlin?The dangers of football are obvious. But Americans can’t stop watching.
  46. games
    The Reaction to Damar Hamlin’s Collapse Represents ProgressIt took a terrifying event, but for once, the NFL abandoned its “show must go on” mentality.
  47. nfl
    Bills Say Damar Hamlin Went Into Cardiac Arrest on FieldThe 24-year-old remained in the hospital in critical condition after collapsing on Monday night.
  48. sports
    Loathed NFL Owner Claims to Have Dirt on Roger GoodellThe Washington Commanders’ Daniel Snyder has reportedly sicced private investigators on colleagues and claims his findings could “blow up” the NFL.
  49. games
    There Is No Fixing ThisTua Tagovailoa’s ugly injury is the latest reminder that no policy change can excise brutality from the NFL.
  50. vulture sports
    Terry Bradshaw Was Treated for Multiple Cancers This YearThe sportscaster made the announcement on Fox NFL Sunday.
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